Linggo, Enero 29, 2023

Civic leaders were recognized at The Manila Hotel

 Wearing all in red gowns for ladies and black suit for men, the charity red gala under Boy Lizaso’s “Pamana Awards USA” to highlight the civic leaders were held at the majestic The Manila Hotel recently.

The awardees are from these following industries; Arts, Culture, Beauty and Civic leadership.

Attended by socialite Becky Garcia and Dr. George Sarakinis, Manny Negado, Dave Mungcal III, winners of Mrs. Universe headed by Charo Laude, Tag Media Group’s owners Troy, Grace & Andria Nicolas and Actress Nicole Laurel who was accompanied by her mother Iwi Laurel among others.


The event is a yearly activity of Boy Lizaso with the objective to raise funds for the cancer stricken children and to highlight the leaders who are making a difference in their fields.

Sabado, Enero 28, 2023

“Da King’s” Grandson is now a Rising Tiger

  The most distributed local magazine right now in National Bookstore caught the attention of this serial entrepreneur.


Poe Llamanzares’ Oracles Media Group will now be adding Rising Tigers Magazine to its portfolio which already includes other media entities like The Manila Journal, Negosyante News, and Alike Magazine.

According to Brian, “the team is very confident that it will top the market with its innovations and quality of content. The magazine has already perfected its marketing strategy even-though it’s still new and will celebrate its first anniversary this March 2023. A lot of big names in the business industry have already confirmed and committed their support. While I'm looking forward to helping the company grow."

Focused on inspiring readers with the profiles of the emerging leaders and captains from different industries, the magazine which was launched during pandemic, opened up to investors to provide more reach and growth for the company.


“We're really grateful to have Brian as part of our team. I admire his grit and determination, and with him, I am very sure we will be able to reach our goals this year. We are looking forward to all of our future projects together. Rising Tigers Magazine will definitely reach new heights.”- Andria Terese Nicolas (Vice President of Tag Media Group)


The magazine is all about motivating the readers. It also aims to help them grow their businesses. Majority of content is all about leadership while 20% is lifestyle written by socialite Becky Garcia. Entrepreneur, Andrew Troy Nicolas publishes the magazine quarterly under Tag Media Group with planned 9 events under his company for this year that includes Expos and forums.


“Brian is a valuable asset in the company and with him, we’re very confident that the objective will be accomplished fast. He is very aggressive and determined to help out.”- Robert Laurel Yupangco (Rising Tigers Magazine Adviser)

Unicloud Company of Glenda Hufano was recognized at Kiwanis

Kiwanis clubs are advocating to help the indigent children and is existing in the Philippines for more than 50 years. To continue its advocacy, it needs people with genuine concern for others. It needs leaders who have the heart, as well as the strength to take swift action, armed with integrity, genuine care and solid determination, all traits of a true-blooded Kiwanian.


With her track record in the Kiwanis community, then and now, it’s undoubtedly, the Governor elect Glenda Hufano will not just be an icon in Philippine Luzon District but also internationally soon after.


Recently in the biggest event of Kiwanis this year, her company was recognized for supporting the indigents and marginalized. Along with incumbent Governor Johnny Domino and District Treasurer Richard Agbayani, Glenda received the plaque of appreciation for the unwavering support also for the welfare of the children.


Glenda in her tenure is pushing for for Unity, Transparency and Integrity. Ms. Hufano has been a Kiwanis Club President for 4 consecutive years and a Lieutenant Governor for 2019-2020. She got several awards and citations from different organizations here and abroad. She helped and support most of Kiwanis organizations in different clubs in the Philippines. High decision-making skill is one of Ms. Hufano’s outstanding traits on top of being a reliable and trustworthy individual.


“My past , my business and my team (friends and colleagues) won’t control me in terms of running in this position, its neutral to be in the middle that not all people won’t agree with you but the mere fact one has the heart in helping the community and its people- one can’t alter or change someone’s decision because of the simple reason about those 3 things. Because we know that a leader must have the heart and a mere high dedication to what he or she’s doing – a pre-requisite for a person to run in any organization’s position. “ – Ms. Hufano said.



Ms. Glenda Hufano, a mother of 4 young professionals, is someone to trust a position with, for everything that she does, she lifts it up with the Lord. She believes on Isaiah 49:23: “She who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed”



Kiwanis International according to it’s website was established in 1915 at Detroit, Michigan. Kiwanis International is a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time. Today, we stand with more than 600,000 members from K-Kids to Key Club to Kiwanis and many ages in between in more than 80 countries. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, improving literacy and offering guidance. Kiwanis clubs host nearly 150,000 service projects each year.

Martes, Enero 24, 2023

Glamorous Kiwanians with a Heart


It’s human nature to help out and what better way to be included in the organizations or any clubs but also to meet with the members in the foundation day celebration.

The 108th years anniversary of Kiwanis International has been celebrated in the Philippines recently, the officers and members are in one roof exchanging pleasantries, projects done to help the communities nationwide and the activities for the indigent children and the marginalized.

Kiwanians, as they call themselves are providing support mostly for the unfortunate children everyday but it didn’t stop them either to have fun and be glamorous during the celebration at the grand dame, The Manila Hotel with the presence of former Senator Joey Lina, former presidential spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo and superstar, Darius Razon.

Eva Yap, Angela Penson (in black), Laniza Mendoza and Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas

We gathered some glamorous Kiwanians during that night and ask them the designers behind their beautiful evening gowns following the theme of the evening which is Oscars in black and gold. They are so gorgeous and equally beautiful like their heart to reach the indigent children without expecting anything in return.

Everyone in attendance did their best and stand out in their own ways. Here are the four ladies we chose that in-spite of their busy schedule, still have time to share their blessings and at the same time dressed up for the amazing event.

Eva Yap wearing Lemuel Panagniban

Angela Penson (in black) wearing Fatima Beltran

Laniza Mendoza wearing Johann Carlo Regalado

Grace Bondad Nicolas wearing Dobie Aranda


Kiwanis in the Philippines celebrated its 108th Year Anniversary at The Manila Hotel


It’s human nature to give, most of us belongs to different clubs and organisation  advocating to help the indigents and the marginalized. One of the leading civic organizations for its members globally and continuing the service to help the children is Kiwanis International.

Kiwanis members celebrated the 108th years anniversary this January. In the Philippines headed by Governor Johnny Domino under Philippine Luzon District with more than 4000 members nationwide. The celebration is for the members to be in one roof to meet also the leaders and other members from different divisions and at the same time to rejoice the advocacy together.


Convene for one advocacy, 600 members arrived that includes guests like Atty. Jose D. Lina Jr., Atty. Salvador Panelo and Legendary Darius Razon with a fantastic hosts duo, Monaco Consul RJ Ledesma and comedienne Frida Nepomuceno, daughter of Willy Nepomuceno.

RJ Ledesma & Frida Nepomuceno

Kiwanis Night Chairman Richard F. Agbayani made sure that everyone will have a good time and to experience a different evening among the rest. Che Almendras assisted Richard to make sure that everything will be included especially in the Parade of Colors with the Past District Governors, 22 Lieutenant Governors in attendance and the Executive Committee that includes Immediate Past District Governor Mario Marasigan, District Governor Elect Glenda Hufano and incumbent District Governor Johnny Domino. Richard is part of it as the District Treasurer.


The production team is composed of the following;


Producer: Kiwanis Philippine Luzon District

Project Management: Tag Media Group

Scriptwriter, Program and  Show Director: Grace Bondad Nicolas

HMUA: Reyes Haircutters "Ang Salon ng Bayan"

Performers: Grace Entertainment

Graphics: Rising Tigers Magazine


The event is more successful because of the following sponsors;


•Nutritech Products - Fely Contrevida

•The Manila Hotel Suite Accommodation-Atty. Joey Lina

•Glampz Accommodation- Zoomanity Group

•Okada Accommodation- Mary Grace Espinas

•Raffle Cash Prize- KC Vista Verde Club

•Salad Master- Belle Salameda

•Salad Master- Marie Pel

•PAL flight tickets- Tag Media Group

•Ever Bilena Cosmetics-Tag Media Group

•Boxes of Leslie’s Clover Chips-Tag Media Group

•PAL flight tickets with $300- Felix Grepo

•Overnight Accommodation at Punta Fuego- Rafa Oria Jr.

•Jars of Peanut Butter- Rafa Oria Jr’s FoodtogRafi

•TV, 70inches, 65 inches LG brand and 8 sets of appliances- Glenda Hufano

•TV 50 inches- Mario Marasigan

•Lechon- Division 2C2 (KC Laoag City & KC Naga City)

•Shawarma- Shawarma Shack


Kiwanis International is an international service club founded in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, and is found in more than 80 nations and geographic areas. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children through local service projects.

Lunes, Enero 23, 2023

Rising Tiger—Beefing up Kiwanis with Glenda Hufano

When it’s about any civic organization, it’s really about the leaders who will implement and execute the projects to make the objective successful. Membership gathering is also very important. It’s not for everyone so there must be a selection process to make sure that the organization will grow healthy and strong.

One of the oldest organizations globally, KI PLD elected for Governor 2023- 2024 Glenda V. Hufano, an award-winning entrepreneur, to spearhead the projects of the District.

Just recently, Gov- Elect Glenda gathered in Manila Hotel the upcoming leaders and members of committees to set the tone of her coming administration.



Governor-Elect Glenda will head the more than 4000 members of the District and represent it in KI meetings and programs. She is from Kiwanis Club of Pasay City where she was elected President four times. She rose to  Lieutenant Governor handling Clubs  in Division 3A, mostly based in Metro Manila. Then, she became District Treasurer before her election as Governor, the highest position in the District.


What’s inspiring to Glenda’s journey in Kiwanis, is that all the elections she went through and won, was her first time. But she won the hearts of the majority right away. Everyone can truly see her genuine heart to help the indigents and the marginalized.


Kiwanis International is an international service club founded in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, with presence in more than 80 nations and geographic areas. Members and partners are dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time.


📸 2023-2024 GVH Team

Sabado, Enero 7, 2023

Rising Tigers: People To Watch 2023

In the start of the year, these are the leaders you need to know. Assembled by the most distributed local magazine in National Bookstores, Rising Tigers Magazine, the list is a must attend event of the year to be launched at the majestic, The Manila Hotel.


Rising Tigers Magazine “People to Watch 2023” or PTW with it’s list is often seen as an honor, and Rising Tigers makes it clear that entrants are recognized for changing the Philippines and Asia regardless of the consequences of their actions.


The final PTW list of influential individuals is exclusively chosen by Rising Tigers editors, with nominations coming from the business sector and the magazine's partner organization’s representatives such as Filipino Chinese Chamber, Makati Tourism Foundation, Kiwanis International Philippine Luzon District Division 3A, Local Chambers and Yupangco Group. 


Adapting the color of the year—Viva Magenta. For this year, It’s about rejoicing and expressive of a new signal of strength. As per Pantone, Viva Magenta is brave and fearless like these emerging leaders and a pulsating color like the heart whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.


This year’s Color of the Year is powerful and empowering. Same as these 20 leaders. It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying, and a boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement.


For this 2023, coming on this February 10, the People to Watch 2023. Join us!