Huwebes, Mayo 30, 2019

Yupangco Group and Ayala Partnership

 Yupangco Group of Companies signed a contract with Ayala Group for almost  2000 square meters area at the Ayala Mall Bay Area along Macapagal in their more than 200,000 square meters development.

Present in the contract signing were Joshua Tsuchiya( Technical Operations Head, EATZ Group/UnliCity), Renz Victor  Picache (Brand Acquisition Manager, Ayala Group), Robert Laurel Yupangco (President of Yupangco Group), MaYa GaMir (COO, Zoomanity Group), Carl Cabral (Manager, Jake Zyrus Team), Grace Bondad Nicolas (Co Founder , Tag Media Group), Jose Mari Laurel Yupangco (CEO, Yupangco Electronics Corporation) and Rolando E. Valenzuela (Financial Advisor, Zoomanity Group).

The development from the Yupangco Group will be the biggest store as compare-with their existing  concepts as mentioned by Robert Laurel Yupangco.

According to Robert, “The concept we have in mind for our project with Ayala group is the first in the Philippines to promote our Filipino talents and to promote the Philippines as the premier tourist destination.”

For more information, call 09778978877 or 02 2193503.

Lunes, Mayo 20, 2019

DOST-PH marks 2019 World Metrology Day

The National Metrology Laboratory of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (NML-ITDI ) of the Philippines reopened its newly-renovated Mass Standards Laboratory (MSL) on May 20, 2019 coinciding with 2019 World Metrology Day.

Purchasing of new equipment and renovations were made in the laboratory to provide a higher level in scope of its services. MSL can now provide calibration of OIML Class E2 weights-- increasing its spread from a range of 1 mg-1 kg to 1 mg-50 kg. Meanwhile, for calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments, the addition of new equipment allowed its scope of services to increase from 60 kg up to 300 kg.

Numerous public and private calibration laboratories in the country are availing themselves of these new calibration offerings.  Now, they do not have to ship their equipment to foreign laboratories for calibration--making NML’s services more cost-effective, and yet with the same level of accuracy as those offered by laboratories abroad.


Linggo, Mayo 12, 2019


Skin Rejuve a medical spa clinic located at the second floor Northeast Square, Connecticut St. San Juan. Cherished  Mother's Day on May 12, 2019 by offering promo packages to clients and enjoy a free rejuvinating facial.

I was treated with an intensive rejuvenating facial with diamond peel. It started by letting me inhale a peppermint scent to help me relax. Then soft scrub follows to cleanse my face with the gentle finger of the attending staff. All throughout the procedure one can feel the pampering of the well trained attendant.

Skin Rejuve with expertise in handling both non invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. It is composed of medical doctors experts in the field of aesthetic intervention and board certified nurse. The clinic offers:

Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial Treatment:

Oxygen Acne Treatment          P 2,000
Oxygen Face Firming                P 2,000
Oxygen Hyper Pigmentation    P 2,000
Oxygen Anti Oxidant                 P 2,000

Other Rejuvenating Facial Services:

Aqua Glo Abrasion Free Liquid Facial  P 3,000 Miracle Facial                                        P 3,000
Supreme Alginate Facial                      P 3,000
Intensive Rejuvenating Facial              P 500
Diamond Peel                                        P 500
Intensive Rejuvenating Facial with
Diamond Peel                                         P 1,000
Hydra Facial                                            P 1,500
Acne Facial                                             P 1,500 Super Lifting Facial Treatment             P 1,500

Anti-Oxidant/ Anti-Aging/ Whitening/ Slimming Treatments ( Injectable )

Rejuvenating Scrub

Hand and Foot Care Services

IPL Hair Reduction

Elight Hair Reduction

Diode Laser Hair Reduction

CO2 Fraxel/ Fractional

Electro-Cautery Treatment

Slimming Services

Dermatologic Care

And other Services in the category of beauty enhancement and wellness improvement which utilizes world class technology thus becoming a new destination in Asia in medical tourism.

It is client oriented thus committed to client  satisfaction in providing comprehensive dermatologic care and wellness service that would meet client's needs.

It also adheres to continuous acquisition of world-class technologies that are safe tested and effective.

Call them: Telephone number 6379053 or
Visit Skin Rejuve for Free Assessment!

Huwebes, Mayo 9, 2019


                           @Zoobic Safari

The most awaited season has arrived! Have you caught yourself planning a long vacation trip or a quick out of town adventure with your family, friends, and loved ones? These and more is something Zoomanity Group’s Zooper Zummer has to offer. Hold on as we give you our newest and most exciting events and attractions for a summer like never before!

Going to the North from Manila is where the wild adventure happens. Bring out your animal instinct as Zoobic Safari being the only tiger safari in the Philippines located in Subic, offers an amazing experience for everyone. Hang on for a new wave of safari adventure in this exotic sanctuary. Zoobic Safari also brings back the much awaited “Night Safari”, packed with more thrill and excitement. Tour around this exotic sanctuary at night, the first of its kind in the Philippines, all Saturdays until May 25, 2019.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga offers you a different fun filled experience. Attractions include the Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Menagerie, Giant Slide, and the Zooc Ride the first and only gravity car ride in the country that's safe for all ages. Enjoy a night of fascinating show in Zoocobia Night Owl every Saturday until May 25, 2019 featuring Animal Parade, Horses on Parade, Aeta’s Tribal Show, Neon Show (Philippine Pride and Adventure Rides, LED Dancers, and Night Owl Dancers).


Beside Zoocobia is Clarkzilla, it is the newest extreme adventure destination in Pampanga that offers a “Dubai Feel” experience. Challenge yourself to zooper up your 4x4 experience by crossing river, lahar and Mt. Pinatubo. Experience other exciting activities like Zip Line, ATV Ride and Camel Ride.

ZOORI is a perfect get-away vacation spot in the heart of the majestic beauty of Tagaytay. With a very comforting Carribean-style air conditioned view-deck hotel rooms enjoy a tranquil haven of soothing ambiance with complete and clean amenities and facilities. Have a look to the picturesque view of Taal Volcano and fairytale-inspired mini zoo.

                        @RESIDENCE INN

While Paradizoo located at Mendez, Cavite, a haven for plants and animals offers guest a unique farm experience with both flora and fauna co-existing in harmony in this 10-hectare agri-tourism enclave. Fun-filled activities makes the farm a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature at its best.


Enjoy these wonderful activities in Zoomanity Parks where the happiness begins. Get exciting discounts and freebies by liking Zoomanity Group’s official Facebook fan page at For more info please call:  847-0413/ 899-9824; Text: 0927-5899696. Email:  or visit our website at

Linggo, Mayo 5, 2019

Pro-Philippines & Pro-Development Answers to POGO Chinese Workers Constructive Views on the Chinese Workers in the Philippines

Whats the false news circulating about Chinese workers here in the Philippines? We have done an integrated analysis from combined theoretical, operating, political and comparative historical viewpoints,  with rough but visible data for ground operators we can show, unlike the speculative and contradictory, negative views espoused by those who never had to produce results in reality:

  1. The Chinese workers in the Philippines are not taking Filipino jobs as repeatedly asserted without verification by several local and international Filipino writers and picked up by the anti-China western media.  The jobs require Mandarin cultural fluency and compatibility with the market, which in vast majority of the cases Filipinos cannot do. They are in fact among the largest job creators for Filipinos in the last 3 years. Their presence had the following effects:
  2. Filipinos do not want those jobs. Apart from language and cultural skills, the DOLE and different industry surveys will show the Filipinos who actually want a job are already employed , ie there is a shortage of construction people, drivers, domestic help, accountants, lawyers, etc due to strong Phil economy.
  3. Thrive, not survive.  Strong economy, but we should not be complacent, we should prepare how to thrive under globalization.
  4. Phil economy saved from downturn or recession. The Chinese POGO add vastly to the economy, and probably saved it from a collapse or recession. In 2017 first quarter, realty prices on sale and leases began dropping, and given the massive expansion plans of many developers, may have rolled into a fast drop (especially with the increasing interest rates from the bank) which would have affected other industries as well.  Instead all the leaseable spaces in office and residential in Ortigas, Makati, Moa, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo have been taken up and prices have increased more than 50 percent, and urban building has continued to boom. Build x3 program of Duterte is also responsible for the countryside boom but the city declines might have cascaded into recession and even possible sectoral panic and collapses.  Collier and Leechiu studies attest to this, and so people from different sectors and industries.
  5. The Biggest spenders..Huge consumption growth. Assuming the data of 200 thousand workers, each spending at least 30th monthly in expenditures for residence, food, transport, and weekend tourism and entertainment,  at least 6 billion pesos is pumped directly into the economy a month, not including the property sales and leases in commercial and residential, which Ayala alone reported to be 15 bln in sales alone in 2017. so added spending should be in the 10s of billions at the least in 2018. Not including capital investments in industry, resorts, etc., which should bring levels to 100 billion range, not including multiplier effects and the partnerships with the locals.
  6. Fearmongering without basis. There are some quarters that attempted to raise fear by conflating and headlining the numbers that 3 million Chinese entered the Philippines.  This 3 mm are tourists, with a smaller number of workers. Japan and Vietnam in spite of ongoing disputes with China continue to attract over 5 million Chinese tourists each generating billions of and creating countless jobs for the host countries (Thailand has over 10 million Chinese tourists). Some opposition or misled  Fil in HK and anti Duterte forces  in US want to portray  a flood of unemployment created, when the reality is a flood of employment and investments were created.
  7. Inclusive economy. Ask the lawyers, accountants,  brokers, restaurants, bars, guides, small condo owners, resort owners, etc. around the city how their business has multiplied with higher spending clients and turned around when many that were on the brink of bankruptcy. Domestic help, drivers, cooks are being offered double their salaries, wet markets prices esp for seafood are having robust sales with record prices. What should the Filiipinos do with this massive added income and asset values?
  8. Business builders. Have you seen the 2nd tier restaurant rows in Makati, Greenhills, Quezon City, Manila, Pasay lately? Have our writers searched their effects on and  investments in other industries? 
  9. Halo effect.  The boom that can be felt despite Western media declaring companies are leaving are belied by investments all around the country, such that others nationalities are attracted to come and ride the boom in services, entertainment, development, going on… Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Koreans, Malaysians, Japaneses, Indonesians, Europeans are investing where they did not use to, because of the expanded market including Pogo, industries, tourists, and investors. The PH is now using more foreign architects, store designers, management consultants, quality equipments, because of the more robust volumes and diversity the Phil is experiencing.
  10. A VIRTUOUS CYLE IS BEING CREATED as these added volumes of business lead to investment in quality, technology and variety, leading to further volume and upgrades of the market quality coming to the Philippines. OUR MOST IMMEDIATE BOTTLENECK TO THIS GROWTH IS OUR LOGISTIC INFRASTRUCTURE, which hopefully buildx3 may improve in 3 to 6 years after an expected period of pain.
  11. Ground realities Not just Pogo. If you can see in the industrial zones, resort areas, logistic enterprises, entertainments, you will feel the effects of the flow into the economy’s various sectors.  Most of the multiplier effects are not reported. 
  12. Big positives to High Risk and abandoned areas.  Many of the Chinese are the highest risk takers and managers, they are developing investments, services, relationships in areas that even locals do not want to venture into… they are in Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Mindanao, not just the usual Boracay, Bohol, Cebu,… They are in the rural areas around the country that our own elite and business owners and professionals are not even interested in investing in either because of dangers or what are concerned unviable volumes.
  13. COMPARISON. These workers are not like other minorities becoming financial dependents or on welfare, or creating a crime wave, or fights wherever they go, although there are crimes and annoyances from some of their lack of finesse… but so were the early groups of Americans, Japanese, Koreans.  They do not generally pick fights, and when caught in violations they are subject to our laws… in fact subject to more focus and attack and extortion, than other nationalities that even as a national, official, and publicized policy consider themselves above the Philippine law here.  Their number is only a fraction of the Korean community residing here, but their economic impact is a multiple.
  14. Perspective thats productive.  Nowhere in the world does growth and development or relationships follow a straight line of everything happening according to what you require or want. Filipinos have to learn to be more opportunity-minded instead of negative, to not be purist intellectual, they have to be aware of what is really happening in the world, who is the proven bully,  and what works or not.  And we as individuals, a people, need to ride the tides and create our innovations and systems, not always complain about the world and others’ success or failures,  We need to study commercial, scientific, professional success and not focus only on beauty contests and entertainment. 
  15. Taxes to pay, and the Filipino should benefit.  We need to put things in perspective, not focus on small things instead of the the big net effects and trends In this case, lets regulate the taxes and movements, but not demonize over small events, or overtax or overcharge, hurt relationships with excess bias,  or stop the flow of economic, social, and political improvements because the current situation is tremendously beneficial to the large number the Filipinos— any raised issues can be adjusted, imprved.
  16. Show us what are productive changes to make? Due to space limits, in another article we will give some proven models and ideas for the Filipino. We invite  a group of writers and naysayers to join us if they wish, in seeing what is happening on the ground, but  only if they will be open minded , consistent, and not apply double standards to emphasize on one group what they do not on others. 
  17. Good or not good? Economically at this time very good for Philippines. BUT WE MUST NOT RELY ON THIS, BUT USE IT AS AN INTERIM BENEFIT..NOT JUST ECONOMICALLY, BUT BUILD WHAT SOCIAL, PEOPLE, AND POLITICAL RELATIONS WE CAN THAT CAN BECOME MORE FUNDAMENTAL AND LASTING benefit to everyone. History has shown that some peoples are able to take advantage of non-lasting benefits and convert them to lasting ones.. the original non taxation of trade in Singapore turned it into a trading powerhouse, the forced entry by US in Japan opened their eyes to new technologies and they studied them to become a power itself… WE SHOULD LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NATIONS, COUNTRIES THAT MADE IT AND THOSE THAT FAILED… the factors have not been form of government or natural blessings or calamities, THE GREATEST FACTOR IS REALISTIC, INNOVATIVE ATTITUDE AND FOCUS ON WORK MORE THAN POLITICS.  The Western and opposition’s demonizing this and anything from China is the result of their double standard and weapons- , conflict- and world domination without regard for mutual benefit- based economy,  as they don’t seem to have an aversion to far worse … invasions, assassinations, coups, massacres, interferences, refugee creation,  in countries to simply take what they want without compensation to nations involved, . We should choose the path of peace and development even with imperfect situations and work our way ahead instead of endless excess focus on disputations. PROGRESS DOESN’T TRAVEL IN A STRAIGHT LINE OR FOLLOW THEORY! THEORY and DECISIONS NEEDS TO FOLLOW REALITY .  But of course WE MUST STILL MANAGE SITUATIONS THAT THE NEGATIVES DO NOT GROW BEYOND THE POSITIVES (ie Reality is still subject to our influence, but isn’t our creation or slave!) 
  18. If we don’t want the Chinese, let us be clear about it and accept the consequences.  We cannot complain when they end up going to our neighbors!
  19. Globalization: Biggest bookstore, Amazon, doesn't own a single bookstore. Biggest hotel, AirBNB, do not own a single hotel. Biggest taxi company, Uber & Grab, do not own a single taxi.  The key is not about ownership, but to be part of the income stream.  If these Chinese investments / laborers / gamings are in the Philippines, as long as issues can be managed, and Filipinos are hardworking and entrepreneurial, these "new energy" can only redound to a more dynamic economy that can help speed up our quest for more inclusive growth.  Indeed, latest World Bank report states:  "Philippines is on GOOD TRACK to MAINTAIN INCLUSIVE GROWTH and achieve high-middle-income status..."

Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI) specializes in frameworks based on a balance of economic theory, historical realities, ground success in real business and communities, and attempt for common good, culture, and spirituality. Political directions may sometimes result from these views, but are not the substantial basis of the positions. We welcome logical feedback and possibly working together with compatible frameworks.

Sabado, Mayo 4, 2019



MODELLO FILIPINAS will provide total personality development and modeling workshops for the successful registered attendees and these shall include:

• Personal Grooming and Hygiene
• Self-Confidence Boosters
• Proper Speech
• Social Graces
• Poise & Posture
• Basic Ramp and Print Modeling
• VTR and Pictorial
• Basic Acting for TV
• Social Media Decorum


• Social Media Influencer
• Brand Ambassador
• Product Endorser
• Commercial Model
• Advertising Model
• Runway Model

• The contestant should be between the ages of 5-19 years old in order to join the competition.
• Attend our casting calls/go see/ registration caravan
• Or submit a photo here at our Facebook page


• The photo(s) submitted should be a clear, recent, and a SOLO full or half body picture not cropped from a group photo.
• No sunglasses, side view photos, far shots, extreme close-up or collage photos.
• No swimwear photos. No inappropriate or obscene poses.
• Caption the photo with the name of the contestant and use the hashtag

#ModelloFilipinas2019 #ModelSearch #ModelloFilipinas


• A 1-hour styling and on-location photo shoot with a hair and make up artist and professional photographer.

• Parents briefing and orientation
• Hair and make up styling
• Pictorial
• Modeling 101 kit
• Runway moves from posture perfection to the model walk, stance and posing.

For updates:

Be one of us! Book your slot now!


GRACE MORALES: (02) 806-0058 / 0917-5072868

DIANNE GARCIA: (02) 919-9392 / 0977-6072382

RICHARD LACORTE: 0915-5175850

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PCCI Cares shares the fun on its 4th Run for a Cause

With the genuine desire to create fun and unique run with worthwhile causes every single year, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( PCCI ) holds its 4th PCCI Cares Run for a Cause 2019 on May 25, 2019, at Liwasang Ulalim, CCP Complex in Pasay City. To make it more exciting, PCCI incorporates bubble foam as part of the event.

" Every year, we want to treat our members and the public with a memorable run to enjoy. Thus, we keep on reinventing our fun run activity to give our runners a unique experience, " says Ms. Nora Lacuna, PCCI Chairman for CSR.

PCCI does this annual fun run as a way of giving back to the people in the community. PCCI Cares is all about sharing and caring. Staging this running event do8ies not only spark joy but also allow them to continue their CSR activities that help the communitirs especially during a disaster. The association believes that communities should be disaster-ready whenever a calamity arises to prevent severe casualties.
" This run is all for a good cause as proceeds will go to PCCI's CSR activities to help disaster efforts," adds Ms. Lacuna.

PCCI looks forward to this annual affair for it is also an opportune time to unwind from tedious business meetings and economic fora, giving sometime off to be with other members and revel for a meaningful cause.

This run has three race categories-3K, 5K and 10K. Registration fees are as follows: P650.00 for 3K, P700.00 for 5K, and P750.00 for 10K. To join, register at may also register at selected Chris Sports Branches nearest you.

Participants will receive the following: tshirt, race bib, finisher's medal and freebies from our generous sponsors.

For more information,please contact the PCCI secretariat at (02) 846-8196 or 0995-3273541, and look for Mr. Levin D. Prudente. You may also get in touch with Ms. Nikka Ramos of Aldenver Marketing, Inc., at 0927-8484533.

For updates and other important announcements, please follow our Facebook pages: PCCI Cares Run for a Cause and Aldenver Events.

Huwebes, Mayo 2, 2019


A boost in tourism is a boost in the economy!

Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (Go Negosyo), ASEAN Business Advisory Council PH in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Tourism Promitions Board (TPB) spearheaded this year's biggest summit on Tourism and entrepreneurship supported by business chambers which welcomed more than 10,000 participants today, May 2, 2019, at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship, ASEAN BAC PH Chair and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion stressed that:
 " The Philippines is blessed with abundant natural resources and islands which can be used in creating enterprises and livelihood opportunities for our countrymen. This summit serves as a platform for our aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and how they can learn from our neighboring ASEAN countries and create a booming tourism economy by growing businesses. This will be an avenue for new learnings that can bring inclusive growth for all."

Concepcion was joined by key personalities who continue to champion the tourism industry. The roster of keynote speakers includes Sec. Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Secretary, Department of Tourism; Tan Sri Anthony " Tony " Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia; and ASEAN BAC 2019 Chair Mr. Arin Jira.

Attendees hail from different key persons in the tourism sector such as micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs), aspiring young entrepreneurs, business leaders, local government offices, embassies, and the academe. All eyes to develop a more integrated tourism industry and contribute to the sustainable socio-economic growth in the region. Through this, they can also expand business models and present opportunities for growth in the tourism industry.

The summit featured five fora which revolved around the tourism industry as an engine for economic development; the potential and its significances in promoting sustainable island tourism, and emphasis on the five (5) strategic investment areas     (Arrivals, Access, Accommodation, Attractions and Activities) on Sustainable Tourism.

More than thirty (30) top-notch speakers from the international and local setting joined forces to address the importance of the tourism industry in empowering Filipino MSMEs as well as narrowing the gap among ASEAN countries in achieving sustainable
socio-economic growth in the ASEAN region.

The summit gathered more than 100 mayors, governors, and representatives from different cities and municipalities across the Philippines. Aside from this, 23 ambassadors together with some of the cabinet members, congress and governors also graced the event.

Additionally, Tourism Summit 2019 was also telecast live in 40 schools and universities, nationwide! An interactive question and answer portion also took part during the plenary sessions.

Curated booths that presented business models and other countries' cultures were also showcased. The summit housed a vast exhibit area that was filled with booths of the organization and event partners, different countries, top local destination/provinces, local government agencies, digital platform, and other organizations supporting entrepreneurship and tourism.


Get ready once more for Philippine Beach Games summer sporting event that will be held in Lingayen Pangasinan. Enjoy the beauty of our beaches while doing your choosen sport.

Amateur and professional athletes from different part of the world are welcome and will compete in the fastest growing beach sports to raise enthusiasm and awareness to alternative sports where in Filipinos excell.

Be part and have fun while being fit in the fascinating environs of one of the many tourists attractions of our wonderful Philippine Island.

Those interested to participate with the following Sports ;
* Beach Volleyball
* Beach Football
* Beach Flag Football
* Beach Run
* Beach Fatbike Race
* Beach Ultimate
* Beach Handball
* Beach Pentaque
* Beach Touch Rugby
* Beach Dodgeball

Check Out:

Blockchain Innovation Tour 2019

The Blockchain Innovation Tour (BIT) is a first of its kind world tour where local asian communities, investors, exchanges and media are all together present to connect and interconnect. It is scheduled to be staged initially in 4 countries, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

 See snapshots of the Philippine leg event at Okada Manila held last Sunday, April 28, 2019. 

Event sponsors and speakers are as follows:

v Defi
v XChange
v GhostTalk
v Juan Exchange
v CEstates
v DynaQuest
v Asian Fintech

 With the rate things are developing on Blockchain, no doubt this will be an innovation to adapt very very soon. In Business, it’s either you Innovate or Stagnate. Make a choice now!