Martes, Agosto 29, 2017

HICC- Holistic Integrative Care Center

It was a holiday Monday on August 28, 2017 when a visit to HICC took place. Holistic Integrative Care Center located at UG11 CPT Condominium 6264 Calle Estacion Brgy Pio del Pilar Makati Philippines.

The place was full of patients with their scheduled treatment. The Medical Director Imelda S. Edodollon, MT,MD,NMD; has a busy day ahead. Dr. Meddie makes it a point just to accomodate three patients a day for consultation. An hour or so is alloted to diagnose a patient with their family in attendance in order to get the full history of the sickness. She emphasized that Integrative medicine is the smart practice of conventional medicine and ancient healing with the use of natural medicine. The patient's willingness to get well is outmost important. One must practice everyday proper nutrition for it is the path for good health and recovery. Exercise is vital for the body and spirit. Drinking plenty of water so that the body will be hydrated. Temperance in everything; proper breathing is fundamental in wellness; rest allow our body to renew itself and trust in the Divine Power.

Mr. Jay Mante in charge of PR and Communications showed us the different services offered by the Center. He was administered an Ozone Therapy in order to demonstrate how it is done. OZONE THERAPY is a medical therapy that is a mixture of oxygen and ozone which is called medical ozone. It's benefits are:  antioxidant, improves circulation, pain reliever, improves tissue oxygenation, anti-inflammatory, germicide and immune system stimulant.
Several patients are in the treatment room undergoing CHELATION THERAPY which has the following benefits: helps improve heart health, acts like an antioxidant, lowers pain and swelling, can help fight cognitive disorders and helps lower risk for learning disabilities.

On my part I underwent Intravenous Injection of GLUTATHIONE and VITAMIN C with the administration of nurse Richelle D. Balicat RN. With her gentle hands, I did not feel any pain with the injection of the treatment and with her lively personality the session went on smoothly.

HICC has several services such as: Energy Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Gerson Therapy, Holistic Psychotherapy, Scalar and Photon Electromagnetic Therapy.

With the advent of going ancient healing with the intrgration of conventional medicine HICC has a lot instore for patients
 who wants to regain wellness of the physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness.

For Appointment: Pls. Call or Txt
7445355/ 09360669888/ 09231468686
Open Monday to Saturday ( 10am to 6pm )

Huwebes, Agosto 24, 2017

Health Research community celebrates 11th PNHRS Week; highlights importance of empowering and transforming communities

PASAY CITY, Metro Manila- The country's
health research community, headed by thePhilippine Council for Health Research and Development ( PCHRD ), celebrates the11th Philippine National Health Research System
( PNHRS ) Week on 24-25 August 2017 at Philippine International Convention Center.

The celebration is a gathering of different stakeholders in health research and development to contribute research based solutions to health problems.

With the theme  " Research and Innovations in Health: Empowering and transforming  Communities, " this year's celebration highlights the roles, challenges, and opportunities of health research and innovationin reaching, empowering and transforming the marginalized Filipino communities.

Parallel and plenary sessions revolve around key areas including Drug Addiction and Mental Health, Wealth and Wellness, Psychosocial and Health Concerns of Internally Displaced Persons, Assessment of the Philippine Health Sector Performance, and the National Unified Health Research Agenda ( NUHRA ).

Pre- conference sessions such as Ethics, Society of Health Research Communicators
( SHARE ) Assembly, Philippine Association of Medical Journal Editors ( PAMJE ) Mini Workshop on Research Protocol Writing, Meeting of the Regional Health Research and Development Consortia Secretariat, eHealth Summit were held from 22-23 August 2017 at Hotel Jen Manila.

PNHRS is an integrated national framework for health research in the country which ensures that research contributes to evidence informed health policies and actions. For more details, please contact Ms. Ullyann Carticiano-Garcia at 8377534 or

Lunes, Agosto 21, 2017

MEDGATE Telemedicine Now in the Philippines!

Being sick posts several challenges in an individual, aside from not feeling well, one faces the different inconvenience of going to your doctor, the appointment to make, waiting for your turn with the long queue of patients in the clinic or hospital. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the traffic in the metropolis.

Visiting Medgate office opens a new avenue in medical consultation. It is a Swedish-based   company, that have medical doctors that  will be 24/7 assisting the patients over the phone. They have specialists in the different fields of medicine so that patients will be self assured of the expertise of the doctor they are consulting with. Another advantage is the humane touch that the doctors is extending to the patients, doctors at Medgate are not in a hurry to consult with their patients, in fact the patients may request a callback from them.It's like going back in the olden days when your grandmother feels already well upon seeing her doctor who visits her at home.The software that Medgate uses is secured, not anybody can 
access it. With PHP 2,000 per year one can get unlimited medical consultation even with a medical specialist.With Medgate offering  telemedecine in the Philippines one can experience the convenience in consulting a medical doctor just a call away.  Payments should be deposited to:    

BANK:                                SECURITY BANK
BRANCH:                           MEDICAL PLAZA
ACCOUNT NUMBER:       000-006945-293
The Deposit slip should be sent to

Currently, they do not have dentists and psychiatrists to their team.

Here are the List of their Partners:
HPPI - Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
Insular Health Care
Cocolife – United Coconut Planters Life Assurance
AVEGA Managed Care, Inc.
Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc.
PNB Savings Bank



App Downloads:


Medgate Hotlines:
Manila: 02 705 0700
Cebu: 032 265 5111
Davao: 082 285 5111
Dumaguete: 035 522 5111
Globe: 0917 536 2156
Smart: 0998 990 7540
Sun: 0925 714 7794

Linggo, Agosto 20, 2017

Tondo X - brings out the gorgeousness in you!

An afternoon of bloggers barbeque party at the penthouse of Tondo X office which is located at Pentagrand bldg. Quezon City. The very friendly owner Mr. Nelson Moss together with his beautiful partner Nathalie gave a warm welcome to all invited bloggers. Introductions of everyone present was made. Then Mr. Nelson shared how he started his Tondo X, with a background as a pharmacists he ventured into a business with his gender in mind. He wants that the male generation be well-groomed and feeling good all the time, bringing out the best in them not only in outward appearance but also the " macho gentleman" in them. He termed it "saksakan ng gwapo".

He even stayed for two days in a hotel room in order to formulate the right scents for his products. He also consults his mentor from UP to provide the best merchandise for the target market.

Mr. Nelson Moss is into business in order to share his blessings with his family as well as the people that will be involved with his products. The products is available through direct selling, dealership or franchise. The line of merchandise includes: shampoo, facial wash, pomade, aftershave and a specially formulated masculine wash for private areas.

Skinbae Global Inc., is the company that carries Tondo X it uses carefully combined natural plant products like seaweed extract and aloe vera as well as essential oils such as tea tree oil and argan oil in order to come up with products that nourishes the hair and skin.

Indeed, it was a funtastic event with a very generous company and even the heaven's agreeing at that, showering us in the middle of the afternoon's sumptuous feast.

Visit them at:
Facebook: Tondo X Pomade
Instagram: tondoxpomade_ph.

#tondoxpomade #saksakannggwapo

Sabado, Agosto 12, 2017

DTI Launches trade event for creative industries

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) led by its Undersecretary for Trade and Investments Promotion Group (TIPG) Nora K. Terrado, is all set to showcase the different sectors of the Philippine creative industry in a bid to advance Filipino creativity as one of the key divers for economic growth.

" As a country, we want to take part in making creativity a key component for economic prosperity by intensively advocating and promoting its role in the future of the ASEAN economic community, " said Terrado, who also chairs this year's ASEAN Committee on Business and Investments Promotion ( CBIP ) under the ASEAN National Organizing Council ( NOC ).

DTI, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions ( CITEM ), is set to take advantage of the multi billion industry through CREATE Philippines, the country's first international creative industry trade event.

Featuring the best and the brightest in the Philippine creative scene, CREATE Philippines will serve as a development platform where artists, professionals, content creators, and developers can showcase their work and vie for business opportunities. The trade event will run concurrent to the 66th edition of Manila Fame, the country's premier lifestyle and design event, on October 20-22 at the Philippine Trade and Training Centet and HallONE, Pasay City.

CREATE Philippines will serve as an idea hub, pitching event, masterclass venue, and trade fair highlighting four high potential creative sectors: advertising content and production, digital games and apps, film and animation, and performing arts.

" ( CREATE Philippines ) will streamline the nation's long term goal of developing creative cities in the Philippines under the UNESCO creative cities network. It will accelerate the roadmap for the development of the country's creative industry as we introduce the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines as the new generation of industry champions, " Terrado said.

" The event will a more unified voice to the industry through the collective participation of various agencies, members of public and private sectors, and other stakeholders, " she added.

The creative industry revolves around the production, promotion, duistribution, and/or commercialization of goods services, and activities that are culture, artistic, digital, art/graphic design, animation, game development, film, and performing arts to catalyze the country's presence in the global creative economy.

In 2014, the industry employed 14.4% of the country's total labor force and contributed ti P661 billion pesos, 7.34% of the country's total GDP. Worldwide, the creative industry is valued at $2.250 billion.

Through its program,DTI advances the promotion of the lucrative economic potential of the Philippines creative industries, creative clusters, and creative cities as a viable strategy for sustainable and inclusive development in the region.

Biyernes, Agosto 11, 2017

This is not your ordinary chicken eggs– (Laminine)

In 1929, Dr. John Ralston Davidson from Canada discovered a way to extract the life essence from a nine-day old Fertilized Avian Egg. It was later dubbed as “Young Tissue Extract” by another egg researcher, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, who took on the discovery some 50 years later.

After studying at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Davidson returned to practice medicine in Winnipeg. The discovery of Dr. Davidson was highly controversial. The treatment for cancer involving a high-vitamin diet even became a subject of the House of Commons debate in 1944.

His treatment was subsequently investigated by a four-man medical commission appointed by the province later in 1944, which discounted its efficacy. Unfortunately, Davidson died on April 15, 1948, and his research and development rested for decades. (Source – History of Laminine -

Although Dr. Davidson and Dr. Eskeland never met, their contribution in egg research is shaping how scientists understand the benefits from taking Fertilized Avian Egg Extract that containsFibroBlast Growth Factor or FGF.

Dr. Eskeland is known as the ‘Founder of Young Tissue Extract’ orYTE. He hypothesized that fertilized avian eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits when consumed by humans.

This included vitamins, minerals, and proteins, as well as important defense elements, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components.

The extract is known today as Laminine which was first marketed in the USA, then to the rest of the world beginning in CanadaAustralia, the UKPhilippines, and soon inSingapore.

Laminine has positive effect on memory focus, skin, libido, energy, joints, muscles, stress, sleep and emotional stability.

It boasts of benefits supported by clinical studies. This includes, the supports for faster wound healing, reduces stress, positive effect on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, triglyceride, and uric acid.

  • Although these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, there are powerful testimonies that include recovery from cancer, diabetes, COPD, lupus, crohn's, and kidney problems.

Generation Z, it is your time, your place (John15.Rocks)

The 102M population of the Philippines indicates that Generation Z(those born between 2000 to 2015 on average estimate) are approximately 35% of the total population. It’s a big number which is good news because we need more of them to make this country great.

Before the US became a great nation, they had a great (spiritual) awakening. The industrial revolution carried with it the name of Jesus and praying publicly was a norm.  America sent thousands of missionaries all over the world to teach biblical morals. They believed that all blessings come from God and their leaders made sure each citizen know this by heart - “In God we trust,” they were conservative.

Times have changed. Most Americans actively pursue ‘extreme tolerance’, that ‘no tolerance is actually tolerated’. From the ‘great awakening’ to the ‘great fallacy’.

The enemy within
Having a strong youth force is good for the country, especially now that being traditional or conservative is said to be the new counterculture. The youth should veer away from what the west calls liberty in form of extreme tolerance, when it fact its moral degradation.

There is an enemy who will attempt to snatch your children, your friend, or classmate. Their most effective tool is the social media, YouTube, and internet pornography. If the enemy can’t make you an atheist, they will turn you into agnostics, in the face of liberalism.

Agnosticism is rising and the notoriety of the Muslim extremists is pushing the enemy’s agenda, that there is no one true God.However, there is extreme hope, there has always been.

Christians can make a difference by intentionally helping others and doing actively what Jesus commanded – ‘Love one another.’

Help us reach out
This is what John15.Rocks hopes to accomplish, to reach out to the millennials, generation Z, and their parents who needs help, prayers, counseling, and equipping.

There are many Christian church activities that are practical and beneficial to the society, but few have access to it.

Help us campaign for goodmorals, values, and provide an avenue of support to those who have emotional or moral struggles. We needonline counsellors – we need online missionaries.

 Be part of the school club mission, volunteer
John15.Rocks wants to help and equip students in theirvalues formation and academic excellence. This can be done through the John15.Rocks School Club on the pipeline, but they need volunteers to help and mentor students.

John15 Rocks Club have collaborated with the Crossroads curriculum (Campus Crusade), that will teach students Values Formation & Alternative Learning System (ALS), that is DepEd recognized.

Huwebes, Agosto 3, 2017

PSC-PSI and USANA Join Forces to Help Raise Over-All Health Program Elite Filipino Athletes to Benefit from USANA Nutritionals

Manila, Philippines - 02 August 2017- USANA Health Sciences, a global nutritional company, announced today that its Philippines subsidiary UHS Essential Health Phils. Inc. (locally known as USANA) has entered a partnership with the Philippine Sports Commission-Philippine Sports Institute (PSC-PSI) for the health improvement of 300 elite national athletes.

PSC Chairman William Ramirez says the partnership is in line with the commission’s vision to promote sports and athletics among our youth as well as improve the national athletics program.

“The timing of this partnership with USANA could not have been more perfect. We are in full swing with our preparations for the upcoming international competition and adding USANA’s high-quality nutritional supplements to our athletes’ health program will help in their training while reaching optimal health as well,” says Chairman Ramirez.

USANA-PSC-PSI Ceremonial Turn-Over (left to right): front row – Divine Wally (Wushu); Wilhelmina Lozada (Fencing); Josephine Medina (Para Table Tennis) receiving the USANA products from Lerwin Onanad, USANA Field Development Supervisor; Rubilen Amit (Billiards); Lizbeth Jose, Field Development and Marketing Director, USANA Philippines and Marc Edward Velasco, National Training Director, Philippine Sports Institute. (Back row, left to right): Rick Maano and Cristian Jude Queco (Karate); Eugene Torre (PH Grand Master and National Coach Chess Team); William Ramirez, PSC Chairman; and USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia, Aurora Mandanas-Gaston.

“It is a privilege to work with the PSC-PSI in their goal to get our athletes ready to represent our country in the international sports arena. We are proud that we are able to provide Filipino athletes the same pharmacy-grade, safe, NSF-certified and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)-approved nutritional products being enjoyed by world-class athletes,” says Aurora Gaston, USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia. “This partnership is our commitment to the Philippine market who has helped our company become the leader in nutrition here and abroad.

USANA will provide their three top products namely Essentials™ Pack, CoQuinone®30, and Procosa® to the identified beneficiaries for two years.

PSC-PSI Enters 2-Year Partnership with USANA. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing ceremonies seal the 2-year partnership between the Philippine Sports Commission-Philippine Sports Institute (PSC-PSI) and UHS Essential Health Phils. Inc. (locally known as USANA). The partnership was formalized by (left to right) Marc Edward Velasco, National Training Director, Philippine Sports Institute; Philippine Sports Commission Chairman, William Ramirez; USANA Vice-President for Philippines and Indonesia, Aurora Mandanas-Gaston; Lerwin Onanad, USANA Field Development Supervisor and was witnessed by national athletes (standing left to-right) Josephine Medina (Para Table Tennis) and Rubilen Amit (Billiards). 

The USANA Advantage

USANA Essentials™ work from the most basic building blocks — at the cellular level — with the right amount of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants every day to improve your health from the cell up.

CoQuinone®30 is all about energy, on the cellular level. USANA combined alpha-lipoic acid with coenzyme Q10 to create CoQuinone 30, a fantastic supplement of these energy-supporting nutrients. The benefits associated with these nutrients include sound muscle function, healthy nerve function, and good cardiovascular health.

Lastly, Procosa® supports optimal joint health andactivates the cell's natural ability to protect and renew itself. The combination of glucosamine and Meriva in the InCelligence Joint-Support Complex helps to influence the signaling pathways that proactively promote an optimal immune and inflammatory response to restore normal function after exercise. nutrients include sound muscle function, healthy nerve function, and good cardiovascular health.

“These 3 products have proven their effectivity by athletes around the world, and we are happy that our fellow countrymen will have them during their training,” added Gaston.

To foster transparency on the implementation of the partnership, the products will be distributed directly to the 300 national athletes throughout the two-year partnership.

This is not the first-time that the nutritional company has given its support to the Filipino athlete. Through its Team USANA Pilipinas campaign, over 30 national athletes in the past and until now have received sponsorship from USANA, namely Rio Olympics weightlifting silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz, SEA Games Gold Medalist Nikko Huelgas,  Philippine Azkals top footballer Misagh Bahadoran,  Star Hotshots player Peter June Simon, Ginebra San Miguel Beer's LA Tenorio and former world pool champion Rubilen Amit, to name a few.

This sponsorship is an additional initiative to USANA’s on-going advocacy in helping some 3,000++ elite athletes in 20 other countries.

USANA first started working with athletes in 1999 when USANA partnered with U.S. Speedskating and Speed Skating Canada. Since then, USANA has provided thousands of elite and professional athletes around the world with high-quality nutritional supplements to help them perform at their best. These groups include: the Women’s Tennis Association, the US Ski and Snowboard Association, members of the Korean Speedskating Team and National Judo Team, and more. Visit Team USANA for more information.
*The mentioned athletes are either distributors or dedicated users who have received compensation for their partnership and/or complimentary USANA products.

Real Estate Expo Manila 2017 Welcomes the Rise of Real Estate Industry in the Philippines

PASAY CITY, PHILIPPINES – The demand for residential spaces, retail complexes, and other recreational spaces are continuously increasing and attracting foreign and local investors. AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corp. (AD Asia) welcomes Real Estate in the list of industries that have been emerging here in the country lately. REAL ESTATE EXPO MANILA 2017 is happening on August 10-11, 2017 (CONFERENCE) and August 11-13, 2017 (EXPOSITION) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

REEM 2017 is dedicated to Brokers, Practitioners, Investors, Realtors, Developers, and Potential Clients from around the globe to help showcase their latest infrastructures and developments in the 3-day Exposition and to impart their knowledge and experience with invited renowned Speakers in the industry like Bhavna Suresh of Lamudi Philippines, Jet Yu of Prime Philippines, Arch. Romolo Nati of Italpinas Development Corp., Alvier Marqueses of Hoppler and many more during the 2-day Conference.

This event is in cooperation with Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP), in association with Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) Makati, Golden Phoenix Hotel as the Official Hotel Partner, EastWest Bank as the Official Bank Partner, Renderbee as the Official VR Partner, Swedish Designs as the Official Contractor, and Avolution as Gold Sponsor, DOT Property as Silver Sponsor and, JVC Hengun Advertising Inc., MX3, and Santos Knight Frank as Bronze Sponsors. Lamudi Philippines as the Official Property Portal, Chase Technologies Corp. (CTC) as the Official Registration Partner, and Brand Philosophy as the I.T Solutions Provider for our Event Partners.

The event aims to deliver unparalleled success to business network opportunities where the industry player can come together, interact, and share their view in promoting and strengthening the real estate sector locally and globally. This is also to help out Filipinos in choosing the right property through a variety of selection from different real estate related companies.

For more information about the event, check out the official website at For Conference/Exhibitor/Sponsorship inquiries, you may reach us at (+632) 579 7185, (+632) 372 4014, (+632) 921 2473, (+632) 370 1438 or E-mail at About AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corp.: AD ASIA CONVENTIONS & EXHIBITIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP. (AD ASIA) advocates in championing and promoting the best local and international businesses in one powerful platform such as trade shows, conferences or even large convention groups.

Secretariat’s Office
AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corp. (AD Asia) /
(+632) 372 4014 / (+632) 370 1438

Martes, Agosto 1, 2017

John15.Rocks, free counseling online!

The Duterte government has given hope to millions of Filipinos for a better Philippines but many feels otherwise. Although the President recognizes the sovereignty of God, the Filipinos, particularly the youth continues to be lost with negative online influences, something must be done.

A few Christian groups have taken arms to fight the real enemy towards a progressive Philippines. One of them is John15.Rocks. Organized by volunteers, John15.Rocks is a website established in March 2017.

It was a burden of 20 years ago, to network what different Christian Charity organizations can do to help those in need. John15.Rocks sees the potential of social media to help the youths who are slowly being imprisoned by their addiction online.

A 12-year old can have easy access to pornography just by playing an online game. Internet also is a venue for cyberbullying, activities for sexual meet-ups that make them open to HIV infections, social media challenges that leads to suicide, and of course violence and immorality.

Christian groups should come together to influence the Filipino youth by exposing them to the right moral values.  Albert Jimenez of relates the problem to statistics that show millennials and generation Z spending an average of 2 to 6 hours in social media each day. It practically takes over their social life, replacing their smartphones as best friend. “If we cannot directly influence our children with values formation, we can meet them halfway in the internet and allow them to see that they have a better choice,” says Albert.

The Philippines is a Catholic nation, and with many Judeo-Christians who wants to spread love, many Filipino youth do not know where or who to connect with. This is how John15.Rocks can help.

As their tagline says, “Usap tayo,” John15.Rocks hopes to reach both parents and childrenand network them to organizations that offers counseling and support groups for those who have family problems. It extends to those who have issues with homosexuality and HIV, drugs and substance abuse, bullying, relationship problems, and those struggling with teenage parenting.

“Christians and charity groups should come together online to do something cohesive” Albert said. He also clarifies that this is not about religion - “It’s not religion, it’s a relationship with the one true God that everyone needs.” He said that if a person believes that there is a creator, help can start from there. “Our mandate is to love one another, as Jesus did,” he further added.

John15.Rocks online campaigns for free counseling (Counseling Referral Program), HIV/AIDS awareness, equipping parents online, and publishing a youth-inspired pictographic devotional, Daily Tinapay.

The name John15.Rocks was inspired by what Jesus said, “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you” in John 15:12.

If you have the burden to help them, please go to this link to volunteer -

A miracle in a capsule

Laminin became a religious icon beginning 2008 when it was made popular by ‘religious science.' Laminin is a protein that supports cells cohesiveness in our organ (along with many other functions). 

Laminin has “arms” that associate with other molecules to form sheets and bind cells. They’re like the “glue” of our cell, organs, and body altogether. It is important because without Laminin, our cells won’t be in place to function properly. Christian followers were quick to juxtapose that Laminin is like Jesus, holding life altogether.

The controversy of Laminin is debated between science and religion. Those who believe in Christianity associates the cross-like shape of Laminin with Jesus, while scientists say it has nothing to do with God, it’s just a practical structure. (Show the cross-like structure of Laminin)

The Philippines is a Catholic nation with millions of Christ-followers, and when an American company – Laminine Supplement came in, Pinoys were quick to tie the knot with this ‘miracle in a capsule’ as divine.

Talking to the company that owns Laminine, LifePharm said it's purely coincidental; they did not intend to associate Laminin with Laminine as something to do with Jesus. This food supplement did come from the word ‘Laminin’ because it is also a protein that signals cells to activate stem cells in the body and the number ‘nine’ which is the ninth day when this special protein is taken from the albumin of a fertilized avian egg (FAEE).

Nonetheless, both Laminin and Laminine are important to the body. It offers many benefits for the busy Filipino that includes being able to handle stress better, better skin, boosts mental health, and even as an anti-aging supplement.

One thing that makes it stand out is its clinical study claims. According to Lucy So, team leader of Althea Distributor, one of LifePharm’s global IBO-Distributors, customers claim it helped them with various illness from kidney, liver, bone, diabetes, and cancer problems. While Laminine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The recovery from illness vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each person.

We live in a stressful environment, and with traffic and the difficulty of moving around Metro Manila, the added pressure from work is not healthy. We do need food supplements like Laminine, whether or not it has something to do with Laminin or not.

Laminine is a 100% natural food supplement made of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE). It contains OPT9 Blend formula with an active ingredient Fibroblast Growth Factor(FGF2) that repairs damaged or aging cells. Each capsule has 22 amino acids+ and important vitamins and trace minerals.