Lunes, Hulyo 30, 2018

PRRC, NCCA and PETA launched “Taga-Alog 2018: Unang Alon” to develop Pasig River

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), national government agencies, local government units (LGUs) and private organizations join forces for the development of the Pasig River through a creative campaign entitled “Taga-Alog, River Pasig: Balik Tanaw, Balik Sigla!" launched today, June 28, 2018.

The PRRC, NCCA, and PETA together with Department of Tourism (DOT), the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), local governments of Pasig, Makati, Manila, Mandaluyong, San Juan and Marikina and the British Council convened to promote the development of Pasig River as a source of Filipino identity.

The Taga-Alog is a project paying homage to the Pasig River as medium and space for collective memory and cultural identity and to show concern for the community through the artistic creations and research initiatives that can be used by the community as a basis for crafting development initiatives

According to PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia “we welcome the various art forms that will be used to promote the value and significance of the Pasig River as a source of Filipino cultural identity and PRRC will do its best to support and help in the realization of these advocacy projects.”

To strengthen the cooperation between agencies, a memorandum of understanding has been signed by the officials of the aforementioned agencies for the implementation of the campaign.

Under the agreement, the group will conduct series of researches for the formulation of creative strategies and site development of Pasig River and the communities alongside it. The campaign will be experienced through visual arts, films/ photography, literature, music, dance, theatre which will be shared in multimedia platforms.

Goitia emphasized the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors for the success of the project. "This project will foster the enrichment of a Filipino national culture. In this way, more people would eventually give importance and appreciation for the Pasig River," Goitia concluded.

For inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with any of the following:

George Oliver G. Dela Rama
Head, Public Information Advocacy and Tourism Division
Tel. No. (02) 926-5232 local 116
Mobile No.: 0917-570-0523

Alyssa Chrizelle N. Miclat
Information Officer III (Media and Communications Section Head)
Tel. No.: (02) 926-5232 local 116
Mobile No.: 09334996737

PRRC, LIAC relocates Talayan Fire Victims

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) and the Local Inter-Agency Committee (LIAC) of Quezon City relocated 111 illegal occupants at San Francisco River, Barangay Talayan on July 25, 2018.
The said families were victims of a major fire that occurred last August 11, 2017, and were immediately offered relocation assistance but they did not cooperate.
Various relocation sites have been offered since 2013 which include San Jose Del Monte, Norzagaray, Pandi and Balagtas in Bulacan and Morong in Rizal for off-road relocation as well as in Tala and Camarin Residences in Caloocan City for near city relocation and Holy Spirit Relocation Site in Quezon City for in-city relocation.
After several times Pre-Demolition Conferences, the PRRC and LIAC eventually won the cooperation of some ISFs but the majority still refused to voluntarily demolish their houses and to be relocated.
The ISFs refusing relocation were claiming that the land was awarded to them.
According to PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia, from the 160 ISFs in Barangay Talayan, a total of 49 families relocated by the PRRC in collaboration with the NHA (National Housing Authority) and the LIAC in Morong, Rizal.
Of the 49 families, 39 ISFs were relocated in September 2017, eight ISFs on July 27, 2017 and two ISFs on May 29, 2018.
The presence of the remaining ISFs had delayed the San Francisco River development projects of the PRRC such as the widening of the river, bank improvement, dredging and linear park development.
The scope of the project would directly benefit Barangays Damayan, Mariblo and Talayan in Quezon City.
During the meeting, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) released the subdivision plan / cadastral map based on the 26.4 + 3 meter legal easement of the San Francisco River project supplemental to the Supreme Court mandamus on waterways.
The local government of Quezon City likewise dismantled the informal settlements to ensure that the relocatees would not come back.
“I am sad that we have reached this point. It is important that we expedite and complete the rehabilitation and development of the San Francisco River because it is a major tributary of the San Juan River, which drains to the Pasig River,” Executive Director Goitia explained.

Over 200 Pasig River relocatees receive free medical aid from PRRC

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) in partnership with St. Joseph Academy of Valenzuela Alumni Association, Salcres Physical Therapy Foundation International Inc., Myshare Foundation and Wow Health and Wellness Optical Clinic, spearheaded a medical mission on June 2, 2018 at Jaime Cardinal Sin Village (JCSV), 728 Housing, Punta Sta. Ana, Manila City.

This free medical mission was given to at least 200 individuals relocated from the banks of the Pasig River into one of the country’s first in-city relocation sites in Metro Manila.

To be recalled, PRRC and Serviam Foundation Inc, relocated these families living in shanties and makeshift houses beside the Pasig River last quarter of 2008 to first quarter of 2009 to improve the health and living conditions of our fellow Filipinos exposed to polluted waterways help and to improve water quality through the reduction of untreated solid and liquid wastes dumped by the informal settlers.

The objectives of this medical mission are: (1) to provide the JCSV community medical care to those who needed it, who have limited or no access to it, and who cannot afford it, (2) to provide health assessment so that the community attains a greater degree of self-sufficiency, and (3) to intensify PRRC’s Information, Education and Communication Campaign by providing high level of public awareness in taking care of the environment.

The activity was participated by medical doctors, physical therapists, optometrists, nurses, PRRC, partner agencies, and JCSV relocatees as recipients of the said project.
“These health missions are significant because it does not only provide healthcare services to our relocated families even after nine years since they were rescued from the banks of the Pasig River, but most importantly, it also encourages the community to assume responsibility for their health and their environment”, said PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia.

Linggo, Hulyo 29, 2018

PRRC, Los Angeles Public Works boost sister rivers partnership

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission’s (PRRC) and the Los Angeles County Board of Public Works (LACBPW) revitalized their “Sister Rivers” partnership on July 18, 2018 in Quezon City.

The “Sister River” partnership was forged between PRRC and the Los Angeles Department of Public Works to support the PRRC’s efforts to rehabilitate Pasig River.

Commissioner Joel F. Jacinto from Los Angeles Department of Public Works came to the Philippines to learn about the Pasig River Master Plan and to see esteros developed by the PRRC.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia said there is a need to reinvigorate the “Sister River” partnership to help in their effort of rehabilitating the Pasig River.

“Commissioner Jacinto can help Mayor Abigail Binay-Campos and I fast-track the rehabilitation of waterways in Makati,” added Goitia.

 After the ceremony at the PRRC office, officials from the Commission and LACBPW are scheduled to visit some of Metro Manila’s rivers and linear parks.

They will have a walkthrough at Ermitanyo Creek and San Juan River in San Juan City and Maytunas creek in Mandaluyong City.

They will also visit the Poblacion Linear Park and Guadalupe Nuevo creek in Makati City. The Pasig Ferry Station in Guadalupe will also be visited by them and a tour of the Pasig River, from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico in Manila will follow.

In 2016, “Sister River” partnership was forged between PRRC and the LACBPW in Los Angeles to support the PRRC’s efforts to rehabilitate Pasig River.

The signing of the agreement marked the start of a multifaceted exchange between communities surrounding the Los Angeles and Pasig Rivers, that face similar problems.

Sabado, Hulyo 28, 2018

Responsible Traffic Enforcer.. Good Job!!!

These  traffic enforcers that even  on a super intensity of the heat of the day and even heavy rains  still do their job for the little salary that they got,  yet other drivers used to  scold them due to  a messy traffic  encountered every day.

The  two responsible traffic enforcers  are  Roger Go and Jenriel Cheng  was headed by Mr Jesan  Idquila  -  Sector  Commander  of   Barangay Muzon and Roberto “ Bobby”  P. Esquivel – Executive Assistant IV Head Of  CTM-SCOG of The Rising City Of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan and under the local government of  Mayor  Arthur  B. Robes, Vice Mayor Efren Bartolome Jr. and Congresswoman  Florida  “Rida”  P.  Robes. Keep up your good work!

Huwebes, Hulyo 26, 2018

"Why our drinks have a lot of ice?! "

With the sweltering Manila heat, horrendous traffic, or stressful commute, what could be more refreshing than sipping a 32-ounce cup of Ice cold drink that can withstand 6 hours without losing its coffee or fruity taste. Perfect on the road , on the go, or just chilling leisurely at  its four outlets, the popular Malaysian brand “Icelavie” is now here to quench Metro Manila’s thirst and soothe down hot tempers with their oh so cool coffee concoctions, tea and fruit juice varieties.

The huge drinks come in their signature blue cartons with a handle that make take-outs more convenient. Icelavie’s thirst quenchers are available at its three outlets in Makati City and one in Manila.  These are in Paseo Center, Snack Hub 2nd floor Circuit Lane, Glorietta 4 cinema, all in Makati City, as well as in Snack Alley, UN Square Mall, Manila.
Coffee lovers prefer Icelavie’s Signature, Caramel Macchiato or Dark Chocolate. All are made from high quality Arabica coffee. Tea drinkers like Green Tea and Thai Milk Tea. The health conscious like the luscious fruit flavors such as Fruit Paradise, Mango Apple, Lime, Red Plum, Grape, and Tropicana. All concoctions are available in handy, recyclable containers that are fun and practical, and at the same time, absorb the cup’s wetness, making it easier to lug around.

Franchise Package:
Contact Details:
Turnkey Investment included Franchise Fee: Php 405,000
Royalty Fee: 4%
Advertising Fee: 2%
Terms of Renewal: 3 years initial, 3 renewals of 3 years each

Martes, Hulyo 24, 2018

History Con 2018

The star-studded extravaganza will also include celebrities from your favorite shows

Get ready for an exciting lineup of stars at the upcoming HISTORY CON, the country’s entertainment convention happening August 10-12 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Get up close and personal with your favorite celebrities from HISTORY’s acclaimed TV programs, including Katheryn Winnick of HISTORY’s Emmy-winning series, Vikings. The actress has racked up several nominations, including one for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series from the Critics’ Choice Awards and another for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role from the Canadian Screen Awards.

You can also catch international celebrities from your favorite shows like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens, Jamie Dempsey of Ride N’Seek, Mongchin Yeoh of Who Runs the World, and Simon Yin of HISTORY Hustle and Hidden Cities Extreme. The stellar line-up will also include Xian Lim and Diego Loyzaga starring in HISTORY Asia’s award-winning original automotive reality series, Celebrity Car Wars.

HISTORY CON is a world-class affair which garnered a record-breaking attendance of 68,800 people in 2017 and 50,000 people in 2016. With over 300 hundred astonishing exhibits from historic displays to exclusive talks, workshops, and more, this year’s HCON is definitely one not to miss.

HISTORY CON 2018 early-bird ticket purchasers of the HISTORY Maker Pass (PHP 2,500) or HISTORY Maker VIP Pass (PHP 10,000) before July 31,2018  at SM Tickets may enjoy special access to the exclusive special talk, Ancient Aliens ‘LIVE’ Session by headlining international celebrity, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. HISTORY fans are invited to explore the unexplained with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and examine some of the world’s greatest mysteries about extra-terrestrial existence throughout history. This special talk will bring together truth-seekers and HISTORY fans on the discussion, debate and exploration up-close with the leading expert himself.


HISTORY CON 2018 tickets are available in three different categories with exclusive privileges for the HISTORY MAKER VIP pass  at PHP 10,000, limited to 100 tickets for sale only. Other ticketing categories include the HISTORY MAKER pass at PHP 2,500 for a three-day admission and GENERAL ADMISSION pass at PHP 350 for a one-day access to the mega entertainment convention. Tickets are available for sale exclusively on SM Tickets.


Every purchase of the HISTORY MAKER VIP pass or HISTORY Maker Pass allows the ticket purchaser to request a slot to attend the Ancient Aliens ‘LIVE’ Session with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos”.

More details on HISTORY CON 2018 website. 

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit for more information.

Ancient Aliens explores the theory that extra-terrestrials have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. The series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment.

Lunes, Hulyo 23, 2018

Taiwan Excellence Basketball Camp fuels Pinoy court skills and Taiwanese innovation

Combining the Filipino passion for basketball and the Taiwanese drive for the innovation, the first ever Taiwan Excellence Basketball Camp filled the Mall of Asia Music Hall with an intense 3-on-3 Hoop Challenge, top notch innovations from Taiwan Excellence, and PBA stars last July 21-22, 2018.

A partnership between Taiwan Excellence and legendary PBA star Coach Eric Altamirano, the two-day Camp aimed to promote sporstmanship as it brought together some of the Metro's most promising basketball players while highlighting the incredible products awarded with the Taiwanese Excellence Seal.

" Taiwan Excellence Basketball Caimp is an exemplary showcase of excellence from both countries: the fighting spirit of the Filipinos further empowered by the products of Taiwan," said Alfred Wang, Director of Economics Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office ( TECO ).

With its aim of promoting the leading products, Taiwan Excellence shares to the world a variety of truly innovative brands. Initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs ( MOEA ), Taiwan, R.O.C., in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence is continuously recognized by 102 countries.

The symbol of Taiwan Excellence, according to Wang, honors Taiwan's most innovative products " that provide tremendous value to users worldwide." Each product has been selected for a specific Taiwan Excellence Award based on their excellence in the following categories: design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D, and manufacturing.

Boasting participation of 192 amateur Pinoy ballers, the Camp put their skills to the test in a rigorous 3-on-3 matches while 3 PBA stars are on the sidelines showing support.

Alongside Coach E of Alaska Aces, local court heroes JC Intal and Doug Kramer of Phoenix Fuel Masters also gave their support to the budding ballers.

Also integral to the whole Taiwan Excellence Basketball Camp set up is the Taiwan Excellence Experience Zone which exhibits the top-of-the-line products of Taiwan.

With products from tech giant Asus, fitness company Johnson, and bike manufacturer Tern, among others, the Taiwan Excellence Zone got everyone up close and personal with impressive products championed by Taiwan.

Wang hopes these superior products from Taiwan will boost the way of life and strengthen the love of Filipinos for basketball and sports in general.

"They did a great job in showcasing the best products that Taiwan can offer. The quality can go head to head with other global brands," said Christian Ramos, one of the players for the Camp.

Meanwhile, the two celebrity players look to using the products themselves.

" I am really excited about the bikes from Tern. They make biking and going around the city a much more fun experience," said Intal.

As for Kramer, he has his sights on the Paper Shoot, compact digital cameras with cases made out of eco-friendly paper.

" I really feel that the whole family will fall in love with it. It is so simple and sophisticated, I know my kids will love using Paper Shoot." Kramer said.

For updates about Taiwan Excellence, visit their website and follow their Facebook page at


The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) on July 17, 2018 rescued and evacuated residents living along the river to temporarily evacuate to a safer area as Typhoon #HenryPH caused flooding in low-lying areas.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia mobilized the river warriors to assist him in the rescue operations while the river patrols assisted in the monitoring of water level in the other areas of Pasig and San Juan Rivers.

Goitia identified the families living along San Juan River, particularly in
Gumamela St., Barangay Roxas District in Quezon City.

During the inspection conducted by PRRC, Goitia observed the dangerous current of water in San Juan River.

Because of this, Goitia appealed to the residents, who initially refused PRRC’s help, to temporarily evacuate until the heavy rain pours out.

“Sana huwag na po nating hintaying malagay tayo sa panganib bunsod ng pagtaas ng tubig sa ilog,”
Goitia said.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) raised Orange Rainfall Warning in Metro Manila.

PRRC urges public to share unique stories about Pasig River

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) urged the public to share their unique stories about the Pasig River.

According to PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia, the public needs to know these stories to inspire them to help in the revival of the Pasig River.

These stories can be sent to the PRRC and those that will be chosen will be posted on the website—

"We need to share these unique stories to let the public know how we value the Pasig River," Goitia added.

At the same time, Goitia said the Commission is determined to bring Pasig River back to life.

This meant putting mechanisms to prevent and to counter acts of "esterorism" in rivers and waterways that lead to Pasig River.

In addition, he said that the PRRC River Warriors were able to divert 21 million kilos of solid waste from the Pasig River.

Due to PRRC's efforts and determination, 17 priority tributaries had been converted into environmental preservation areas.

"The Pasig River was once biologically dead but now the river has gradually backed to life," Goitia added.

According to Goitia, the public should not lose hope for the Pasig River to survive because it has gradually been happening.

In this regard, Goitia called on the public to cooperate with and help the government on the rehabilitation of the Pasig River.

"You are not only helping us but the generations to come, they will realize that Pasig River is a dream that will become a reality," said Goitia.

ROG.PH Your Internet Gaming Cafes

In 2006, Bhenjie Florentino and his neighbors were the typical school-goers that dreamt of spending countless hours in computer shops playing their favorite games. The time came where he decided to pursue his passion of gaming and partnered up with his neighbors.
Thanks to Bhenjie and friends combining their passion for gaming with their entrepreneurial dreams, ROG.PH was finally born.

They started out with two outlets in Taguig City. Twelve years have passed since the first two gaming cafes they opened. At present they now have 13 branches all over Manila, operating in full capacity day in and day out.

Known for their no-frills, affordable value, ROG.PH has edged out despite stiff competition due to their constant innovation and improvement to offer a better gaming experience to their loyal patrons. They prioritize in creating an environment that is air-conditioned, clean and well lit.

Franchise Package:

Contact Details:
Franchise fee: Php 280k
Franchise Package: Starts at Php 6.7M
Royalty Fee: 10%
Advertising Fee: 4%
Terms of renewal: 4years

Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2018

1 DAY TO GO before PFA’s Franchise Asia Philippines 2018

Go Negosyo’s long-time partner Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is once again organizing the Franchise Asia Philippines 2018 (FAPhl 2018) this coming July 20-22, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center – Manila.

Considered as Asia’s biggest 4-in-1 franchise event show, FAPhl 2018 will showcase activities such as the two-day international conference on the best global practices and business solutions; three-day international expo with more than 700 home-grown and foreign brands; and educational seminars to help aspiring franchisees and franchisors.

The Philippine Franchise Association has been a partner institution of Go Negosyo in promoting MSME development and poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship. Many members of PFA are part of the growing Go Negosyo circle who mentors, empowers, and inspires Filipinos to venture into entrepreneurship.

On its 26th run, the FAPhl 2018 is free of charge. For interested participants, they may register at:


Linggo, Hulyo 15, 2018

iREMIT Annual Stockholders Meeting 2018

The Annual Stockholders' Meeting of iRemit took place in the early morning of the 13th day of July 2018 at 41 floor of Discovery Suites.
The Chairman of the Board Mr. Banson C. Chua and President Harris D. Jacildo at the helm of the meeting.

iRemit is a Filipino owned transfer and remittance pick up company. It was incorporated in March 5, 2001 and started commercial operations on Nov. 11, 2001. It is duly registered remittance agent with the Bangko Sentral  ng Pilipinas as well as an anti money laundering Act.

It operates in 27 countries and territories worldwide.It's services includes auxiliary services such as liaising and coordinating with and accepting and distributing membership contributions, loan amortization payments and premium payments to various government entities such as the SSS, Home Development Mutual Fund, the Philippine Retirement Authority and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation as well as various insurance, pre need and real estate companies.

IREMIT is also active with their Corporate Social Responsibility the like of granting educational scholarships.

All The Best to IREMIT in the years ahead!

Biyernes, Hulyo 13, 2018


Press Release:
Manila – PHILAUTO 2018 – the Philippines Leading International Auto Parts, Accessories, Service & Repair Equipment Exhibition and the PHILBUS & TRUCK 2018 – the Philippine’s International Bus, Truck & Commercial Vehicles Exhibition opens today at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

The three-day exhibition brings together over 200 brands and companies, with Country Pavilions from China, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea, showcasing the latest in auto parts, accessories and service & repair equipment and the newest fleet of buses and trucks.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Mark De Leon and Ms. Elvira Medina, Asst. Secretaries of the Dept of Transportation,  and Engr. Albert Parerdes, Chief of Staff, Pasay City.

In conjunction with the event, the Haulers and Truckers Association in the Watersouth Inc (HATAW) will host the Truckers Forum, addressing issues concerning truckers and Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) operators. The expo is also co-located with Cold Chain Philippines – the Cold Chain Industry Expop, and the Cold Chain Acadey, which is supported by the Cold Chain Association of the Philippines.
Mr. Richard Yew, the Regional Vice President of AMB Tarsus Events Group commented, “PHILAUTO 2018, now on its 5th successful year is proven to be a crucial platform to spearhead the development of the Philippines auto aftermarket, transportation and logistics businesses. It is our hope to transform the Philippines’ transportation industry into a high-quality auto aftermarket hub.”

Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. Admission to the expo is FREE. For more information, visit or

By: AMB Tarsus Events Group
+63 915 1965262

AMB Tarsus Events Group ( is a leading trade show organizer in Southeast Asia that focuses on key emerging markets. It has also organized similar Automotive Aftermarket Expos in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka