Miyerkules, Oktubre 21, 2015

Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility in Partnership with LBC

 To pioneer Impact Hub Manila’s fellowship programs, we are looking for young innovators with entrepreneurial ideas on mobility for a chance to win up to 1 million pesos worth of fellowship prizes. The grand prize includes a twelve month living stipend and fellowship, gaining access to seed funding, focused skill development, valuable networks and a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub Manila.

The worsening traffic conditions in Metro Manila is one of the major problems encountered by Filipinos in their day to day lives. The focus of this Fellowship program is to create innovative solutions to the logistics challenges and opportunities in our progressing region. Solutions may address the following areas: energy & resources in general efficient transport methods; methods to decrease traffic; smarter transportation management; and value chain innovation and new transportation methods.

The fellowship shall be executed into three phases:
Application starts from October 1 until November 15, 2015. During this phase we invite everyone interested to benefit from an ideation workshop, where you will learn how to conceptualize your idea with a clear business approach. From all applications received, 6 - 8 candidates are invited to a pitching workshop and later to pitch in front of a professional jury panel, where the 3 finalists will be selected, who will then enter the cohort.

Linggo, Oktubre 11, 2015

Celebrate The Many Wonders of Quezon City on Its 75 Years!

 On the road for a tour of Quezon City made my day even under the   scourching heat of the sun. Traversing the largest city of metropolitan Manila with our tour guide citing the history and background of the places we past by. An afternoon of bondimg with nature and beautiful people. Our first stop was the La Mesa Ecopark which is located at east fairview Quezon City, the Philippines" largest ecological park in a metro setting. Breathing the fresh air induces  a meditative state of well being.The 33 hectare park is teeming with opportunities for adventure seekers like zip line rides,hiking, mountain biking,and fishing.
The beautiful lagoon offers a paddle boat ride.There is the large salt water pools unique to La Mesa Eco Park which one can enjoy. Simply walking and communing with nature one can fell the calmness of ones inner being.Our next stop was Erehwon Center for the Arts in 1 Don Francisco Street, Villa Beatriz, old Balara, Quezon City. With its name inspired by the fictional country, the satirical utopia, created by novelist Samuel Butler,Erehwon proclaims that it is Now here! to stir up the community and general public on a broader stream appreciation of the arts.It provides exhibition areas, as well as meeting spaces where artists can dialogue and forward issues of advocacy.

Biyernes, Oktubre 9, 2015


 Nissan  Philippines  Inc.  (NPI)  celebrates  another  milestone  for  the  local  compact  crossover segment, as it brings in another innovation that is built to thrill – the new Nissan Juke.

 First launched in Japan in 2010, the new Nissan Juke immediately captured the attention of the global automotive scene because of its fun, bold design, and exciting driving performance. In March 2014, the minor change Nissan Juke was unveiled in the Geneva International Motor Show, bringing an even more refreshed take on the eye-catching vehicle. The minor change model was then brought into the South East Asia having first introduced in Thailand in February 2015 and since then, it has been making its mark in the region.

The new Nissan Juke combines boldness and excitement, becoming the brand’s answer to the growing  local  compact  crossover  segment.    It  showcases  the ability  to  deftly  take  on  the challenges of everyday driving in the Philippines.

Nissan Philippines Inc. celebrates 2nd year anniversary-REDISCOVER EXCITEMENT. REDISCOVER NISSAN

The glory  days of  the  80’s  and 90’s  saw  Nissan become a  household name  in the  local automotive scene, ingraining itself in the Filipino psyche through their iconic vehicles like the Nissan  Sentra,  California,  and  Stanza.  However,  over  the  years,  Nissan  slowly  took  the backseat in the minds of the market because of shifting consumer preferences.

  Nissan, with a proud global heritage in over 80 years, determined to bring back that excitement to the Philippine market, through the establishment of a consolidated national sales company. This 2015, Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) celebrates its second year anniversary of delivering on the brand promise of “Innovation that Excites”. With the boom of motorization in the Philippines, NPI has continuously addressed the needs of the modern citizen with a wide variety of vehicles and innovative services.

In Celebration of World Pasta Month A PASTA FESTA FOR THE PEOPLE

 Craving for a bit of Italian? The first thing that comes to mind is a big heaping bowl of pasta, covered with your favorite sauce and sprinkled with lots of Parmesan cheese. It is a dish that everyone loves to eat often, that pasta has become a kitchen pantry staple. Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta brings a taste of Italy to the Filipino home with its line of Italian artisanal pasta noodles, made of 100% durum wheat semolina.
 Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is produced according to the tradition of true Italian pasta. There is actually an Italian law prescribing that pasta must be made using 100% durum wheat semolina, which is the hardest of all the wheat varieties and has the highest protein content. It is the use of durum wheat that makes pasta “al dente” or “firm to the bite.” Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is also made using the traditional bronze die, which gives the noodles ridges, thereby helping the sauce cling better to the noodles for a richer flavor. Plus, Doña Elena uses all natural GMO-free ingredients in its pasta, which makes it really good for you!

Over the years, pasta has become such a favorite dish for Filipinos. In fact, almost every gathering or special occasion isn’t complete without a big platter of spaghetti or baked macaroni. Or maybe even an original recipe using shrimp, Spanish sardines or spicy tuyo. Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta brings the Filipinos’ passion for this versatile noodle to the forefront with the celebration of the World Pasta Month this October. This celebration was initiated in Rome in 1995 with the First World Pasta Congress, and countries all over the world have come up with their own festivities since. After all, pasta is a global food consumed in all continents and is a perfect fit for a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. The campaign and series of events highlight every foodie’s love for pasta and how it has become such an integral part of Pinoy culture.

Huwebes, Oktubre 1, 2015

Instituto Cervantes’ PELÍCULA Spanish Film Festival unfolds at Greenbelt 3 from October 8 to 18

From October 8 to 18, PELÍCULA-PELIKULA, the Spanish Film Festival, will be featuring the best of contemporary Spanish cinema at the Greenbelt 3 Cinemas. Presented by Instituto Cervantes, the Embassy of Spain-AECID, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and Intramuros Administration, the 2015 edition of the Spanish Film Festival will screen around 30 films.

Since its conception in 2002 by Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Film Festival has been an annual attraction at the Ayala Malls Cinemas, bringing the best of Spanish and Latin American cinema to the local audience of Manila. PELÍCULA-PELIKULA is a combination of the Spanish word “película”, which means film, and its Tagalog derivation “pelikula”, echoing the cultural ties shared by Spain and the Philippines. By putting the two words together, it highlights the unique characteristics of this 2-week event as the biggest Spanish film festival in Asia.