Linggo, Mayo 30, 2021

Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino: Why Green, Pink and leaves formed as Footstep

Green for nature, pink for happiness and footsteps since the concept of the farm is based on the plans of Josefino Bondad. The children likes the legacy to be shared to others and following his footsteps.

Everyday when he was still alive, Josefino Velasco Bondad tendered and maintained Hidden Hills Farm, the name also came from him. The new management just added “By Josefino” to continue what he started and for everyone to know that the trees were planted with full of love by the amazing husband to Remy, father to 3 daughters and son to his Dad, Romualdo who was also a farmer. Romualdo or Ka Madong also planted the Lansones trees in the farm.


Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino is for the family who likes to experience farm living and at the same time enjoying the produce and the activities.


Activities includes;

•Fruit Picking

•Tree Familiarisation Tour

•Lipote Tasting




Everyday, Andrew, the son in law is improving the farm to make it world class soon. The goal is to make it a destination in the Philippines for Agri Tourism and to promote healthy living, farming and family love where everyone can be together.


By Schedule only.

Address: #1 Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna via Barangay Mabacan. Boundary of Balayhangin and Mabacan


Landmark: Before Hacienda Macalauan




02 2193503

Biyernes, Mayo 28, 2021

Tag Media Group to launch artist JeffCon at The E Hotel Makati


The only known and acknowledged art mentor of the Philippines' first female president and an icon of democracy, the late Corazon "Cory" Aquino—Artist Jeffrey Consumo or JeffCon still vividly recall the late president as a prolific painter.


JeffCon famous student and the mother of former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III took painting classes from him from 1996 to 1999 and attended the classes weekly. According to JefCon, “She started it as a hobby and eventually I learned that she continuously paints even the classes under me is done. That’s passion. “


For this year, JeffCon with the help of Tag Media Group headed by Grace Bondad Nicolas where he just signed a contract for his marketing and public relations got a chance to meet another person with a Philippines presidential lineage. The grandson of former President Jose P. Laurel and a philanthropist accepted his proposal to showcase his arts at the “Gallery of the world” inside the newly built “Ayala By the Bay” along Macapagal in Pasay.


Gallery of the world is the newest project under the Yupangco Group of Companies that will House 3 shops with engaging activities from Zoomanity Group, Yupangco Music Academy and Yupangco Electronics Corporation.


JeffCon  paintings is up now for auction and will have painting workshops and lots of activities for the young artists too at The E Hotel Makati headed by another business magnate, Dr. Elton See Tan, son of Tan Yu, the richest man in Asia during his time.


When approached, Dr. Elton See Tan didn’t hesitate as the paintings will be part of the asserts in the lobby area where patrons can auction or buy the paintings. The E Hotel is perfect fit as executives, Asian leaders and diplomats are usually staying there. They might like to own some paintings of JeffCon.


For more information and to know more about the paintings, contact 09778978877 or 02 2193503

Huwebes, Mayo 27, 2021

Community on Wheels supported by Mayor Randy Salamat of Alfonso, Cavite



Award winning millennial Mayor, the determined and optimistic public servant, Mayor Randy Salamat posted in his Facebook account his numerous initiatives for his hometown Alfonso, Cavite.


One of them is the “Sharing Table” that they are doing for years already and now still ongoing. Not only that, the young Mayor announced the “Community Pantry on Wheels” to reach more those who are in need headed by the Samahang Asenso ng Palengke Vendors Cooperative.


“Magandang gabi po! Kamusta po kayo? Bukod po sa The Sharing Table ng Alfonso ay nagkaroon rin po ng Community Pantry on Wheels ang ating bayan na pinangunahan ng ating mga minamahal na Samahang Asenso ng Palengke Vendors Cooperative.

Maraming salamat po sa mga pusong patuloy na hangad ay makatulong sa kapwa! God bless us all po.”- Mayor Randy Salamat


Mayor Randy Salamat is an honouree for this year’s Asia Leaders Awards for his accomplishments. His amazing  initiatives for his constituents and being young  makes the public love him not just within Alfonso, Cavite but also nationwide.

Multi awarded Mayor, Randy Salamat announced Free WiFi at Alfonso, Cavite


Just recently, The award winning millennial top official in Alfonso, Cavite announced in his Facebook account,  Mayor Randy Salamat, that the free WiFi from Smart Telecommunications Company has been activated and ready to use by his constituents. This will give a boost and if not the first in municipalities is still a big accomplishment. The people in Alfonso now has an additional access especially those who can’t even buy loads which is truly an extra expense to the common people. This free WiFi access can help the people stay informed.

  “Magandang hapon po! Ngayong araw po ay activated na ang ating Smart FREE Wifi sa Alfonso Town Plaza. Makakasagap po ang mga kababayan at bisita natin within 50-meter radius. Ang bawat device po ay mabibigyan ng 30 minutong free wifi. Sana po ay makatulong ito lalong lalo na po sa pagiging updated ng ating mga kababayan pagdating sa mga impormasyon ng ating Pamahalaang Bayan, sa mabilisang research para sa school at para sa emergency purposes. Sunod po nating pakakabitan ang ating pamilihang bayan at munisipyo.”- Mayor Randy Salamat


Mayor Randy Salamat just recently received an award at Asia Leaders Awards and for this year, with hope and optimism as the theme, he is also a nominee for his continuous effort and leadership in his hometown. Nominees includes this year from the public service sector are Mayor Isko Domagoso, Congressman Michael Romero, Secretary William Dar and Senator Manny Pacquiao.

Miyerkules, Mayo 26, 2021

The new Lieutenant Governor Elect is from Kiwanis Club of Makati

 The health crisis that’s happening right now around the globe is a realisation that we need to value more our immune system. Covid19 is one serious virus that’s killing even our physicians and medical practitioners. 

Most people right now are advised not to go out especially those who doesn’t have any more important or essential activities but that doesn’t stopped the officers and members of Kiwanis Club of Makati to continue their mandated activities  and goal, to help the children and the communities who are in need more of help. 

At the start of this Pandemic, even in lockdown, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, the Kiwanis Club of Makati President  works so hard to help out. Because of her leadership and amazing effort, she’s elected as the new Lieutenant Governor Elect under Division 3A which is composed of clubs located in Manila, Pasay, Taguig and Makati. It’s the highest position in the division. 

“I’m thankful for the trust. It’s a big responsibility but as what they say, challenges is part of being alive. In the start of this global health crisis, we focus on the orphanages and small hospitals, we saw that most are donating already to bigger and popular hospitals in Metro Manila so we like to go beyond, targeting to donate in smaller community hospitals and orphanages not just here in Metro Manila but also in Laguna. We started to send out packs of bottled water to Santa Ana General Hospital in Manila then to Bahay Ni Maria Orphange in Calamba City then to Welcome House Orphange in Makati. Even we are all in crisis, if our heart is to help out, even this deadly Virus can’t stop us, there are always ways to help. I am also encouraging all to do the same, in this crisis, it’s your time to prove your worth and your time to shine truly. While everyone are bored because of lockdown, do something productive and helpful to others, share your blessings. For this year, we contributed to different community pantries and a partnership with JCI Makati.”- Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas 

The treasurer, Sheila Leyva even went out to buy the groceries and rice at S&R since some online groceries can’t deliver anymore. One cosmetic company, DSkin Essentials also donated soaps and Dreamwings Production sent some cash to support this initiatives. The award winning, global direct selling company Frontrow Enterprise and Mernel’s Cake-house in Laguna are major contributors. 

Kiwanis Club of Makati is one of the clubs in Division 3A under the Philippine Luzon District. Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas is the newly elected Lieutenant Governor for this coming 2021-2022 and the new President of American Association of the Philippines and the first female since it’s 73 years of establishment in the Philippines and Vice President of Makati Tourism Foundation Inc. 

Kiwanis International was established in 1915 at Detroit, Michigan. Kiwanis International is a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time. Today, we stand with more than 600,000 members from K-Kids to Key Club to Kiwanis and many ages in between in more than 80 countries. Each community has different needs, and Kiwanis empowers members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, improving literacy and offering guidance. Kiwanis clubs host nearly 150,000 service projects each year.

For more information;

Redefining and Reorganizing the American Association of the Philippines


May 26, 2021–The first ever woman President of American Association of the Philippines since it’s establishment 73 years ago is from Calauan, Laguna.

Key Promotions:


“The Board of the American Association of the Philippines (AAP) announces a reorganization and related appointments to reflect key initiatives in the last year. Former Vice-President Grace Nicolas Bondad has been named new President In recognition of her accomplishments in our key fund raising efforts. She is the first ever woman President of the AAP, a notable first!.”- Chairman Emeritus Rick Sobreviñas

Rick Sobrevinas, former Chairman was designated Cairman Emeritus and Chair of the American Historical Collection Committee which we intend to develop into a US - Philippine bi-country effort with considerable-American scholarly contributions.  We intend to unlock different perspectives from the American Academia on this grand ambition in the late 19th and the early to mid 20th Centuries.

Chairman Emeritus Rick Sobreviñas, President Grace Bondad Nicolas, Office Manager Shalie Recaido and Co Chairman Robert Lane

A new Office has been created called "The Office of the Chairman" led by Joe Maristela, Bob Lane, and Den Manzano, Co-Chairs. Larry Dimagiba has been appointed Vice President, Corporate Secretary. This reorganization was long planned but delayed by events having to do with the Pandemic which interrupted travel movements, meetings, and timely decisions, but we are confident that the reorganization will provide the key leadership that will see the AAP through this crisis that have affected Charitable organizations all over the world, especially in the developed world.


Reorganizing and Refocusing of the American Historical Collection


The Board has decided to buttress the scholarship and academic research long term as a key raison d'etre of the Association. with an intention to hopefully add more clarity and insights into a period which has become an obscure but historically earthshaking saga in the legacy of America in a period where it first emerged as a global empire and the most powerful nation in the world with the highest GDP of all the countries. The Philippine experience marked the American debut into global leadership of the most powerful  and influential nation in the entire history of mankind The Philippines at Manila Bay was the Genesis of this continuing two century run that still is the driving force of world History, Politics, Economics and progress of the world today.


We have made great strides in likewise reorganizing the American Historical Collection Committee with the addition of two of the country's greatest scholars - Dr. Ron Mendoza, Head of the School of Government of the Ateneo de Manila University, a Harvard Master of Public Administration, and a Fordham University PhD in Economics. He was known as the most prolific scholar at the AIM, who produced the lion's share of the research publications including books in the institution. He has continued this prolific scholarly output at the Ateneo and will be a major contributor to the scholarship of the American Historical Collection. The Collection was bequeathed to the AAP by the US Embassy as Owner in Trust.


Another great academic addition to the American Historical Committee is Mr. Ambeth Ocampo, former Head of the History Department of the Ateneo and recipient of multiple awards for his academic scholarship with innumerable publications and books on Philippine History. He is also a famous Columnist at the Philippine Daily Inquirer known for his astute articles and observations.


On the US side, we have, Dr. Alex Orquiza, PhD, a History Professor at Providence College has also joined AAP's American Historical Collection Committee, He is a History PhD from the Johns Hopkins University and has a BA from UC Berkeley University, both top universities in the US. During his PhD studies at Johns Hopkins, he actually travelled to the Philippines and did  research at the American Historical Collection home at the Ateneo's Rizal Library. He is the first of many academic scholars the American Association will add through the years as we redefine ourselves and evolve. AAP will have a socially distance and virtual George Washington Event on June 27, 2021 to celebrate the 73rd years anniversary of AAPs establishment in the Philippines.


For more information:

Huwebes, Mayo 20, 2021

Alfamart at Asia Leaders Awards 2021

 "Everyone must sacrifice a little so that no one will suffer a lot" - Harvey Ong, Alfamart

Mr. Harvey Ong shared during the public launch of Asia Leaders Awards 2021 last May 20, 2021. Going to work during the first days of the pandemic, Harvey Ong chanced upon one of their Alfamart employees, walking on the streets, full of sweat. He has been walking for 3 hours already when he saw him. He asked the employee, why not just file a leave for that day, the employee answered: "our team needs me to be there."


When companies took care of employees in good times, their employees will surely be there during bad times.

Mr. Harvey Ong, COO of Alfamart PH, is one of this year's Asia Leaders Awards Honourees.

“This is for the team.”- Harvey Ong

The theme for this year according to the awards committee is Hope and Optimism. Choosing leaders who are shining more in times of pandemic through their Corporate Social Responsibilities to reach out those even beyond their communities. These are from the business sector and the committee chose some from the public officials who are also doing their job but making a difference. Those who are not afraid to fold their sleeves and help out.

Awards committee in attendance; Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez, Makati Tourism Foundation Secretary General Tan Yu III, BNI Premier President and Filipino Chinese Chamber of the Philippines Vice President Dr. Elton See Tan, Rick Sobreviñas and Grace Bondad Nicolas of American Association of the Philippines.

Asia Leaders Awards is the only acknowledgment and recognition giving body with organisations and embassies as part of the awards committee, is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its purpose is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is considered a must-attend occasion for business and government leaders across the nation and beyond.


Major sponsors include: Grab, J&T Express, Asian Tigers Mobility, AsiaPrime Corporation, Jollibee Group, Eastern Communication, Bounty Agro Ventures Inc, Alfamart, Fredley Group of Companies and Frontrow Enterprise.

See full background and history of Asia Leaders Awards at

Avin Ong of Fredley Group of Companies at Asia Leaders Awards 2021

 May 20, 2021–The Official Launch of Asia Leaders Awards with a Press Conference, Thursday, May 20 at 11:00am was held with selected awards committee, honourees and media. The theme for this year is Hope and Optimism. Choosing leaders who are shining more in times of pandemic through their Corporate Social Responsibilities to reach out those even beyond their communities. These are from the business sector and the committee chose some from the public officials who are also doing their job but making a difference. Those who are not afraid to fold their sleeves and help out.

See the nation's greatest leaders in Business, Public Service and Academe. Chairman Rick Sobreviñas of American Association of the Philippines announced the two honourees from the academe; Historian Ambet Ocampo and Ron Mendoza of Ateneo De Manila University.


“Ron Mendoza is the Head of the School of Government at the Ateneo, MPA from Harvard and PhD in Economics from Fordham University. Before this, he was the Head of the Development Department at AIM, responsible for 40% of all the research publications of all the Professors at AIM, truly exceptional educator.”- Rick Sobreviñas


The Press Conference is attended by two young leaders of this generation; Avin Ong of Fredley Group of Companies with their famous Macao Imperial Tea and Harvey Ong of Alfamart.


When asked how did Macao Imperial Tea under Fredley Group of Companies managed to keep the business strong despite the pandemic: 

“You have to be creative, innovative, adaptable to change.”

--- Mr. Avin Ong, Fredley Group of Companies

Avin Ong

Faced with the pandemic situation, Macao Imperial managed to stay up and running. Since people cannot go out to line up just to get their refreshing and delicious milk tea variants, Mr. Avin Ong immediately jump in the online bandwagon, setting up their very own online store on top of  the Grab and Food Panda tie up.


Awards committee in attendance; Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez, Makati Tourism Foundation Secretary General Tan Yu III, BNI Premier President and Filipino Chinese Chamber of the Philippines Vice President Dr. Elton See Tan, Rick Sobreviñas and Grace Bondad Nicolas of American Association of the Philippines.

Dr. Elton See Tan, Avin Ong, Harvey Ong, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Rick Sobreviñas, Tan Yu III

Dr. Elton See Tan, Avin Ong, Harvey Ong, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Rick Sobreviñas, Tan Yu III

Asia Leaders Awards is the only acknowledgment and recognition giving body with organisations and embassies as part of the awards committee, is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its purpose is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is considered a must-attend occasion for business and government leaders across the nation and beyond.


Awarding will be at the Embassy of Singapore headed by Ambassador Gerard Ho on November 11, 2021.


Major sponsors include: Grab, J&T Express, Asian Tigers Mobility, AsiaPrime Corporation, Jollibee Group, Eastern Communication, Bounty Agro Ventures Inc, Alfamart, Fredley Group of Companies and Frontrow Enterprise.

See full background and history of Asia Leaders Awards at

Miyerkules, Mayo 19, 2021

Hidden Hills Farm: A Shangrila Legacy of Josefino

The 2 hectare farm land is composed of 4 facilities (The Barn, The Bodega, The Tower and The Piano House), more than a thousand fruit bearing trees;




















It was tendered by the Bondad Ancestors of Calauan, Laguna till Josefino Velasco Bondad managed it and built the infrastructures with the objective to promote his love for nature and his hometown. So he built the longest and only fibre optic hanging bridge combining the two hills and the tallest view deck in Laguna to see the beauty of different mountains surrounding the area that includes Mount Makiling and Laguna De Bay. His vision is always to bring the tourist , to appreciate nature and to have his legacy.


New additional activities include; Fruit picking, Lipote Tasting, Tree familiarisation tour and hiking. The place is good for picnic also and camping with family. All are included in the Php 100 entrance per pax.




Everyday, Josefino visits the farm and always improving the infrastructure and trying always to innovate to make a difference. Josefino died in his sleep on December 18, 2020. He was 73. The grief and the void is very big that nobody can fill.


The HHFH is now manage by Josefino’s children (Grace, Dessi and Meg) and headed by his son in law, Andrew Troy Nicolas with an objective to continue his legacy guided by Josefino’s wife, Remy.




The family decided to focus and continue his goals, to make it a destination. So they renamed it under his name, “Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino from simply Hidden Hills Farm.  A family farm that everyone can enjoy and promotes healthy living. It’s registered under Monte Medica Company since Josefino believes that the place has a healing power because of the medicinal plants and trees in the area like Lipote which according to many can help those people suffering in Diabetis, High Blood Pressure and  Hypertension.  He even sold a lot of Guyabano leaves to some manufacturer of Guyabano capsules in Manila. In his heydays, he keeps on making tea from Lipote and Guyabano leaves.


“Ang pagtatanim, ay nakakahaba Ng buhay, kasi palagi kang may inaantay and better to eat fresh fruits and using alternative medicines. So inom lang Ng inom and heal yourself.”- Josefino Velasco Bondad 




The vision is to make Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino a world class tourism destination. Everyday, the management is thinking of ways on improvements. Josefino’s eldest daughter, Grace Bondad Nicolas handles different themed parks in the Philippines (Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoori in Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Cavite, Zoocobia in Pampanga and Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol)  as business and branding consultant for 9 years and handled Tree Top Adventure in Subic and Baguio and trained in Eco Tourism and certified under Programma Uitzending Managers (PUM) Netherlands for inbound and sustainable tourism and a certified Go Negosyo (Presidential Center for Entrepreneurship) for Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The family is confident and determined to achieve the vision through the unity and cooperation of the young generation.


Josefino Velasco Bondad is a farmer became a successful entrepreneur and retires as a farmer with a vision to help others. He was always thinking of ways to help out, hiring indigents since he believes that everyone must have a place in this world that everyone has a role to play. He also believes in legacy so he built tallest buildings in his hometown though very modest and humble. He was always happy with family, his center and now his family is continuing his legacy, to make Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino, a place to be.


So with so much joy that HHFH is opening to the public with new and exciting activities that’s tendered with so much love and passion for the whole family.


For tour, by schedule only; 09778978877,

AsiaPrime Philippines at Asia Leaders Awards 2021

 The global health crisis is making it hard to a lot of companies to survive especially with the different mandates of the government. But there are some companies that are really thriving even with the global health crisis.


Since the establishment of AsiaPrime Philippines Corporation , they have achieved sustained growth by constantly creating new services with a philosophy of identifying and resolving areas of business owners' inconvenience.

 The Toll Manufacturing and Toll Packaging service enable business owners to concentrate their resources on their core businesses. It is an outsourcing service that helps to improve business efficiency and to minimize expenses. APPC assists clients in lifting revenues through, facilities, manufacturing, and packaging equipment to process their raw materials or semi-finished products.


Based on the healthy organizational culture and business experience in the national and global market, APPC promise that all employees at Asiaprime Philippines Corporation, will provide you with the optimal value by maximizing our capabilities and holding the highest competitiveness.


In the future, too, Asiaprime Philippines Corporation aims to stand at the forefront of manufacturing and packaging solutions change, turning innovative technology into value for business owners and end-users.


“Furthermore, by adopting the values of fairness and transparency into our management, we will continue to make our "Premier Service" brand attractive to business owners and consumers, and we will become an essential part of our community, always aiming to earn the gratitude of our clients.”-Asiaprime Philippines Corporation Lerma M. Bernabe, President & CEO


The company is nominated at Asia Leaders Awards 2021 with slogan, “Hope and Optimism.”


Asia Leaders Awards is the only acknowledgment and recognition giving body with organisations and embassies as part of the awards committee, is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its objective  is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is considered a must-attend occasion for business and government leaders across the country and beyond.


To nominate, www.asialeadersawards.Asia 

Huwebes, Mayo 13, 2021

Cocktail Hour with Mernels: Merle Mendoza Balicao CEO-A multi awarded businesswoman

Merle started Mer-Nel’s Cake House and Variety Shop in 1996. Mer-Nel is a combination of her name and that of supportive husband, Nelson. With the lofty objective to make Mer-Nel’s known nationwide and to become part of every Filipino occasion and celebration, Merle focused on her mission to provide fine customer service with consistency and affordability and put emphasis on offering high quality and delicious products while providing more job opportunities as their business continues to grow. 

She’s also focused on their CSR, helping the indigents and poor even during this Pandemic, sharing their blessings and coordinating with different NGOs for their projects by providing sacks of rice, cakes and financial support.

A multi awarded businesswoman who received the SME Company of the Year award at Asia Leaders Awards 2020, among other accolades from their community. 

Filipinas are known for being fierce and with characteristics of not giving up. Some of the reasons why most excel also globally. 

Join her on May 19, 2021 at Asia Leaders Awards 3rd Show “Cocktail Hour” from 6PM to 7PM at Asia Leaders Awards Facebook Page with Grace Bondad Nicolas.

Asia Leaders Awards 2021 Launching on May 20


The Official Launch of Asia Leaders Awards will be  on Thursday, May 20 at 11:00am. 

The theme for this year is Hope and Optimism. It’s not all about business, it’s about reaching out to others who are helpless and with unity, we can achieve more. 

See the nation's best leaders in Business and Public Service who are unique, authentic and shining more in this crisis. Hear the Keynote of Edward Ling, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry President. Nominate your organization or respected leader for Asia Leaders Awards and help us lead the country to its big reset. Let's inspire more the nation and get everyone ready for the explosive growth that will follow the end of this global health crisis. 

Asia Leaders Awards is the only acknowledgment and recognition giving body with organisations and embassies as part of the awards committee, is the largest business awards event in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its purpose is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. The event is considered a must-attend occasion for business and government leaders across the country and beyond. 

Major sponsors include: Grab, J&T Express, Asian Tigers Mobility, AsiaPrime Corporation, Jollibee Group, Eastern Communication, Bounty Agro Ventures Inc, Fredley Group of Companies and Frontrow Enterprise. 

 The campaign of Asia Leaders Awards for all honourees is long term, and starts immediately after confirmation. 

See full background and history of Asia Leaders Awards at 

Be with us for the Official Launch of Asia Leaders Awards. 

All the best,
Grace Bondad Nicolas, President 
Asia Leaders Awards 2021

Young Leader Employs PWD

This global health crisis is testing us. As what they say, if you can make it during this pandemic, you can make it anytime and anywhere. Not all business leaders are just into business these days, the real leaders are exerting effort to help out the indigents and unknowingly shining more for their unconditional deeds. 

“Giving back to the community will always be a priority for us and I’m proud of that. Poverty is a serious challenge in the Philippines and

it frustrates me. I want to be someone who will change lives by helping them,” 

- Avin Ong

Fredley Group of Companies is making sure that in spite of the challenges , the company’s social responsibility initiatives are fiercely important and making sure that’s well implemented. Filipinos with disabilities are employed by the company and the Employee Rewards Program subsidises expenses and tuition fees for employees’ children.The Fredley Foundation is providing education scholarships and, ultimately, roles and a career path within the group to the less fortunate.

Chairman and CEO of Fredley Group of Companies, Avin Ong, who is just only 29 and an accomplished entrepreneur, 

 with double MBAs, an honours degree from De La Salle University and global experience with Deutsche Bank isn’t afraid of taking risk since he started working at age seven for being so poor selling fruit shakes at the wet market. 

Today, the company employs more than a thousand workers with the famous brand Macao Imperial Tea with 210 branches and also restaurants that includes Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, New York Fries & Dips and Liang Crispy Rolls.

Lunes, Mayo 10, 2021


 In order to help more those employees who are displaced by this global health crisis, AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company with brands; Immune CEE Vitamin C +Zinc, GlutaGlow Slimming Drinks, GlamHigh Cosmetics By Andria and GracefulSkin Essentials came up with “Sagot Ko, Puhunan Mo or SKPM Project.

SKPM is to provide an initial FREE capital or investment in a form of the AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company Products Mix for the chosen or approved individual to sell. Since most doesn’t have an extra budget to invest, the Group Chairman, Andrew Troy Nicolas explained, “We like to help those workers displaced by this pandemic, they have the will to work and yet doesn’t have a choice since their companies were also affected and need to remove them. We like to help out and for them to continue to help their family.” 

Mechanics are as follows;

1. Apply via AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company Facebook Page to submit necessary proofs of work displacement 

2. Wait for approval within a week 

3. If approved, Orientation & receive the products to sell in SRP 

4. Reorder less profit 

The Co Founder and Brand Chief Executive Officer, Grace Bondad Nicolas reiterated that this is for those employees or workers displaced by this pandemic, a very specific group. According to her, “We already did some testing to different individuals from different background and we decided that those who were working before and loss their jobs has more will and determined to earn. It’s a circle, they need to reorder from the free resellers package we provided in order for this program to be successful for themselves. Other sectors can apply but still need to be approved.” 

This is the Corporate Social Responsibility and project of AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company. For more information; www.aaacosmetics.Asia or 09778978877/ 028 2193503, manila@aaacosmetics.Asia

Linggo, Mayo 9, 2021

CGV Travel and Communications, Gateway to Experience Dingalan!

A hidden paradise is most likely to be associated with a beautiful place not yet known to the public juxtapose to crowded tourist destinations, a sanctuary full of explorations and adventures, Dingalan is your place to be! The southernmost  town in the province of Aurora-the eastcoast of Central Luzon fronting the roaring  Pacific Ocean. Let CGV Travel and Communications make your adventure worthwhile, they will arrange your vacation from end to end, hassle-free and indubitably fun!


"With our mission to introduce Dingalan to the world, this hidden gem deserves the spotlight because of its wild and treacherous landscape. Dingalan is a unique destination distinct from other places here in the Philippines! One will get to enjoy the ragged and rustic vibe compared to Bali, Indonesia and a scenic mountain view and hills akin to Batanes. But Dingalan is truly incomparable and should be known for its own beauty and rare mystery. Visit Dingalan, let us fulfill your dreams and make it a reality!" exclaimed by Mr. Cyrus G. Villarosa, owner of CGV Travel and Communications.

Dingalan boasts emerging hotspots such as inland nature wonders, picturesque mountain peaks, spectacular waterfalls and cave system. Enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling and hiking. This stunning destination is accessibly reachable from Manila for around 3-4 hours. 

You can reach CGV Travel and Communications thru Facebook and via the following digits (042) 7356-1299 or 639164186742.

Dingalan: Paradise of the East a Unique Distination" 10 Reasons Why Dingalan Should Be In Our Bucket Lists!


After over a year of isolation, we’re probably all itching to pack our bags and jump into a new travel adventure. We’re crossing our fingers that the travel restrictions will soon be loosened because our next destination is a hidden gem that has it all – Dingalan, Aurora.


Whether you’re planning for a beach trip with your family, a hike with the barkada, or a soulful solo travel, this underrated paradise just east of Luzon is the perfect destination for you.


Here are the top reasons why Dingalan should be at the top of your travel bucket list:


1. Hills with the best views

Facing the Pacific Ocean and with its rolling hills filled with unspoiled nature, Dingalan is often dubbed as the Batanes of the East. While the two have similarities, Dingalan’s is an alluring travel destination in its own right. The town’s hill top offers two vantage points: The Lighthouse and the View Deck. Either offers a front row seat to Dingalan’s unmatched nature show – blue skies with singing birds, calm cerulean seas, and lush greeneries surrounding the Sierra Madre mountain range. It only takes a short hike and reaching the top feels like reaching heaven – you’ll never want to go back down.


2. Untouched Waterfalls

Believe us, you definitely have to chase Dingalan’s waterfalls. The coastal town is home to five of the country’s untouched waterfalls – all boasting of cool and clear pools and beautiful rock formations. Tanawan Falls is probably the most ‘known’ to locals and tourists, and yet the town’s tourism office is able to maintain its natural and isolated beauty. If you’re lucky, you can even have the whole waterfalls for yourself and enjoy the most refreshing waters with beautiful butterflies and dragonflies flying around.


3. Lamao Cave

If you’re adventurous enough, Dingalan will reward you with a hidden treasure: a waterfall inside a cave. Getting there might be a little rough as the currents get stronger the deeper you go in, but the adventure will surely be worth it!


4. Matawe Beach

Dingalan boasts of many mesmerizing beaches with white sand, but Matawe Beach is a different level of magnificence. The low tide reveals many of the beach’s unique rock formations that you can climb up for that Instagram-worthy photo! It also has tiny pools of that you can swim in solo.


5. Fresh Seafood

Since Dingalan is a coastal area, fresh-off-the-boat seafood is never inadequate. You can get them from town markets or side street stores and ask your tour guide to have someone cook them for you. Our mouths water at the thought of freshly caught shrimps, crabs, squids and Dingalan’s best product from the sea–


6. The Bariles

More commonly known as tuna, fresh bariles is one of Dingalan’s most exported products. The town is currently the largest supplier of bariles in Luzon, earning them the title The Next Tuna Capital of the North.


7. Intertidal Pools

Dingalan has 10 of these natural creations! The magic happens when the tide levels are just right: the ocean reveals pockets of isolated seawater. They’re the perfect spot if you want to have some solo time in the beach whilst enjoying the breeze and watching the sunrise or sunset.


8. The Dingaleños

You’ll never feel far from home because everyone in this town is friendly and warm. They’re probably one of the most hospitable people in the country – always willing to help out and greet you Maedup! whenever they see you. It’s as if you’re part of their tight-knit family!


9. Unique Pre-Nup and Wedding Destination

With its natural scenic views of rich mountain ranges, azure oceans, and clear waterfalls, Dingalan can definitely cater to whatever wedding theme you have in mind – may it be a summer vibe, a picturesque countryside, or a wild tropical adventure. On top of that, Dingalan is an accessible location since there are a lot of transportation and tour options available to reach the area–


10. And the best of them all: CGV Travel and Communications

CGV Travel and Communications is a locally owned travel operator that caters to a lot of destinations in the country. Their head office is based in Dingalan and the owner is a true blue Dingaleño so you can trust their knowledge about the top destinations in town. They are also certified and regulated by the local tourism office so rest assured that they have trained travel staff and the best yet most affordable tour packages. 


That’s the top 10 but you’ll find a thousand more reasons to visit Dingalan and fall in love with it over and over again. For more details about Dingalan, CGV Travel and Communications is digitally present on Facebook ( and through the following numbers: (042) 7356-1299 or +639164186742.

Martes, Mayo 4, 2021

RS Francisco of Frontrow at Cocktail Hour #ALA2021


For this year, Asia Leaders Forums and Awards will present the exemplary leaders in the Philippines with a twist, to discuss anything under the sun, their advocacy and passion. No more of those mind setting heavy presentations about the usual business scenario or discussions about their companies, we have a global health crisis, we’re in a survival mode. An inspiration is what we need.

 So we present COCKTAIL HOUR, the leaders when they folded their sleeves after the heavy workload.

Discussions will be between the leaders with the resident host,  award winning and talented radio show host and tech guy Richard Abalos.


Cocktail Hour 2nd show  will be on May 10, 2021 at Asia Leaders Awards Facebook Page with RS Francisco, Co founder and President of Frontrow Enterprise with Frontrow Cares, The CSR arm of Frontrow Enterprise headed by Direk RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa, as to date is touring all around the Philippines not for their Gems Concerts or talks but for giving out donations with more than Php 100M in  support. The biggest celebrity donation as of now.



Asia Leaders Awards theme for this year is hope and optimism. Same as the color of the year, yellow and gray . A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting. Two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another. What we all need right now. Support and Unity.


Announcement of finalists will be on May 20, 2022 with the presentation of the whole awards committee and Gala night will be on 11-11-21 inside the Embassy of Singapore.


You may still nominate at www.Asialeadersawards.Asia


For sponsorship; or 09778978877/ 022193503

Youthful Leaders for a "New World"


Humane young leaders sparkles in this  global health crisis. That our body has its capacity while our mind is limitless. This is the time that we saw new leaders, not only that they are determined, fierce and aggressive but also with a heart for giving as proven by the initiator of community pantry in Maginhawa street in Quezon City and now emulated by hundreds of young leaders around the nation.

 We present the 4 young leaders from different industries who are breaking the glass ceiling now. These are innovators even in a young age. Also nominated at Asia Leaders Awards 2021 with the objective to acknowledge honorable men and women who promotes the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and beyond and who shows leadership not only to his peers, but also tries to solve the problem of the country and beyond and who demonstrated an outstanding achievement for the welfare of others even for public service.


Harvey Ong

Chief Operating Officer

Alfamart Trading Philippines


Alfamart opened its first store on the Philippines in 2014 with only 200 stores. It’s a joint venture between Alfamart Indonesia and SM Retail. Harvey as the COO now handles more than 1000 branches nationwide with annual revenue of USD 350M. It’s the fastest growing retail chain in the Philippines.


In addition, AlfaMart offers services such as bills payment or ATM in select Alfamart stores, allowing them to become a one-stop shop for customers.


Avin Ong

Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Macao Imperial Tea


Avin is a 29 years old CEO of Fredley Group of Companies  with more than 1000 branches of Macao Imperial Tea and other brands such as  Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, New York Fries & Dips and Liang Crispy Rolls.


Today, the company’s social responsibility initiatives are fiercely important. Filipinos with disabilities are employed by the company and the Employee Rewards Program subsidises expenses and tuition fees for employees’ children.


Sam Verzosa

Chief Executive Officer

Frontrow Enterprise


For this Pandemic alone, Frontrow Enterprise donated more than Php 100M to help the Frontliners and indigents not to mention the opening of E Eskwela with computer units to be used by the marginalised in different neighbourhood in the country through Frontrow Cares.


An award winning entrepreneur with 1.2M distributors globally. Sam continues to help out in spite of challenges brought by this global health crisis.


Renan Ponce Morales

Managing Director

Paragon Group of Companies, Inc.


Renan Ponce Pascual-Morales, or “Bespren” as what his friends and constituents normally call him, is the current President of the National Movement of Young Legislators in Region 3. He founded the Bestfriend ng Bayan Foundation in 2015 which provides assistance to rape victims, out-of-school youths, women caught in sex trafficking and prostitution, People With Disabilities (PWDs), and senior citizens who are neglected.


Renan is a former professional car racer, an N-1 champion and F3 Formula Drive. After his racing career, he started to focus on different advocacies to help uplift the lives of his countrymen. He became a public servant and a town councilor in Nueva Ecija. Later on, he also got involved in supporting different sports group such as Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments, Persons with Disability Paraplegic Athletes and the Philippine Memory Sports.


These young leaders are creative, innovative, fierce and have the will to succeed not just in the business arena but also helping out the indigents. Young leaders worthy of our emulation.

Grace The mutitasker COO


As the Chief Operation Officer she handles   everything under the Sun with "grace". The COO oversees the company's business operations and reports to the CEO and making sure that the company has effective operational and financial procedures in place. Also known as Director of Operations, Operations Director, or Chief Operations  Officer.


A multitasker and with parents who calls her to work at an early age of 12, Grace Bondad Nicolas embraces being the COO and the Founder of AG Builders and Developers, Tag Media and Public Relations and AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company. Thanks for the foundation and unconditional training she receives from her entrepreneur parents.


“Waking up each day at 4am is ordinary for me. My late father, Josefino Velasco Bondad of Calauan, Laguna  was making sure to serve the customers earlier than the usual business hours because he doesn’t want them to wait especially the carpenters who likes to work early also to finish their construction work. It’s so different in the province and I am thankful and forever grateful for the love and support from my parents. My mom keeps on telling me that Landbank Philippines even approached my father to be an Entrepreneur of the year during his heyday but he declined, that’s a proof how industrious and good he was on what he do. Im forever grateful.”-Grace Bondad Nicolas


Right now, Grace is the one making sure that deliveries are done, scripts and articles are disseminated or the construction project is on track and on schedule.


What’s making her busier? She’s also the Vice President of American Association of the Philippines, President of Kiwanis Club of Makati and Vice President of Makati Tourism Foundation inc.


According to her, this Pandemic makes her busier, since all of the organisations she’s with, still functioning, giving help to indigents and not to mention the distribution of products under AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company with 4 brands; Graceful Skin Essentials, Immune CEE, GlamHigh Cosmetics and GlutaGlow Slimming Drinks.


According to Grace, “This pandemic is the launching pad. If you can make it in this global health crisis, you’ll be fantastically fine after. “


For more information;