Biyernes, Agosto 25, 2023

Nominate Now! Asia Leaders Awards 2023

From the biggest recognition ceremony in Asia, presenting the categories of the upcoming Asia Leaders Awards 2023. 

1. Man of the Year

2. Woman  of the Year

3. Entrepreneur of the year 

4. CEO of the year 

5. Franchise Company of the year 

6. Real Estate Company of the Year 

7. Young Leader of the year 

8. Young CEO of the year 

9. Health & Wellness Company of the year 

10. Fast Moving Company of the year 

11. Influencer of the year 

12. Company of the year

13. Philanthropist of the Year

14. MLM Company of the Year

15. CSR Company of the Year

16. Innovative Company of the Year 

17. Tech Company of the Year 

18. Fastest Growing SME Company 

19. Global Company of the year 

20. BPO Company of the year

21. Green Company of the year 

22. Company of the Year: Human Resources 

23. Company of the Year: Employment 

Special Category; 

Woman of Substance 

Man of Influence 

For this year Asia Leaders Awards is all about the new color of the year which is Viva Magenta! This color was selected for its vibrant vim and vigor. It represents being passionate, fearless and is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known, same as our leaders—brave, fearless and an inspiration to the nation. 

Announcement of finalists will be on October  25, 2023 with the presentation of the whole awards committee and Gala night will be on 11- 23-23. 

You may still nominate at www.Asialeadersawards.Asia 

Call: 09778978877


Martes, Agosto 22, 2023

Fly High with Philippine Airlines Business Class by Grace Bondad Nicolas

It’s human nature to seek a comfortable life and one way to experience that is to work hard for our goals. Whether you’re successful employed or a hard working entrepreneur, everyone deserves an indulgence. 

For 82 years, Philippine Airlines is making sure that all those handwork deserves an indulgence.  For those who are looking for comfort and luxury at a competitive price, PALs Business Class is what you are looking for.

The Business Class cabin has a number of complimentary services and amenities, such as high-quality food and restaurant level cocktail drinks, larger and more comfortable seating, a personal workspace, travel kits and an overwhelming service from the flight attendants. What's included with a Business Class ticket differs from airline to airline, with some, more extravagant than others.


The passengers at Business Class have their own lane at the check in counters, that means lesser queuing since most aircraft especially those traveling in Asia have only 12-18 seats per flight,  and your luggage’s will have a “priority” stickers too,  it means your luggage gets the VIP treatment.

For Philippine Airlines, according to the President and Chief Operations Officer, Captain Stanley K. Ng, Business Class available seats differ on their travel destinations; 

West Coast US - 42 seats

East Coast  US - 30 seats

Middle East and Australia - 18 seats

Asia - 12-18 seats

Usually are the first to enter too in the aircraft which means less waiting time.


If you haven’t tried yet the comfort in Business Class, if you have the ticket, you will receive a complimentary access in their lounges. Philippine Airlines have “Mabuhay Lounge” in their domestic and international flights in the Philippines and you’ll enjoy the unlimited food inside. There are USB ports also, which means additional battery life for your gadgets. 

After your unlimited meals which includes cocktails at Mabuhay Lounge, once you’re inside the aircraft, the flight attendants will serve their welcome drinks (Sodas, Tea, Juiced) and combined with the offerings of Cashew or Almond nuts as snacks, unlike at Economy which usually serves with peanuts and water. Did I mentioned about the hot towels? 

While you’re enjoying the comfortability, the flight attendant will distribute your complimentary slippers and the travel pouch with a toothbrush, face towel and eye mask. A pillow and blanket must be in your seat when you arrive to make you more feel at home. 

Since you visited the Mabuhay Lounge or any partner lounge of Philippine Airlines, chances are you’re still full from indulging with the buffet spread, the flight attendant will hand over the menu for your meal. It’s not a choice between the pork or fish but there’s 3 options instead, can be fish, pork or beef. Oh the array of the drinks from sodas, juices, liquors or cocktails and you can order all. 

The meal

In Business Class, you have an appetizer which looks like better than the main meal in Economy Class. The flight attendant can serve also a Russian style offering of bread selections. 

The Seats 

When you can recline and make the comfy seat in horizontal position, it’s the dream of anyone in the plane. The availability of USB port and universal outlet are heaven, that means no more low battery as long as you’re in Business Class. 


On traveling when booking for a flight, the first that we check is the cost of the seats if you’re in a budget restriction but is it worth it flying Business Class or First Class? the answer would be yes especially if you’re on a long haul international flight for that extra service and comfortability. 

A comfort flight is a necessity when traveling. Being able to relax and have a good rest on the flight definitely helps to set the travel journey in that relaxing direction. For that Business Class dream, here are the summary of the perks; Priority Check-In, Check-in procedure is much easier and more convenient, Additional Baggage Allowance, Business Class Lounge, Priority Boarding, Gourmet food in the aircraft with cocktails, Bigger and Better Seats, Travel Kits and First to leave the aircraft. 

Enjoy Philippine Airlines, The Heart of the Filipino.

Philkorec attended by Rising Tigers Team

The board and co owners of Rising Tigers Magazine visited Korea as part of the Philippines Korea Economic Council (PhilKorec)  business delegation. 

Representing their own companies; Robert Laurel Yupangco of Yupangco Group, Brian Poe Llamanzares of Pantheon Holdings, Atty. Arnel Mateo of ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc., Sarah Mateo of SPD Jobs, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tag Media Group and Andria Terese Nicolas of Rising Tigers Magazine Inc. 

The delegation goal is to expand their business through partnership or joint venture with the companies in South Korea. 

Activities includes the company visits in the following to check their technology; SD Bio Technologies, HD Hyundai Energy Solution and Deepnoid. 

More than 30 companies in Korea participated also in the Business to Business Matching with industries that includes; Cosmetics, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation among others that was held inside the Philippine Embassy in Seoul headed by Her Excellency Maria Theresa Dizon De Vega. 

At the last day of the business visit, Robert and Grace inspires the OFWs in attendance as the resource speakers in the “PEAK Pinoy Forum” hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul together with Rhoda Castro Caliwara of Executive Genesis and Fabian Delos Santos of SGV Co. They were presented a recognition certificate by the ambassador for their contributions in the event. 

Rising Tigers Magazine is the most circulated and distributed business and lifestyle magazine right now in the Philippines that you can buy at most National Bookstores nationwide and also placed at Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge with the objective to promote the Philippines as premier destination in Asia via inspiring the nation with its featured leaders.

Lunes, Agosto 21, 2023

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas as one of the speakers at the Philippine Embassy in Korea

A marketing Adviser to Billionaires and a serial entrepreneur, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas is the 

Co- Founder of TAG Media Group that’s composed of the following companies; AG Builders & Developers, Tag Media and Public Relations, AAA Cosmetics & Trading, Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino and Rising Tigers Magazine Inc.  A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and took Masters in Management Major in Engineering Management both at Colegio De San Juan De Letran and Business courses in Ateneo and AIM. 

Engr. Grace is one of the speakers in the recently concluded “PEAK Pinoy” forum at Philippine Embassy in Korea headed by Her Excellency Maria Theresa Dizon De Vega. The said event was attended by more than 100 Filipinos via online and in person to learn more about Entrepreneurship. 

The speakers includes Robert Laurel Yupangco of Yupangco Group, Rhoda Castro Caliwara of Executive Genesis and Fabian Delos Santos of SGV Co. 

A certified Go Negosyo and Department of Trade and Industry Speaker for module 1, 2 and 8 (Entrepreneurial Mind setting, Marketing and Business Development), Engr. Grace since 2010 is a public speaker discussing also the importance of Digital Marketing and Branding. 

The usual question during the PEAK Pinoy forum, “What’s the right business?,”

Most of the speakers answered that one must have a passion to start and the interest in that products or services then everything will follow, in the start, it might not be a success but failure is part to succeed. 

Her company, Andrew Grace Builders & Developers was Established in 2006. A construction company with signature projects in Playa Calatagan under Landco, Ponticelli in Alabang under Vista Land, Ciudad De Calamba under Filinvest and an accredited contractor under University of the Philippines and Forest Products & Research among others. 

TAG Media and Public Relations on the other hand is an advertising and Consultancy company in Makati, Philippines.  Established in 2010 and that handles different multinational companies in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific for marketing, strategic planning, business intelligence, promotions and branding. The team is composed of Marketing Professionals and Information Technology Experts with experience from different global companies. The company's main objective is to make the Philippines the premier business hub in Asia and thus organizing signature events that’s making an  impact to the society. Events includes Laguna Blogging Summit,  Asia Digital Marketing Expo,  Asia E-Commerce Expo, Asia Leaders Forum Series, Asia HR Expo and Asia Leaders Awards.

Grace new venture is Rising Tigers Magazine. The most distributed magazine right now at National Bookstores and in Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge with the objective to inspire the readers with the profiles of excellence of the selected featured leaders. 

Tagged also as Queen of Events in the Philippines for having more than 10 events per year even during pandemic and since 2010. 

Right now, she’s busy also with her social and civic responsibilities  that includes the following; Vice President of Makati Tourism Foundation, The first woman president  of American Association of the Philippines, President of Los Baños Chamber of Commerce, Lieutenant Governor 2022-2023 of Kiwanis Philippine Luzon District with clubs in Metro Manila.

Huwebes, Agosto 17, 2023

Hyundai Energy Solutions: For A Green Environment

Hyundai is known globally for its vehicles but in Korea, it’s so much more.

Hyundai Motor Company, often abbreviated to Hyundai Motors and commonly known as Hyundai, is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and founded in 1967 but the founder, a visionary the late Chung Ju-yung in 1972 built HD Hyundai Heavy Industries and transformed South Korea, then a virtual wasteland for the shipbuilding industry, into the world’s best shipbuilding powerhouse with dauntless pioneering spirit.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries is now aiming at reinventing itself into a “Future Builder” that actively explores the future of humanity, going beyond its 50-year history of growth as the world’s greatest shipbuilder.

For HD, they would like to lead the maritime mobility technologies by building much safer and eco-friendlier ships while providing digital solutions that combine data collected from the vast offshore infrastructure and artificial intelligence. 

“With this initiative, we will convert the unlimited potential of the ocean into reality.”

“We would like to reassure you that both our management and all our employees will continue to do their utmost to pave the way for the future of mankind with epoch-making innovation and pioneering spirit.”

HD Hyundai Energy Solutions is an internationally recognized top company in Korea, the United States & Europe and is operating its business, with the goal of becoming a global solar solution company.

HD is  improving the quality of the products through continuous technology development, and strict, rigorous product testing.

Philippines Korea Economic Council (PhilKorec) members visited the manufacturing plant and meet the HD in charge who presented some of the global innovations  and discuss their contributions not just in the economy of Korea but also globally. 

Some of the attendees from Philcorec members and companies includes Tag Media and Public Relations (Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas), Rising Tigers Magazine Inc (Andria Terese Nicolas), Pantheon Holdings (Brian Poe Llamanzares), SPD Jobs (Sarah Mateo), ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc. (Atty. Arnel Mateo), Yupangco Group (Robert Laurel Yupangco), SGV & Co (Fabian Delos Santos) and Ahead Learning Systems (Rossana Llenado) among others with the assistance of Philippine Embassy in Korea.

Miyerkules, Agosto 16, 2023

Philippines Korea Economic Council Trade Mission with Chairman Robert Laurel Yupangco

The riches chamber in the country  under Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI) headed by Chairman Robert Laurel Yupangco is PhilKorec or Philippines Korea Economic Council with currently more than 200 members goes to Korea and brought more than 40 of its members headed by the officers of the council from August 15-20, 2023. 

The second activity for this administration, the trade mission goal is to have partnership between the entrepreneurs in Philippines and Korea with first stop at the Philippine Embassy in Seoul  with Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC). Her Excellency, Ambassador Maria Theresa B. Dizon-De Vega together with her team in Korea made sure that the Philippine delegation will feel at home and invited different businesses in Korea to meet with their counterparts from the Philippines. 

More than 30 companies in Korea participated also in the Business to Business Matching with industries that includes; Cosmetics, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation among others. 

Some of the attendees from Philcorec members and companies includes Tag Media and Public Relations (Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas), Rising Tigers Magazine Inc (Andria Terese Nicolas), Pantheon Holdings (Brian Poe Llamanzares), SPD Jobs (Sarah Mateo), ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc. (Atty. Arnel Mateo), Yupangco Group (Robert Laurel Yupangco), SGV & Co (Fabian Delos Santos) and Ahead Learning Systems (Rossana Llenado) among others. 

Activities includes the company visits in the following to check their technology; SD Bio Technologies, HD Hyundai Energy Solution, Deepnoid and a waste company in Sangam Dong.

Huwebes, Agosto 10, 2023

Nominate Now! Asia Leaders Awards 2023 Profiles of Excellence

The biggest of its kind is open in the whole Asia Pacific leaders. Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) salutes exemplified and remarkable business leaders and organizations in Asia and beyond for their continuing commitment to excellence, developing best practices and innovative strategies. 

Judges will be looking for all kinds of leadership excellence, including:

* Leaders with Corporate Social Responsibilities 

* Leaders who have delivered improved business outcomes financially 

* Leaders who have masterminded lucrative innovation

* Leaders who have achieved excellence responsibly.

There’s 25 categories to choose from with the different criteria so that nominators will check which is fit for endorsements that can be checked at website

Other previous prominent awardees includes; Jollibee Foods CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong, Megaworld’s Kevin Tan, Chooks2Go Ronald Mascariñas, Sam Verzosa and RS Francisco of Frontrow, Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang of JC, Myrna Yao of Richwell Trading (Barbie Philippines), Cris Albert of Fila Philippines, Dennis Uy of Dito Telecoms and different secretaries from the Government like Benhur Abalos Jr, Amenah Pangandaman, Jaime Bautista and William Dar among others. All attended and arrived the awarding ceremonies. 

Partner Organizations; Philippine Korea Economic Council, Makati Tourism Foundation, Yupangco Group, Embassy of Malaysia, Embassy of Poland, Embassy of Romania, Tag Media Group, Rising Tigers Magazine Inc, The Manila Times, Daily Tribune and Los Baños Chamber of Commerce & Industries. 

To nominate and for more details; or 09778978877

Rising Tigers Cup: “This is how we celebrate leadership, always on top of the line.”


Creative Director of Rising Tigers Magazine, Michael Pacquiao

On August 7, 2023, Rising Tigers Cup was held at the Most Prestigious and Exclusive Golf Club in the Philippines. Rising Tigers once again proved that they are leading in the Publication Industry and now made a name in Sports. 

At the beginning of the Awarding Ceremony, Rising Tigers CMO Andria Nicolas made a speech about the magazine's entry in Sports.

“Rising Tigers has inspired so many and we heard that a lot of Presidents and CEOs from different companies are already learning how to play Golf to join our next one. You all have proven to us that the Rising Tigers Cup is the number 1 Golf Tournament in the Philippines. We want to give everyone a chance to become a rising tiger, so we already booked our next one, and we will only have it at the most exclusive and prestigious Golf Club in the Country- Here at Manila Golf and Country Club. At Rising Tigers we mean Business and Manila Golf is the epitome of success. This is how Rising Tigers celebrate leadership, always on top of the line.” 

Chief Marketing Officer of Rising Tigers Magazine

The Tournament was led by Rising Tigers Chief Marketing Officer Andria Terese Nicolas, Ambassador of Malaysia H.E Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castellino, and Robert Laurel Yupangco of Yupangco Group.

Rising Tigers successfully entered sports with the support of Ambassadors, Business Leaders, Diplomats, and Tycoons. Among those leaders are Lauro Leviste, President of Summit Point; Michael Pacquiao, Creative Director of Rising Tigers Magazine; Robert Laurel Yupangco, President of Yupangco Group, Brian Poe Llamanzares, Co-Owner of Rising Tigers Magazine; David Ackerman, Consul of Ethiopia; Grace Bondad Nicolas, President of Rising Tigers Magazine; Andrew Troy Nicolas, CEO of Rising Tigers Magazine, and Andria Terese Nicolas, Chief Marketing Officer of Rising Tigers Magazine.

The First Master of the Green of Rising Tigers Cup and DLSU Golf Champion, Kristoffer Arevalo

Nicolas also announced that the Tournament will be held annually and the second Rising Tigers Cup will be on March 1, 2024. It will be held only at the Most Exclusive Golf Club in the Country, Manila Golf and Country Club.

She also mentioned that the tournament will be the start of Nation-Building. 

“We as individuals play our role in this world for our people, our company, and ourselves. Rising Tigers believes that this tournament will be the start of Nation-Building. Remember in whatever field or industry you are in, before any game, remind yourself that you are a Filipino and you are a Rising Tiger.”  

The Board of Rising Tigers Magazine- David Ackerman. H.E Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino, Robert Laurel Yupangco, Andria Terese Nicolas, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Sarah Mateo, Andrew Troy Nicolas, and Arnel Mateo

Rising Tigers Magazine is the leading Business and Lifestyle Magazine in the Philippines, which features Rising Leaders and Nation Builders in the Country. The Magazine recently entered sports to celebrate leadership, and to give everyone a chance to become a Rising Tiger.

Miyerkules, Agosto 9, 2023

Rising Tigers Cup by Rising Tigers Magazine

Manila Golf and Country Club—The huge success of the first Rising Tigers Cup under Rising Tigers Magazine has been held in the most prestigious and ultra exclusive golf course in the country, with membership estimated valued at Php 185M thus an epitome of success just fit for the venue to showcase greatness. 

Attended by the businessmen, tycoons  from all around the country and diplomats, the first golf tournament which is powered by Tag Media Group, the mother company of Rising Tigers Magazine started with a sumpteous Filipino buffet breakfast and a welcome remarks by the grandson of former Philippine President Jose P. Laurel and part of the board of Rising Tigers, Robert Laurel Yupangco. He mentioned that the event is not just about sports but also to meet liked minded leaders to network and have fun. 

The ceremonial tee off was with the board in attendance, aside from Robert like Ethiopian Business Consul David Ackerman, Sarah Mateo and Andria Terese Nicolas with His Excellency Malaysia Ambassador Dato Malik Melvin Castelino followed by a flight of Ambassador Vic Garcia and General Alex Capiña with PhilMed CEO Neil Valenton and Ver Raymundo. 

The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce & Industry headed by Chairman Edward Ling supported the event with a flight. 

The creative director of Rising Tigers Magazine, Micheal Pacquiao welcomes everyone at the fairway and graciously had photos with everyone. 

Winners was announced after the sumpteous Japanese buffet lunch though the last flight was ended at 5PM since the format is Sequential at Manila Golf, the only one they allowed. 

The grand champion, a pro golf and student from De Lasalle University, Kristoffer Arevalo.

Martes, Agosto 8, 2023

“Rising Tigers Cup” with Champions on a Sunny Day

August 7, 2023 and the weather is sunny while the 100 players at Manila Golf and Country Club were beaming with excitement to play at the fairway of the most prestigious, exclusive and full of history golf course in the country. 

The organizers; Yupangco Group headed by Robert Laurel Yupangco, Rising Tigers Magazine  lead by CMO Andria Terese Nicolas and Embassy of Malaysia’s His Excellency Ambassdor Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castileno conceptualized the Rising Tigers Cup to launch the enter of Rising Tigers Magazine into sports with the support of the Rising Tigers Magazine Board & Partners; Brian Poe Llamanzares, Atty. Arnel and Sarah Mateo, Engr. Grace and Andrew Troy Nicolas, Ethiopian Business Consul David Ackerman and Micheal Pacquiao. 

Powered by Tag Media Group, the mother company of Rising Tigers Magazine Inc, though always confident in executing events, this is the first time that they launched a golf tournament and decided it will be in the most sought after Manila Golf and Country Club to showcase greatness and ultra success, same as the featured leaders in the pages of their magazine. 

From tycoons to pro golfers students, the organizers made sure that it’s by invite only. Filtered the players and attendees as much as possible thus asking their companies and designations. There’s 5 students who gets in though; Tiffany Bernardino, Miguel Baretto, Armand Capok who is the son of the Manila Golf member and bagged the Overall Low Gross Champion  while De Lasalle University Pro Golf Kristoffer Arevalo bagged the Overall Low Net Champion with HDCP of 6 while Andria Nicolas on the other hand, the Rising Tigers Magazine CMO is on number 15th under Ladies Division, the first time under her belt to join any golf tournament. 

Some notable personalities includes The Manila Times Hi Society columnist Becky Garcia, Gerry’s Grill CEO Jerome Ngo, US Embassy Russell Graef, Eventologist Tim Yap, Singtel Country Head Emmanuelle Rayos, Dr. George Sarakinis, Ambassador Vic Garcia and General Alex Capiña among others. 

Here are the list of complete winners 

Ladies Division 

2nd Runner Up: Herrera, Maria Victoria

1st Runner Up: Neri, May 

Champion: Carloman, Lea 

Men’s Division

Class C

2nd Runner Up: Ting, George 

1st Runner Up: Figueroa, Jimbo 

Champion: Ver, Raymond 

Class B

2nd Runner Up: Garcia, Emilio Jr. 

1st Runner Up: Torres, Marino 

Champion: Santos, Erwin Rommel 

Class A

2nd Runner Up: Carloman, Carlo 

1st Runner Up: Co, Edward 

Champion: Abara, Ronell 

Overall Low Gross Champion: Copok, Armand 

Overall Net Champion: Arevalo, Kristoffer 

The event became more successful because of the following supporters; 

Platinum Sponsors

Philippine Airlines

SPD Jobs 

Shawarma Shack 



Hole Sponsors 

•Noble Homes for Hole #16

•Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry Php 100K for Hole #14 

•GetGo for Golf Cart Hole #11

•Zoomanity Group Vacation Package to Japan 

Gold Sponsors 

Air Asia 

Victoria Court 

Time Masters Watches 

RHK Land Corporation 


Shang Properties 


Mountain Valley Hot Spring 

Mernels for your Cakes 

Bronze Sponsors 

The Westin Manila 

Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra 

Valle De Laguna 


Los Baños Chamber of Commerce & Industry 

Summit Pointe Golf & Country Club 

Joki Productions 

Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino 

Part of the proceeds for Kiwanis Club of Makati projects for indigent children 

Rising Tigers Magazine, the most distributed business and lifestyle magazine in the country and most circulated at National Bookstores and Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge will cover sports starting this August and in print copy starts this September.