Martes, Abril 30, 2019

Zoobic Safari At 15

In celebration of the 15 Years Anniversary celebration of Zoobic Safari, the only Safari in the Philippines comes the “Binagbag Arts and Music Festival” which according to the organisers is the biggest Arts and Music activity in Subic with expected 5000 in attendance on May 17, 2019 at 5PM  in the grounds of Zoobic Safari in Subic.

Supported by Tag Media Group, Jollibee and Lemonsquare Coffee Break & Square Lava Cake, the  event will be participated by different local and national artists like Franco,  Dicta License, Anima Tierra, Momo DeMonster, The Brown Candles, 21st Fever, Reberde, Bushwaker among others who will participate in the music fest with RadioJock Ayi of UFM 105.5  and Anginell Topacio
as hosts.

According to the Chief Operations Officer of Zoobic Safari, May Gamir, “Under the Yupangco Group of Companies, Zoomanity Group is one of the leading zoo / theme park industry in the Philippines. It consists 8 operational local and international parks namely:
- zoobic Safari in Subic
- Zoori (Zoo at Residence Inn) in Tagaytay
- Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez Cavite
- Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Pampanga
- Clark Lahar Safari, Clark Pampanga
- Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol
- Zootopia in Nagano, Japan
- Breeding and research facility in Victoria, Australia.

Zoomanity Group aims to promote and expand Zoo Tourism in the Philippines, introducing new projects that emphasize learning thru experience.

Our facilities are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages. With the goal of giving the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences.

Part of Zoomanity group corporate social responsibility is to help the local people around the parks, giving employment especially to the “Aytas” or indigenous groups.

Following our mission and vision
To be the best nature theme park in the country and eventually in the world focusing on our Four (4) “E” pillars:

* Education
* Environmental conservation
* Exhibit and
* Entertainment

Our Advocacy: To make the Philippines One Big Green Park.”

For 15 Years, part of the Zoobic Safari manpower came from the Aetas communities in Subic. It has been an amazing 15 years working alongside with these wonderful people. Part of the proceeds of this event will be for the Medical and Dental Mission of our Aetas brothers and sisters.

For more information, please check or 022193503.


Sabado, Abril 27, 2019


The most awaited season has arrived! Have you caught yourself planning a long vacation trip or a quick out of town adventure with your family, friends, and loved ones? These and more is something Zoomanity Group's Zooper Summer has to offer. Hold on as we give you our newest and most exciting events and attractions for summer like never before!

Going to the North from Manila is where the wild adventure happens. Bring out your animal instinct as Zoobic Safari being the only tiger safari in the Philippines located in Subic, offers an amazing experience for everyone. Hang on for a new wave of safari adventure in this exotic sanctuary. Zoobic Safari also brings back the much awaited Night Safari packed with more thrill and excitement. Tour around this exotic sanctuary at night, the first of its kind in the Philippines, all Saturdays until May 25, 2019.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga offers you a different fun filled experience. Attractions include the Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Menagerie, Giant Slide, and the Zooc Ride the first and only gravity car ride in the country that's safe for all ages. Enjoy a fascinating show in Zoocobia Night Owl every Saturday until May 25, 2019. Beside Zoocobia is Clarkzilla, it is the newest extreme adventure destination in Pampanga that offers a " Dubai Feel " experience. Challenge yourself to zooper up your 4×4 experience by crossing river, lahar and Mt.Pinatubo. Experience other exciting activities like Zip Line, ATV Ride and Camel Ride.

ZOORI is perfect get away vacation spot in the heart of the majestic beauty of Tagaytay With a very comforting Carribean style air conditioned view deck hitel rooms, enjoy a tranquil haven of soothing ambiance with complete and clean amenities and facilities. Have a look to the picturesque view of Taal Volcano and fairytale inspired mini zoo. While Paradizoo located at Mendez, Cavite, a haven for plants and animals offers guest a unique farm experience with both flora and fauna co-existing in harmony in this 10 Hectares agri-tourism enclave. Fun-filled activities makes the farm a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature at itd best.

Get exciting discounts and freebies by liking Zoomanity Group's official Facebook fan page at For more info please call: 8470413/ 8999824; Text: 09275899696. Email: or visit our website at

Huwebes, Abril 25, 2019

Sonshine Day in Davao

One of the biggest celebration in Davao is happening from April 25-28, 2019 inside the ACQ Compound where Sonshine Park is also located. This is the celebration of International Children’s Day where the organisers, same as last year are expecting 100 thousand people will join.

A lot of activities are in store; Parade, Floats, Dancing, Free sampling of products, Selling from the sponsors , Singing and more.

The THOUSANDS of guests young and adults alike didn't mind some the scorching heat of the sun last year since its summer or queuing the long line at the entrance gate, but this year, a little rain showers welcomed the guests from 6 Years Old to seniors just to be in this big celebration which coincide also to the birthday of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. Founder.

At the registration booths, thousands are lining up to experience the different activities inside the compound with  goodie booths and rides and this is to celebrate the International Children’s Day with a difference.

The objective of the event is to give a chance to indigent , orphaned and abandoned children who are the beneficiaries of Children's Joy Foundation Inc. (CJFI).

For more information, please contact 09778978877 or 02 2193503.

Miyerkules, Abril 24, 2019

PRIME 98 GOLD - Health and Beauty Products

PRIME 98 GOLD is a
Filipino owned company that provides cost efficient; health and beauty quality product across the country.

“Engaged, Operate, Manufactured, Processed”
A subsidiary of 4MSPC Tolling services INC., with
21 years of expertise in manufacturing
 High-quality products and services.

We provide high-quality services as a Business Partner to all Filipinos with the heart to deliver globally competitive health and beauty products to every home.


To be the top and preferred Network Marketing Company in the Philippines providing innovative premium products through expertise, extensive research and technological advancements.

It is our mission to offer you high-quality product and services along with the high technical competence, our manufacturing is known for. We meet this mission through manufacturing goods to over 127 companies over the Philippines.

Maca Extract - Balance hormones, energizing, provides amino acids, relieves fatigue, improves mental clarity, boost immunity, increase libido in men and women, increase fertility for men, helps improve your mood
Tongkat Ali - Increase energy, metabolism, stronger bones, decrease stress, increase libido, reduce blood sugar levels
L-Arginine - Widen the blood vessel, soften the blood vessels, relax the blood vessels, inhibit and melt away plaque
Ginseng - Preventing diabetes, improve hair, skin, preventing colorectal cancer, reducing stress and anxiety, relieving symptoms of aging, preventing risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Glycation skin damage High potent anti-aging clinically study
Repair skin’s barrier Keep skin healthy and irritants out
Improves skin’s radiance visibility Smoothens and softens skin noticeably
Immense wealth of skin lightening Detox maintenance
Fights leading Autoimmune disorder Improving overall well being
Healthier Complexion Suppress increase in pore area
Generation of reactive oxygen (ROS) 100 times more antioxidant than vitamin C

Buah Merah - Helps immune system stronger, can prevent cancer, can prevent hepatitis, prevent stroke
- Prevent and stop diabetes, rich in calcium to help avoid osteoporosis
- Lowers uric acid in your system
- Improves brain function and clarity
Probiotics - Prevention and therapy of gastrointestinal disorders, reduces antibiotics associated diarrhea
- Fights against parasites in our body, prevent colitis, and chronic diseases
- Improve digestion, produce 90% serotonin (happy hormones)
Stevia - Plants that are 100 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar
- Anticancer abilities, sweet news for diabetes, support weight loss, improves cholesterol level, lowers high blood sugar
Citrus Bioflavonoid - Help lower your risk for heart disease and cancer, protect your brain function, and improve your circulation.

Can Improve Skin Health - Major comment of skin for elasticity and hydration, preventing acne and other skin condition, anti-aging
Helps Relieve Joint Paint - Helps improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce joint paint overall. Rubber-like tissue that protects your joints.
Could Prevent Bone Loss - Helps keep them strong, help reduce the risk of bone disorder
Boost Muscle Mass - Increased muscle growth and strength in people with age-related muscle mass loss.
Promotes Heart Health - Narrowing of your arteries, help reduce the risk factors associated with heart conditions such as atherosclerosis
Collagen Supplements - Claimed to promote brain, heart and gut health, as well as to help control weight and keep hair and nails healthy.

Collagen Glow
Beauty – Burst

Quality moisturizers Standard dilution level for women's fragrances,
Soothe and repair dry skin Confidently beautiful
Heal irritated skin Most expensive version of any fragrance
Simply smooth, moisturize, soften and perhaps perfume the skin Perfect to spray on hair or clothing

Moisturizing Body Lotion
Lait Hydratant
pour le Corps - Active naturals, rich   lotion for nourishing moisture and blush scent, Quality moisturizers can help soothe and repair dry, itchy, and irritated skin
Eau de Parfum Spray Vaporisateur - This is what most people consider "perfume," and it's the standard dilution level for women's fragrances, makes it a perfect to spray on hair or clothing.

DOST inaugurates new hybrid train set and unveils solutions to PH's mass transport problems

24 April 2019 - The Department of Science and Technology ( DOST ) officiall introduced its hybrid electric train ( HET ) to the public throughan inaugural run at 10:10 AM from Alabang PNR Station to Binan Station.

In the Binan Station, HET passengers witnessed a ceremonial ribbon cutting and toast for the trainset, led by DOST officials. After this, the group travelled back to the Alabang Station.

DOST unveiled innovative solutions to the country's mass transport system in the department's third Technology Media Conference ( TMC ).

According to DOST Secretay Fortunato de la Pena, " the problem of weak mass transport in the Philippines grow everyday as the number of passengers increase and the roads and current transport systems as we know it, remain at a halt. A solution for this problem has been in the works from one government administration to another, since the 1970s. Until now, however, we are still yet to figure out an efficient and cost effective solution towards a more accessible and hassle-free road. We at DOST, want to be part of that solution, "

He expressed that DOST intends to address volume and behavior-based traffic congestion, overloading, road pollution, dependence on expensive foreign technology, insufficient mass transportation systems, limited capability to maintain existing systems, lack of local industry for mass transport, and the P3.5 billion economic loss per day due to traffic.

De la Pena proudly shared that the automated gateway transit, the hybrid electric train in PNR, and the hybrid electric road train in Isabela are DOST's mass transport projects that are now available to the public.

In addition to this, he highlighted new transport projects that the department has supported. One of these is the Local Traffic Simulator or LocalSim. It is a microscopic traffic simulation software that is designed to be used by road and traffic engineers as a decision support system for effective traffic management. The Detection and Identification of Legitimate Public Utility Vehicles ( DILAW ) is a system made up of devices that easily determine colorum vehicles. Lastly, the Contactless Apprehension of Traffic Violators on 24 hour Basis, All Vehicle Detection System or CATCH-ALL is a camera-based traffic management system for traffic violations detection.

DOST's Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development ( PCIEERD ) has also supported startups that have products and services that are also mass transport solutions . The Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprose, Inc. ( FAME ) developed transponders for aircrafts, vessels, and vehicles for cost-effective monitoring and tracking. Rurok Industries is an innovative bike company that aims to deliver engineered, versatile bikes that contain highly efficient suspension systems to adapt to different terrains.

DOST is now working on making these technologies, products, and services known and available to every Filipino.

" Apart from producing new systems that would add to our current lineup of mass transport technologies, we also want to ensure that each solution we offer speaks of the quality we are committed to providing to the people. Through DOST's mass transport solutions and intelligent transport systems, we are providing the public with fast, productive, and cost-effective options, " De la Pena said.


Zoomanity Group, one of the leading companies in theme park industry in the Philippines hosted Project: Generation Z Social Night III for existing and potential partners last April 23, 2019 at UnliCity, Century City Mall. During the event, Zoomanity Group launches its new projects and partnerships for 2019.

The event focused on the launching of GlampZ or Glamping at Zoomanity. Be amazed as you stay in one of our animal themed rooms with a private veranda, and a Butler with the pleasure of attending to your needs. It's a way to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

The finalists of Face of Tourism Philippines, an annual beauty pageant which aims to bring the beauty, excitement and wonder of the Philippines by putting focus on the tourism industry also graced the event to promote tourism and animal advocacy. The said event is also a prelude to the search of Zooper Girls, a selection by Zoomanity Group to pick an ambassadress focusing on different branches namely, Adventure, Animal Conservation, Agriculture, Music, and Culinary.

Zoomanity Group consists of 8 local and international parks, namely, Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia Fun Zoo and Clarkzilla in Clark, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol, Zootopia in Nagano Japan and Breeding and Research Farm Facility in Victoria, Australia. With facilities that are uniquely exciting and have been designed to provide enjoyment and education to visitors of all ages, Zoomanity not just promotes zoo tourism in our country but also guarantees the safety and welfare of the animals on their care and protection.

Be part of the biggest and the most exciting group in theme park industry. Loaded with lots of entertainment, new attractions, awesome surprises and spectacular experience every " Zootizen " wouldn't want to miss. Like Zoomanity Group's official Facebook fan page at For more info please call: 899-9824/ 847-0413; Email or visit our website at

Lunes, Abril 15, 2019

Fil-Global Celebrates Anniversary Through Immigration EXPO:

Study, Work, and Live Abroad!
Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation once again celebrated their
anniversary with a blast. The company welcomed the public with a keynote entitled
#FGlobalBridge EXPO 2019 last April 12th, from 2pm to 6pm at the Roberts Hall, 4th
flr. of Times Plaza Building, United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila.

The event educated the public about the opportunities that the company and its
partners may cater to them, shared the innovations of the company within their
successful years in the industry, promoted the progress of the immigration industry in
the Philippines and the company as well and lastly, fostered and strengthened the
cooperation and communication within the company, the partners and the public as

Attendees were given rare opportunities specifically: 50% discount on the
consultation fee, waving of 2,000 canadian dollars on those who wishes to proceed with
Niagara College, massive discounts on different schools in Canada and Australia and
on review sessions for Pearson Test of English and IELTS.

Moreover, the event would not be possible without the help and cooperation of
Fil-Global’s following partners: Security Bank, Niagara College Canada, Queensford
College, ACSENDA School of Management, Skills Australia Institute, Stanley College,
New Era Institute, Glen Institute, International House - Sydney, Strathfied College,
Southern Cross University, Cambridge International College, International College of
Advanced Education, Academic Centre, Philippine Residences, JVB Travel and Tours,
Pearson Test of English, Niners IELTS Review Center, and Australian Technical
College of Western Australia.

To give further background, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is a
world-class company that started in London, United Kingdom (August 11, 2014),
offering different kind of visas (Student Visa, Business Visa, Dependent Visa, Spousal
Visa, Fiancee Visa, General Skilled Migrant Visa, and J-1 Visa) to United Kingdom,
New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States and many others.

For more inquiries, you can visit their office at the 9th flr. of Times Plaza Building,
United Nations Avenue corner Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila. Get constant updates by
following their facebook page, instagram, and twitter at @fgonestepcloser
and their
website: Book appointments for a FREE consultation, you

can call
(02) 798 0302.

Undeniably, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation believes that taking the
first step in achieving one's goal and ultimate dream shall start from acquiring
knowledge and information through a delightful and jubilant Immigration Expo!

Call us TODAY and make that life - changing choice!

Linggo, Abril 14, 2019

IRF Fellow Sam Subramaniam (Class of 1999) wins Prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, April 14, 2019 Mr. Sam Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer of Brand Capital, the $4 billion strategic investment arm of The Times Group (India), and an alumnus of the IRF Fellowship Program (Class of 1999) was today awarded the highly prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award by the Shiromani Institute.

From humble beginnings in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, five decades ago, to managing multi-billion dollar funds in the US and India, Sam Subramaniam has not only achieved outstanding professional accomplishment, but has also ensured that the fruits of his labor have had a multiplier effect on society. After graduating from IIT Madras in 1988, Sam obtained a scholarship to study for a M.S. in Civil and Transportation Engineering from the Vanderbilt University, later completed with an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

It was during these formative years, that Sam successfully applied for a scholarship through the International Road Educational Foundation, which provides core funding for the IRF Fellowships.

"I received the IRF Fellowship during an important phase in my life when I was a new immigrant to America.  IRF personified excellence, dedication and commitment to its members and its credo and this was a great thing for me to see and learn and grow. I am fortunate to have become a Fellow at that time", according to Sam Subramaniam. "The skills and knowledge I gained  from my IRF network were valuable for me in my career after that. While my own career took me far from roads to banking, investing and media later,  the relationship skills I developed during my IRF Fellowship has been the strong anchor that has defined the success I have earned today", he added.

Before joining the parent company of the Times Group, the largest media business in India, Mr. Subramaniam worked for marquee organizations like Booz Allen Hamilton, Goldman Sachs, and American Express. In 2005 he decided to focus on the Indian market by helping numerous medium and small sized Indian companies with their strategy, capital and talent. Over the years, he served in these firms and investment businesses in various leadership capacities - as Managing Director, Partner, Board Member and as a Founder.

According to IRF President & CEO C. Patrick Sankey: "Sammy's career is an inspiration to us and particularly to the 1,500 professionals from 118 countries, including 50 in India alone, who have graduated from the IRF Fellowship program over the years. His entrepreneurship and passion have had a significant impact on the lives and economic well-being of countless citizens in India and beyond. We applaud him for all his accomplishments and the richly deserved Entrepreneur of the Year Award".
The International Road Federation is a global not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, DC since 1948 and supported by regional operations in: Brussels, Belgium | Santiago, Chile | Accra, Ghana | Nairobi, Kenya | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Chicago, IL USA. The IRF serves a network of public and private sector members in more than 70 countries by providing world-class knowledge resources, advocacy services, and continuing education programs which together offer a global marketplace for best practices and industry solutions.

For inquiries, please contact us or visit our media page.
Media and Public Relations
International Road Federation
500 Montgomery Street, Fifth Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
+1 703 535 1001

Miyerkules, Abril 10, 2019


 Manila, Philippines: The largest global sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), in collaboration with City of Dreams Manila, recently held the ONE: ROOTS OF HONOR Official Kick-Off Press Conference last Tuesday, 9 April at t Huhe City of Dreams in Manila.
In attendance were main event competitors, reigning ONE Featherweight World Champion Martin Nguyen and challenger Narantungalag Jadambaa, co-main event participants, reigning ONE Strawweight World Champion Yosuke Saruta and challenger Joshua Pacio, as well as Chairman and CEO of ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong.

Ticket information for ONE: ROOTS OF HONOR is available at


Chatri Sityodtong, Chairman and CEO of ONE Championship, stated: “ONE Championship is back in Manila, and it’s always a pleasure to visit the Philippines. We’re here to celebrate Asia’s greatest cultural treasure -- martial arts. We’re not here to sell fights, we’re here to build martial arts heroes who ignite the world with strength, hope, dreams, and inspiration. By telling their stories, we share the true values of martial arts with the world, which will always be our mission. See you all this Friday night for ONE: ROOTS OF HONOR. It’s going to be a fantastic show.”

Martin Nguyen, ONE Featherweight World Champion, stated: “It’s my fourth time competing here in Manila, and I’ve always felt at home here. It’s an honor to share my talent with you all. Thank you to all the fans for the support. Challenging the legend Jadambaa himself, it’s such an honor. I would like to thank ONE Championship for placing their trust in me. I’ll bring a hundred percent into the cage, and god willing, I’ll walk out of the arena still champion.”

Narantungalag Jadambaa, ONE World Title Challenger, stated: “First of all, I would like to thank ONE Championship for the opportunity to compete for the ONE World Title once again. This is not about age, this is about passion. Martial arts is my life and I hold the utmost respect for anyone who has the courage to step inside that cage. I will bring even more courage into the cage this Friday. I respect Martin Nguyen for what he has done for our sport and it is an honor to face him. I will do my best and the best man will walk out of the cage with the title.”

Yosuke Saruta, ONE Strawweight World Champion, stated: “Coming to the Philippines and representing Japan and the Japanese culture, it is such a huge honor for me. I know Joshua Pacio has a lot of fans here, and I respect him as a martial artist. All I can say is that we will both bring our best into the cage this Friday night. It’s going to be an exciting fight, and I plan on getting my hand raised in the end as the victor. Thank you all for having me.”

Joshua Pacio, ONE World Title Challenger, stated: “I would like to thank ONE Championship for giving me another chance to fight for the title. I know the magnitude of this matchup and how important this rematch with Yosuke Saruta is. I wasn’t at my best in that first fight, so I want to go out there and prove that I can do much better. He’s a great fighter, and I have so much respect for him. But I have the hopes and dreams of an entire country on my shoulders, and I can’t let the fans down. I’m coming to regain the belt. It’s going to be a war this Friday.”

Visit here:,
On Fb One Championship
Twitter/IG @ONEChampionship,

About ONE Championship™
ONE Championship (ONE) is the largest global sports media property in Asian history, and the largest producer of millennial live sports content in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, ONE is the Home of Martial Arts, and is the world's largest martial arts organization, hosting bouts across all styles of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Silat, Sanda, Lethwei, Mixed Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Submission Grappling, and more. ONE hosts the biggest sports entertainment events across Asia, featuring some of the world's best martial artists and world champions on the largest global media broadcast in Asia. ONE eSports, a subsidiary of ONE Championship, runs Asia's largest global eSports Championship Series with some of the biggest blockbuster game titles in the world. In addition to its digital platforms, ONE Championship broadcasts to over 2.6 billion potential viewers across 140+ countries with some of the largest global broadcasters, including Fox Sports, ABS-CBN, Astro, ClaroSports, Startimes, Thairath TV, Skynet, Mediacorp, Great Sports, Tencent, Star TV, Mediaset Italia, ProSiebenSat.1, Dubai Sports, Turner Sports, and more.

Martes, Abril 9, 2019

MOVE UP - Moving Urban Communities Towards Resilience

MOVE UP NATIONAL LEARNING CONFERENCE honor the journey of Champions in Building Urban Communities' Resilience.

The Moving Urban Poor Communities Towards Resilience or the Move Up Project
started its second phase in the later part of 2017. The project aims to empower and assist communities to become more resilient to both natural and man made calamities such as fires, earthquakes and typhoons. In order to achieve this goal, there are three main interventions that currently being applied: designing and employing alternative temporary shelters for resilient and sustainable livelihood, and sharing latest innovations and technologies on different risk transfer modalities.

For its first phase the project focused on three cities prone to natural and man made calamities: Quezon City, Malabon and Valenzuela City. On its second phase, it expanded to include Navotas and Caloocan. The Move Up Project also has various activities running alongside its big interventions to assure that project targets are met.

The project targets to address the gaps in urban communities' resilience through the following initiatives: Develop the models of Alternative Temporary Shelters ( ATS ) for the most vulnerable urban poor; Develop and implement strategies for resilient livelihood, and Identify mechanisms to engage the private sector in creating demand for risk transfer modalities.

Risk mitigation initiatives enhance and expand the livelihood options of the targeted communities. The risk transfer mechanisms will provide the urban poor communities and local government units the capacity to bounce back after a disaster.

The project is funded by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations ( ECHO ).

The Move Up Project is run by consortium of international non-government organizations ( INGOs ) led by Plan International Philippines, together with Action Against Hunger and CARE Netherlands with its local partner ACCORD.