Linggo, Enero 31, 2016

A Date with Wazzup Pilipinas!

 As we traverse the sidewalk of Makati City looking for KL Tower Serviced Residences Cristine and I saw mommy Leriza ahead of us walking towards the same venue. Indeed such a small world, so we went up together to the eighteen floor, where finding the unit ,a jolly young lad opened the door and gave me a high five which I reciprocated. Inside Sir Ross welcomed us warmly. Gals and guys are already inside the room.On the table of the living room are gifts and raffle prizes. When suddenly my cellphone rang,so I have to take the call outside, at the balcony you can see the breath taking view of the Makati Skyline. While taking the call 

Cristine peep over the door and told me I won . I went inside and a haute backpack was given to me and photo shot took place. The games was enjoyable, fun and everyone participated. Foods, delicious cakes from red ribbon,drinks are on the table where the jovial bloggers did not hesitate to partake.Everyone had more than one gifts to bring home. It was really a night of bonding,laughter and enjoyment.

We even had the time to detox at the sauna. Some of the bloggers went night swimming and stayed for the night...A night of thanksgiving and being a part of it I am most thankful and appreciative of a wonderful moment. Cheers and happy blogging!!!

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Huwebes, Enero 28, 2016

Fine dining at affordable price, the place to be "Recess Cafe" #OPENRICE #RECESSCAFE #EATSADATE

Fine dining at affordable price, the place to be "Recess Cafe"
together with gals who likes to scout for eating hub,we easily located Recess Cafe in San Juan N. Domingo. The owner Mr. Abet Tan and chef Andre Clemente was most welcoming  together with Mr Tan's youngest child who is so charming and all smiles.
The cafe just opened last Sept 2015 and the place is full of customers.The diners even have take outs to go with them.The place is accessible, neat, and with simple ambiance.It is open from10am to 1am and can accommodate 24 to 30 customers.The owner and his chef met at their children's school thus coming up with Recess Cafe...taking a break , have fun while eating.Having Chef Andre a graduate of Chef Jean Gonzalez, ensures that the food served is delectable and flavorful. Food presentation is of fine dining class as well as the taste. The salad wrap comes in different variety Sam Tan,shredded green papaya with dried hebe,wansoy,salad wrapped in rice paper  and served with sweet and spicy lime sauce brings out the oriental flavor. Japanese Salad,authentic kani wrapped in rice paper with fish roe served with sweet miso sauce just perfect combination.Pacific Rim, fresh veggies with orientalsukiyaki beef, wrapped in rice paper is good for meat lovers  having it with vegetables.Indeed a special treat for healthy eaters. Lovers of sisig can have a platter of Sisig Rice with it's creamy sauce and crunchiness of the pork being retained,and is a regular order of Mr Tan's daughter. They even serves the favorite of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presly which is waffle with peanut butter,slices of banana,and bacon on top with generous serving of blueberry jam which one can't simply resist to partake. Their Peach Melba with sugar nest on top boost of ala fine dining presentation that goes with strawberry jam.Even the burger menu has a fusion of korean taste . The kimchi Burger is oozing with chili kick and juiciness of the burger...Go go go Eats a date ...Open Rice for another food journey.

Miyerkules, Enero 13, 2016

Fit For Fashion (F4F) Season 2 Premiers On StarWorld Cable Channel January 13, 206

The 14 contestants have been revealed for the second season of Asia’s first-of-its-kind reality show Fit for Fashion premiering on Star World at 8pm, 13 January 2016. They are

1. Lookpong Punyabhuti, Thailand
2. Jess Punch, Singapore
3. Deena Marzuki, Malaysia
4.. Vicki Wheeler, Australia 
5. Kyle Ramirez, Philippines
6. . Marlon Dance-Hooi, Singapore & Malaysia
7. Michael Gelonesi, Australia
8. Anthony D. Walker, aka Anthony Dupree, USA
9. Jackie Zapata, USA & Philippines
10. Vladimir Musson, Russia & Australia 
11. Sam Gaskin, Australia
12. Katherine Patrick, Australia
13. Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi, Indonesia
14. Attila CK, Hungary & Malaysia

Lunes, Enero 4, 2016

Regina Hometel - Your Home In the City,

  The REGINA HOMETEL is a new place in Makati Business District that offers affordable rate,clean,safe and accessible location. An ideal accommodation for businessmen, investors,foreign and local tourists alike who are looking for a budget friendly abode.It is also a good halfway house for employees and families who want to be nearer in their place of work or school.REGINA HOMETEL which is near strategic landmarks such as Don Bosco Church, Waltermart, Magallanes, Makati Medical Center to name a few. Room Rates ranges from Php.1,500 daily to Php.15,000 per month.Standard, Deluxe and Suite rooms are available. Friendly and competent staff are available to service guest and clients twenty hours daily. So check it out " REGINA HOMETEL".

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Healthy Eating at The Ostrich Farm Restaurant

Spending a luncheon at the ostrich farm at the Blue Wave Macapagal Avenue, being served with one of the bestseller drink is what I needed after a sumptuous  and tempting foods of the holiday season. The detox water drink with a healthy mixtures of  mint leave, basil, cucumber, lemon , orange, red and green apple, comes as a refreshing and thirst quenching concoction. The salad on the platter with fresh lettuce, mushroom, boiled egg, apple, together with their very own organic ostrich meat which comes straight from their farm. The freshness of the lettuce brings out the natural sweetness of leafy veggie,eating it with slices of apple, mushroom and the meat of the ostrich makes a complete meal specially for those who would want to watch their weight.
The farmers nachos is just right to the bite and will make you want for more, until you've noticed that you have cleaned up the  plate.

Chicken wings and tender serve with bleu cheese dip. the tender chicken meat brings out the sweetness of honey with the combination of a little saltiness to the taste buds making it more delicious upon dipping it in the  blue cheese.

The Buger is juicy to the taste with the topping of fried egg served in black sesame bun with  lettuce, slices of tomato and fries to go with it.The fries is crispy and easy to chew, one can taste the cheesy flavoring of the fries making it more yummy if you take it with their very own recipe of different dips.

Their menu offer a healthier and delicious  alternative for one who is looking for a guilt-free comfor food.

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