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Have you ever experienced a day wherein nothing seems to go well, that no matter how you try to choose the right path, you keep making the wrong turn? Just like having a bad hair day, no matter how many times you comb your hair, it just would not budge.
Life can be challenging at times but there will always be a way to resolve these challenges and come out victorious. Having this in mind will be easy to keep your patience and continue to move forward.
Just like losing strands of your hair due to factors beyond your control, you too can do something.
Eat healthy – Eating the right food can alter your mood. Having low-level of folic acid in your body can cause anxiety, hence, food such as asparagus, avocado, salmon, and almond are recommended to fight stress hormones.
Stay calm – Listen to comforting music and reading feel-good stories can help switch you to a calm mood.
Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins that can relieve you from stress and anxiety.
Supplement –Taking in Vitamins such as B-complex can alter mood swings.
Don’t let your stress factors contribute to your hair loss. Letting yourself succumb to anxiety will definitely show up to your follicles and this can lead to more hair loss.
Hectic schedules and pressure from work, not to mention the pollution and filth outside easily make you feel unease and, at times, irritable. Slow down a bit, have fun and relax. There’s no better way to begin with your mane.
Tip 1:  The stroke of a comb can give you a soothing feeling while, at the same time, help unleash the natural oil of your hair.
Tip 2:  Stay away from getting pigtails, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers, which can pull and stress your hair.
Tip 3: Avoid perming, straightening or coloring because they contain toxic chemicals that could cause damage to your locks.
Tip 4: Choose natural. Use NOVUHAIR topical solution. Apply liberal amount on to your scalp and hair. Massage it gently for -10 minutes to help permeate deeply from root to tip. NOVUHAIR is packed with 19 natural ingredients that help promote growth, nourishment and rejuvenation of your tress.

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, please contact hotlines 4136570 and 09228830575 from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm or visit

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Zoobic Night Safari in Subic offers an adventure of exploring the sanctuary of different animals under the mystic moonlight. The visitors are treated to a tour of the zoo in a safe and comfortable tram that are safari inspired.
Visiting the big cats to the flying bats gear up your nocturnal senses.

An experience of traversing the  Enchanting Forest with the Greyhound Walk was indeed exciting because of the darkness of the place where one is only lighted by flashlights  and colorful man made lights around the forest's pathway. As we roam around the grounds, species of snakes, lizards, iguanas where in their cages for the safety of the tourists.

An indegenious Aeta educated us about the forest on how their forefathers took care of it and how it should be preserved until to these days.

Croco Loco, a crocodile lair where one can have a chance to feed and watch them awakens one's curiosity. Also included in Zoobic Safari's amazing attractions are Lion Safari, Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave. The night's entertainment was a mixture of animals and wonderful performances of the staff of Zoomanity Group.

After a long and fruitful day, the Safari Grill is the place to satiate anyone's hunger and thirst. It offers rice cooked in a bamboo or try their home grown wild boar. Served by the hospitable and friendly Aetas.

Night Safari right in our " Funtastic " Philippines. Come and enjoy a tour of the forest and see the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Upcoming is GlampZ ( Glamping at Zoomanity ) and Trailer Homes. It is camping in a glamorous, comfortable, safe, and extravagant way. Get exciting discounts and freebies by liking Zoomanity Group's official facebook fan page at For inquiries you may contact 847 - 0413 or 899 - 9824 Text 09275899696 or visit website at

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Make Real Connections Happen at Acceler8

MAKATI, Philippines, October 10 2017 -- Acceler8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, Acceler8 has over a thousand community members, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community #hustlingeveryday.

Two Branches in Two Years
Less than a year after they opened their first branch in Salcedo Village, the Acceler8 team welcomed new members to a larger, more versatile space in 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Their services include coworking membership plans, dedicated desks, and serviced office suites. Acceler8 also provides virtual office for those who simply need a business address and not a physical office. For seminars and gatherings, they also have event spaces and conference rooms they rent out.

Space Operator
Early this year, the Acceler8 team has reached another milestone. Ayala Land Offices,one of the biggest real estate developers in the country, has engaged Acceler8 exclusively to operate their first coworking space calledClock in located at the Makati Stock Exchange in Ayala Avenue. In just two months, Acceler8 was able to fill up the center and achieve full occupancy. Ayala Land is lookingto grow and expand Clock in with Acceler8 on its side.

From Local to Global
Acceler8 has launched its partnership with serviced office provider vOffice. All Acceler8 members are given privileged access to all vOffice’s conference rooms, meeting rooms and business lounges – other than local branches in Makati and BGC, members also get a passport access to vOffice’s branches across Asia (China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Turkey), Australia, and the United Kingdom. Acceler8 is proud to be the only coworking provider in the Philippines that has reach across South East Asia.

Acceler8 Turns 2!
A company that was founded through connections and further grew through its partnerships, Acceler8 celebrates its second year anniversary with a community festival that recognizes the #RealConnections it has made throughout the years. On the 19th of October, Acceler8 will be opening its doors to the public at their 111 Paseo de Roxas branch.

The event is set to let their guests experience and network withthe Acceler8 community. It will begin with the community fair at 9:00 AM showcasing partner and member exhibitors, workshops, demos, games, live performances, great grub, and drinks. At 7:00 PM, there will be a talk entitled Growing Your Business Through Real Connections featuring industry thought leaders such as RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale, Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, and Mikko Barranda of Acceler8. Afterwards, they will throw their trademark Happy Hour over socials and networking to end a day full of celebration and collaboration.

An idea is nothing until acted upon.This holds true as the dreams and visions the co-founders once had are now a reality. There will definitely be a lot more to look forward to at Acceler8. Seeing what they’ve accomplished in just two years is proof that this local start-up is set to conquer more cities- both locally and internationally, in the upcoming years.

Acceler8 has locations at:
7/f Finman Center, 131 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
UB 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Call 917-8118 or email for more info.

Follow Acceler8 on
Instagram: @acceler8ph with the hashtag, #acceler8ph

Bancrea Homes Launches 24/7 Global Real Estate Digital Services

Manila, Philippines, October 16, 2017--Available 24/7 online, newly-formed Bancrea Homes, together with its partner developer and mass-housing advocate 8990 Holdings Inc., launches its official website,, today, which unleashes a full range of innovative features that a traditional property brokerage firm does not usually offer.  

These features include the “ASK REA:24/7 Live Chat,” a dedicated live chat hosted by real-person customer service staff, an “E-Refer Kita” app, where every Juan can refer a sales lead, check the status of their referral, and earn a commission on the lead, and  a lead generation and exchange service whose dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, powered by, can organize and track sales leads and virtually manage a network of real estate brokers and agents.

To make the necessary site trippings less stressful among prospective home buyers, Bancrea Homes also introduces its “Book-A-Tour”—via a ride-sharing app—where you can schedule your visit at your own time and also ride for free. Bancrea Homes also provides financial literacy sessions among first-time homebuyers; documentation and taxes consultations; pabahayprograms and rent-to-own deals for employees; pre-approved home loans; property leasing services, and rewards from industry partners.

Further, Bancrea Homes offers a free franchise for local and international brokers who would like to sell the housing units of Urban Deca Homes, the flagship brand of 8990 Holdings Inc.

“For first-time homebuyers, buying a house is a bit stressful; they need help from an experienced broker or agent throughout the process. In Bancrea Homes, we assist our clients from reservation to documentation, from the payments to moving in,” says Roy Buen, Bancrea Homes’ founder and CEO.

He adds, “We also have a 24/7 online live chat where real-person customer service officers are just one message away anytime, anywhere. Sadly, a lot of property brokers and agents lacks the after-sales service; once the client has reserved a property, the brokers and agents are suddenly unavailable. Part of our advocacy is to put a stop to this frequent home buyers’ dilemma.”

Bancrea Homes’ current roster of brokers and agents was originally trained by 8990 Holdings Inc., which makes TaniBasman, 8990 Holdings’ assistant general manager for Metro Manila sales and customer service, all the more confident. “We’ve made a partnership with Bancrea Homes to deliver the sales for our National Capital Region (NCR) projects [Urban Deca EDSA Tower, Urban Deca Homes Campville-MuntinlupaCity, and Urban Deca Homes Tondo, among others].  We believe in the goal of Bancrea Homes: to deliver good customer service, which translates to more sales,” says Basman.

“Both Bancrea Homes and 8990 Holdings are serving the same mass-housing market. We also closely work with government financial institutions such as Pag-IBIG Fund and the National Home Mortgage Financing Corporation,” Buen explains. “As of today, the mass-housing backlog is more than five million homes. With the help of Bancrea Homes and our growing industry partners, it’s not too late to fulfill the dream of every Filipino to own a house.”

About Bancrea Homes

Launched in October 2017, Bancrea Homes, 24/7 Real Estate Digital Services, is an online property servicing agent, which has been exploring ways to improve the home buying experience in the Philippines, where every home buyer deserves the best customer service every step of the way from the initial property search and basic financial literacy training to various home loan options and necessary move-in day procedures, plus an efficient after-sales service.

For more information, visit

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Lunes, Oktubre 23, 2017

' Teamwork makes the dream work ' PRRC and TESDA to team up for a vision for ISF's

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), has been resettling informal settler families (ISFs) living along the banks of the Pasig River and its tributaries considered danger zones to safe, decent, and socialized housing units provided by the PRRC, National Housing Authority (NHA) and concerned local government units (LGUs).

Since its creation in 1999 to present, the commission was able to resettle a total of 17,561 ISFs in resettlement sites established and/or managed by PRRC, NHA, and the City Government of Mandaluyong.

The beneficiaries of the resettlement program were provided with livelihood developments that were meant to hone the skills of the relocatees so they could use these for their own economic development. The skills they would have honed through the trainings should have helped them generate income.

Job referrals and placement were vital components of the commission’s action plan as it ensured that the relocated households were not economically displaced.

As of end of December 2008, a total of 2,516 families have participated in skills training provided by PRRC. The training included building wiring, welding, dressmaking, bakeshop operations, food processing, horticulture and others.

Inasmuch as numerous training programs had already been implemented, it seems that only a few had benefitted from these in terms of improving the economic status of the relocated families. Even with the skills the beneficiaries have learned from the trainings and seminars, some have reported of having difficulties securing start-up capital to put up businesses. Moreover, the beneficiaries needed skills training that would be able to help them realize sufficient income to address their daily needs.

Last October 5, 2017, the PRRC, led by Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia, had exploratory talks with TESDA’s Director-General Hon. Guiling “Gene” A. Mamondiong and Deputy Director-General Rebecca Calzado to address the issues on post-resettlement economic conditions of the resettled families due to unemployment and lack of entrepreneurial opportunities in the relocation sites.

Through the collaboration with TESDA, PRRC will embark on a project titled Pagsasanay Panghanapbuhay Tungo sa Riwasang Danay [Training for Work for Progressive Suburbs] Project to provide the families an access to adequate and appropriate technical education and skills development trainings and seminars.

Executive Director Goitia excitedly said that “PRRD Project aims to empower and build the capacity of the ISF’s to improve their lives through technical-vocational training” He also added that this, “[PRRD Project] is also to provide the unskilled, low-skilled, out-of-school youth, and women members of the ISFs with skills that would qualify them for entry-level wage employment, and that they could use to pursue self-employment in the services sector, or even in home-based, income-earning entrepreneurship activities."

Both PRRC and TESDA recognize the urgent need to reduce poverty in the rural areas where most government-established and -managed resettlement sites are situated the project. The team up of PRRC with TESDA would intend to evaluate the skills training needs of the ISFs, recommend the training courses and methodologies as appropriate and providing the training through TESDA’s accredited training institutions.

Executive Director Goitia remarkably said that the collaboration of PRRC with TESDA is indeed a start of something new for all of us. He also added, “There is a Chinese proverb that goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’, I am envisioning a life full of hope and dreams for these families, hence, the project”.

Linggo, Oktubre 22, 2017

ZOOBIC NIGHT SAFARI 2017 " A Wild Night Out "

Imagine the wildlife at night. The excitement and enchantment from big cats to flying bats, and other animals in their natural habitat as the evening falls. On October 28, 2017, Zoobic Safari brings back the much awaited “Night Safari”, packed with more thrill and excitement. Awaken your curious side and see all the exotic yet captivating animals in real life. You can also walk together with the greyhound dogs and step into a twilight sanctuary in the Enchanting Forest with Greyhound Walk.

Gear up your nocturnal senses and prepare for a series of roaring nights of fun in visiting Zoobic Safari’s classic attractions, Serpentarium; a wild encounter with snakes, lizards and iguanas, Zoobic Park, a walk-through petting zoo, Tiger Safari, an enclosed safari jeep ride that will take you to the tigers’ natural habitat, Croco Loco, a crocodile lair where you will have a chance to feed and watch them.

Take a ride on the wild side as you tour around the vicinity of the zoo in a bright and colorful tram. Get a glimpse of these interesting animals full of energy and go gaga for it is already their playtime. Also included in Zoobic Safari’s amazing attractions are Lion Safari, Zoobic Cave and Forbidden Cave. Enjoy a different and bolder show specially prepared for the night’s entertainment; expect an explosive presentation that will surely growl your mind away.

Brace yourselves for the new activities, events, and attractions this holiday season. Try camping in a more comfortable, safe, and extravagant way as we open GlampZ or Glamping at Zoomanity. Zoobic Night Safari is available every Saturday from Oct 28, 2017 to Jan 6, 2018, 5pm onwards. Watch out for more animals and other surprises we’re cooking up for everyone. For inquiries you may contact us at 847-0413 loc 344/899-9828 or24 Text: 0917-835-1111 or visit our website at

Huwebes, Oktubre 12, 2017

Porto Laiya - Communing with Nature

A coastal lifestyle merges with contemporary pleasures at Porto Laiya. Another prestige project from the developer of Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club. A gated beach enclave with a 400 meters – long beachfront made distinctive with landscaping breathtaking water views and carefree home sites…designed so you san partake of your own slice of tropical heaven.

Enjoy your very own private gateway in Porto Laiya. Come, discover the charm, simplicity and allure of a beach resort community in Porto Laiya.


As a private beach community, Porto Laiya seeks to leverage the best of seaside living for its residential sub-division homeowners.

The residential – cum resort community concept of Porto Laiya is essentially of  Filipino concept inspired contemporary international designed combined with vernacular element to match its seaside tropical setting.

Residential lot  in Phase 1 of Porto Laiya range in size  240 sqm to 478 sqm. While the residential lot in Phase 11 range from 214 to 703 sqm.


Porto Laiya is a private residential and beach resort community that seeks to leverage the best of seaside living for its homeowners. A privately – held club serve as the centerpiece of the community beachfront activities.

Project Concept

Filipino inspired contemporary international; design combined with vernacular element to match its seaside tropical setting.


Porto Laiya is located at Barangay Laiya Ibabao, San Juan Batangas

Gross Land Area:
Residential – 17.38  (Phase 1)  and (12.05 Phase 11) Hectares
Commercial/Residential – 6.00 Hectares
Total Number of Lots
The Phase 1 residential development of Porto Laiya  has a total of 359 lots and Phase 11 has a total of 304 lots


Lot sizes ranges from 264 sqm. to 509 sqm. (2,896 sq.ft - 5,145 sq.ft.)

Lot prices ranges from Php 7,700.00 / sqm. to

                                 Php 14,000.00. /sqm.

Commercial/Residential Lots:

Last remaining commercial/residential lot is 1,354 sqm. @ Php 14,000/sqm.

(Note: prices may change without prior notice)


-          Landscape entrance gate with guardhouse
-          Concrete roads and gutters
-          Underground drainage system
-          Water tank and water distribution system
-          Electric post and  power distribution
-          Basketball ourt
-          Multi Purpose Hall
-          400 Meters Beach front

Please call Marisse Tabor for inquiries!
PRC  LIC. REB 7266

Viber :          0943 645 0674
WhatsApp:   0943 645 0674
Contact:       0915 332 3193
Twitter:        @MarizRealtor

#PortoLaiya8 #UnitedBloggersPhTravels

Sabado, Oktubre 7, 2017

Successful launch of Travelooza with Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yamaha & upcoming events of TAG Media

Last September 28, 2017 from 10AM to 5PM at Makati Sports Club along Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, the first convergence of tour operators and travel agencies was launch to promote the Philippines as the premier travel destination in the world. Travelooza is the current theme of Asia Digital Marketing Expo which is celebrating its 3rd year anniversary.

We are thankful also with Payoneer, Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Victoria Court, Tupperware, VV, Sunlife, The Artist League, Marv Ragamarv, Zoomanity Group, Tree Top Adventure, Light Network, Elabram Systems, Alveo, Crown Regency, E- Hotels & Resorts, PNB, Citibank, and Tresmore.

One of the leaders in the Philippines supporting Travelooza is no other than Ms. Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo of Yupangco Group of Companies the grand daughter of the former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel. According to her, supporting these kind of events can create awareness on our beautiful country, and a destination like no other.

For this year 2017, according to the company website, after 50 years, G. A. YUPANGCO & CO., INC., through its present complement of 31 stores and 35 music school centers across the Philippines, continues to serve the needs of the Filipino musician and music enthusiast, providing the state of the art in musical instruments and sound reinforcement technology and the finest in music education while Zoomanity Group, the theme park management headed by her brother, Robert Laurel Yupangco is the number 1 theme park destination and is expanding in the Philippines.

The next events under Tag Media and Public Relations will be the biggest this year. Two events are lined up already and as follows;

-Asia Leaders Forum in Real Estate 2022 & Beyond will be on December 14, 2017 at Makati Shangrila Hotel from 10AM-4PM with leaders as speakers from different chamber of commerce, business and government officials with the partnership with Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Malaysia Chamber of Commerce.

-Socialooza is the annual event under Pinoy Blogger Team which is created by Tag Media and Public Relations simultaneous with the annual Christmas Party of the group. Partial list of speakers are as follows;

RJ Nieto
Thinking Pinoy | DFA Consultant | Political Blogger

Sonnie Santos
Presidential Communications Operations Office Consultant | Corporate Blogger

Ericsson Moredo
Multibiz Inc. Head | Lifestyle Blogger

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas
Tag Media & PR Co- Founder | Corporate Blogger

Ailene Co
A-List & Partners Consulting Group | Co-Founder of Trend Hotspot Online Magazine

Jaypee David
City of Dreams Manila
Sr. Executive | Digital Marketing and Multimedia | Travel Blogger

Rod Magaru
Regional Finance Supervisor for Middle East & North Africa |
Entertainment Blogger

For more info and to register at Tag Media & PR next events (Asia Leaders Forum and Socialooza), please send inquiries to or call 09166299381 or 02 9170213

Biyernes, Oktubre 6, 2017


 CITYSWEEPPP Foundaon, Inc. (SFI), together with the Philippine Society of Mechanical 
ngineers(PSME)  through its annual naonal exhibits PHILMEX, is holding the  2nd  PHILMEX-SWEEPPPWATER AND WASTEWATER TECHNOPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE on October 12, 13 & 14, 2017at the Hall 4 of SMX Convenon Center, MOA Complex, Pasay City. The event coincides withPack Print Plas Philippines 2017, the leading event in packaging, prinng and plascs in thePhilippines.   Since the trend all over the world now is B2B, PHILMEX-SWEEPPP WATER ANDWASTEWATER  TECHNOPRENEURSHIP   CONFERENCE   is   opening   a   gateway   to   vast   businessnetworks   through  integrated  business   matching  services   between  foreign trade/commercialservices and building, water, industrial contractors, project consultants/designers, and suppliers(distributors, indentors, dealers).

The3-day PHILMEX-SWEEPPP event will comprise of the following acvies:Day 1 (October 12) – Technopreneurship ConferenceDay 2 (October 13) – Pumps Technopreneurship ConferenceDay 3 (October 14) – Water/Wastewater Technopreneurship Conference3-day   exhibion   at   the  PHILMEX-SWEEPPP WATER/WASTEWATER   PAVILION,   featuring   thelatest and top-of-the-line water and wastewater equipment such as pipes, pumps, plumbing,and other related products.   We also have a dedicated B2B area where all foreign trade servicescan   facilitate,   coordinate,   accommodate   interested   individuals   (contractors,   suppliers,distributors,   etc.)  who   are   sourcing  products  and   services  that   you  might   be  interested   todistribute, too. The B2B area is open to all foreign trade services and contractors, suppliers,exhibitors, dealers and distributors all throughout the 3-day event.For more informaon about the expo, please  contact  Donna Raquiza  or  Nez  Aguilar @ mobile nos   +639062429596  or +639158138204  or  The  Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME)  and  SWEEPPP Foundaon, Inc. (SFI), at (+632) 7362043,telefax no. 493-4268, 925-3963  or  E-mail :  or visit our website at   h<p://

Lunes, Oktubre 2, 2017

Filremit: Going Beyond Service with Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo

A trusted and strong relationship is actually what we need right now, not just for our personal needs but also with our choice of remittance in the Philippines. We are talking about our sweat and blood not to mention if we are outside the country working, we are talking about our life and our family.
Filremit has been the trusted remittance company of OFWs worldwide since 2008 and already established the name as a dependable and efficient foreign exchange and remittance company. The people do not just deliver expectations but build relationships and go beyond service.
Filremit has three subsidiary companies operating nationwide in Canada. They own Manila Express, Inc., Manila Cargo Express, Inc. and E-pera Corp. They also have exclusive partnership with London Manila Express, Ltd.
Services includes the following;
Credit To Account
Door To Door Cash/Cheque Delivery
Cash Pick Up
Bills Payment
Gift Delivery
Multi Currency And Reverse Remittance
Foreign Exchange
According to Filremit top management, “Our objective is to be of service to our countrymen no matter what, where very they will be thus we are making sure that we are the trusted partner to all your “padala.” – Regina Victoria Y. De Ocampo.
For more information about Filremit, please visit

#Filremit  #ReginaDeOcampo

Linggo, Oktubre 1, 2017

9th International IT- BPM Summit to feature industry experts, global thought leaders

After the successful launch of the IT-BPM industry’s Accelerate PH Roadmap 2022, the International IT-BPM Summit (IIS) returns for its 9th year in the midst of a divisive conversation on the impact of artificial intelligence. Titled “Ph DNA: Human Tech”, the Summit brings together top global thinkers, industry players and analysts to key in their insights on the future of jobs, artificial intelligence and the industry itself.

“Many experts are predicting that the workforce is in danger of being replaced by automation but that is simply not the case,” said IBPAP President, Rey Untal. “What is often overlooked about automation is that while it is expected to impact certain jobs in the sector, this will also enable the IT-BPM industry to move up the value chain, resulting in an increase in mid-skilled jobs and high-skilled services,” he added. “That is why it is important for us to continue the conversation at the Summit, where we have experts flying in from all over the globe to discuss the impact of technology and the future of the industry in great detail.”

Setting the stage for the Summit are the IT-BPM industry’s two largest and longest-serving associations - the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), partnering to prime the event and extend the conversation to the entire IT-BPM space - from contact centers to the budding upstart sectors in information technology, software development, game development and healthcare information management.

CCAP Chair Benedict Hernandez urges stakeholders to take part in the Summit, saying, “The IIS is the most anticipated IT and BPM event in the industry where everyone comes together to discuss issues that impact the sector. This partnership gives us the opportunity to contribute significantly to the conversation. This is part of our long-standing commitment to harness and harmonize cross-sector efforts to strengthen the contact center industry’s top market position in the world.”

The conference will also serve as the launching pad for the new Country Brand and Narrative - a top priority of the Roadmap 2022’s high impact programs on Country Marketing - and to continue the Philippine IT-BPM industry’s thrust to solidify its position as one of the top players in the global marketplace and highlight the country’s competitive edge on unparalleled customer experience and world-class talents.

“After months of extensive brand auditing and thoughtful dialogues with our stakeholders, we will finally launch the new country brand and narrative at the Summit,” said IBPAP Vice Chair, Catherine Salceda-Ileto. “The Philippines is a global leader in the IT-BPM space but we are not done growing,” she added. “We see opportunities to turn disruptive technological headwinds into advantageous differentiating factors for the Philippines. We are excited to see global and local leaders work together to showcase and find applications for the unique value proposition of the Philippine IT-BPM industry.”

And to recognize the drivers and enablers of the IT-BPM industry, the Flare Awards returns on the eve of the IIS to celebrate the tireless efforts of the individuals who have helped shape the sector into one of the country’s top-performing industry and economic contributor.

The 9th IIS is set to be held on November 7 at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila in Makati City. For more information, log on

About the Summit:
For the past eight years, the International IT-BPM Summit (IIS), formerly known as the International Outsourcing Summit, has been serving as an avenue for industry stakeholders to learn new insights and network with international industry leaders and experts. This year, the event aims to drive leaders and decision makers to take advantage of the technological revolution that will shape the future of the IT-BPM industry and further its role as one of the top economic boosters in the country.

On it’s 9th year, the IIS takes the conversation to the next level by bringing together global thought leaders and analyst groups to discuss possible opportunities and headwinds especially in the realm of technology and future of the industry. IBPAP partners with the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) to elevate the conversation and launch the new Philippine country brand and narrative at the Summit.

About the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP)
The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) is the enabling association for the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry in the Philippines. IBPAP serves as the one-stop information and advocacy gateway for the industry. With over 300 industry and support-industry members, and six associations—the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc., Global In-House Center Council, Contact Center Association of the Philippines, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines, and Philippine Software Industry Association—IBPAP plays a pivotal role in sustaining rapid growth of the IT-BPM industry by working to ensure an enduring supply of high-quality labor, supporting service innovation, and providing country visibility.

IBPAP assists investors in setting up operations easily and quickly in the Philippines. Relevant research, introductions to key government and industry officials, and a series of briefings at each step of the investment process ensure a seamless development process. Ongoing support is provided through a wide variety of initiatives, including programs for HR development, business development, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities.

About the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP)
The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is the premiere organization representing the Philippine contact center industry. CCAP takes a leading role in harnessing, harmonizing and galvanizing cross-sector efforts that enable the Philippine contact center industry to sustain the country’s global leadership in market share, innovation and best practices.

As a non-profit organization, CCAP promotes awareness of the contact center industry; active exchange of ideas, new technologies, best practices and innovations; and the sustained growth of the industry and the country. Established in 2001, it has grown to represent more than 80% of the industry economic activity and employment.