Miyerkules, Enero 29, 2014

Business rebuiilding lives

moving as one towardsp owerty reduction iin the Phillippine. . Philippine Business for Social Progress (PSSP) continues to be the fuoundation of choice for the dev't , mgnt and implemtation of project that harmonize the private sector's i inclusive buss initiative. donor agency programs, civil society, advocates, and the national dev't agenda.
Established in 1970 by 50 business leaders and patterned, after the Venezuelan Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad, PBSP was a means by whcih the Philippine business comunity could enhance and standardize its funding and technological expertise to support socio-economic dev"t accorss the country/
Now on the 43ds year, PBSP continues to grow as it welcomes new members that commit themselves to the Foundation's vision and mission,PBSP has evloved into a social dev't enterprise by using the disciplin of business in manging dev't programs and leveraging our member companies collective contriubions to attaract greater funding support to scale our social impact.
PBSP's goal in prorram delivery is to scale-up anti-poverty endeavors through the instituion o f Platforms for Colenterprise Dev'tEngagements in Heath, Education, Environemnt and Livelihood and Education,
As the country faces formidable challenges of recovery and recontruction fm disasters, PBSP is being called upon to take on a much bigger role in leading and hramonizing business sector repones.
We agin appeal to our members, donors and partners ofr your continuing suport. There is much to be done. but MOVING AS ONE, we can achieve the inclusive dev't wer all keenly desire.

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