Martes, Mayo 6, 2014

Turkish Electro Technology Hosts The Business Mission On Electrical And Electronics Sector

A place where time and culture Collide, Turkey is a vibrant city rich in juxtapositon where the east meets west,  where what's left of the ancient world modernity compliment, and where the spiritual and secular rub shoulders amicably.

More than being a magnetic destination brimming with surealist experience, Turkey has evolved to Become a strong  player in one of the major economic sectors of the playground. For the last 30 years, Turkey's electrical and electronic sector has been showing considerable growth.

Among its efforts to expand its global presence and forge strong business relationships in Southeast Asia, one of the biggest exporters associations, electrical and electronic services exporters association (Turkish Electro Technology or TET), will be hosting a business mission on electrical and electronics sector on May 8, and the

Aspiring to pave the way for new commercial relationships in the Philippines that are guaranteed to be lucrative for both parties, TET's over two decades of active contribution of nurturing it's sector is a testament of its booming potential. /

Over the years, the institution Continues to Focus on Improving the exprot volume of the electrical-electronics and services of its members. To date, over 7,500 companies TET handles, dealing with the export activities of its businesses and members harmoninzing THEIR According to THEIR needs.
Through this gathering, TET has gathered representatives of top accredited companies from Turkey that all possess a high quality producion capacity. As a result, TET sees this fine oppurtunity for the local electrical and electronics sector to utilize premium Turkish electrical products that will be beneficial for electricity production and distribution environment in our country.

Renowned for its environmental-friendly systems and solutions, the Turkish electric production and distribution equipments sector will be showcasing its technological leadership, global presence, application knowledge, skilled employment pool, and local expertise.

A delegation are priority can bridge the gaps Between Integrate Various sectors and industries, participants of the delegation can expect to reach out to the right contacts on the field and conduct business-to-business all in all transaction-Expanding one's business horizons.

The focus of the forum will be mainly on white goods, consumer electronics, cables and wires, as well as
electricity distribution equipments. In tern, the organizers seek to network our companies in those fields and
companies in infrastructure and construction, including contractors.

The event is Presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Office of the Commercial Counselor, organized by the Electrical and Electronics Services Exporters' Association (Turkish Electro Technology or TET), and managed by the Tradenet Events Management.

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