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Enhancing Your Life For Year 2015 By Master Hanz Cua

   Asia's youngest feng shui master Hazs Cua has gathered bloggers and media, to announce the forecast  the year 2015 and suggestion on how to enhance one's life

The Flyingforecst  Stars MethodofFengShui is one of the oldest and most accurate system in FengShui practice. According to the Flying Star technique you can divide your home’s floor planinto nine energy “sectors”. Each sector, depending on which direction it is located,contains a different type of energy that is eithervery good, good, moderate, bad or very bad. By figuring out where the “good” and “bad” sectors of your home lie, you can see which room or part of the house contains the most auspicious energy.
• By activating the luck of your most auspicious sector, you can obtain all the benefits of prosperity, success and happiness.
• By knowing where the unlucky sectors are, you can avoid misfortune, illness and even death by applying one of the Five Element cures that can dispelor neutralize the bad luck.
Mapping Out the Nine Sectors

To do this, take a copy of your house’s floor plan. Divide thefloor area of your home into nine equal squares. The eight outer squares all represent a direction (South, Southeast, Southwest, East, Northeast, Northwest, North, and West). The middle square is simply called the Center. This is the “heart” of the home. You can determine where the entrance or main door of the home faces by using a magnetic compass. Stand in the middle of your home looking outward at your front door. The direction where the arrow of the compass is pointing is your front door’s “face”. From there you can pinpoint which direction each sector of your home falls into.
Acccording to the Flying Stars technique, the quality of your home energy changes every year. For the year of the Wood Sheep 2015, here is the forecast by Master HanzCua, well-known and highly consulted FengShui Expert of the Philippines:

• This direction belongs to the Eldest Daughter of the family. This year the Illness Star #2 flies into this sector.
• If this is a bedroom, the health of whoever sleeps here will be vulnerable. If you are sickly or fatigued, staying in this room can cause health problems. If you are already ill, avoid this room at all cost as your condition will get even worse.
• If you are a pregnant woman, avoid staying in this room as you can jeopardize the health of your unborn child. There may be even a chance for miscarriage.
• To avoid activating the illness star make sure this area has no Fire element. Don’t usebright lightshere, don’t put anything that has thecolor red.
• As much as possible do not doany excessive activity here.
• Cure: Metal weakens Earth element, so you can place something that contains Brass, Copper, Bronze in this area. Also: Wu Lou and Medicine Buddha (they should be metal, not ceramic).
• Violent Star #7flies into this sector of the home. This is the aggressive star associated with violence and burglary.
• Couples whose bedroom is in this sector will find themselves prone to arguments and other relationship problems.
• If the main door of your house/office is in this sector there is highpossibility of armed robbery or break-ins.
• Cure: Placing a water element will subdue the Fire sector of South and also violent star #7. A cup of water, a glass bowl with goldfish and fountain can all be used.
• Placing protective animal symbols like the Blue Rhino, Elephant(depicted with the trunk up), or a pair of Fu dogs (one male,one female) is also good.
• Lucky Multiplying Star #9 that brings good fortune makes its appearance. SW is the 2nd wealth sector for 2015
• This area belongs to the Old female or Mother. The matriarch of the family, if she has an office or room in this direction, will benefit most.
• Good news if your Main Door is located here! Activating this sectorwill increase your income, chance of long term and permanent jobs,investment and business, fame and recognition, leading to promotions, new prospects, and happiness in life.
• Couplesstarting a family, if their bedroom is located here, will gain good fortune.
• Enhance this sector with: Bright Lights, Red-colored things, 9 pieces of crystals/stones.
• Lucky White Star #1 dominates this sector.This brings good luck for those in quest in foramore successful and satisfying career.
• This sector should be activated if you have dreams of working abroad, meeting influential friends, elevating your reputation, and overcoming competition at work and business.
• Forpeopleseekingtotravelorworkabroad,placeacrystalglobeinthissector.
• The element to activate is Water: Bowl or aquarium with 9fish (1black,8 gold or red fish), seashell, statue or painting of sailing ship. You can also activate Wood element: Fortune plant, Wood materials (artwork, furniture, carving) and Ru Yi.
• Argument Star #3 that causes disagreements and misunderstanding flies in the heart of the home/workplace, causing conflict in relationships.
• Quarrels, petty irritations, mood swings, and generally aggressive behaviour will afflict family members, and relationship with neighbours and co-workers. Lawsuits and court cases may result.
• Cure: Avoid activity or staying on this sector. Placing Rose Quartz stoneor Amethyst geodewill calm down energy. Avoid placing anything with Wood or Earth element here, as these willaggravate argument star #3.
• 5 Yellow Misfortune star #5 casts its malevolent influence on the West.This is the most dangerous sector, bringing accidents, mishaps, injury, financialloss, and even death.
• On the global stage, countries in the Western hemisphere will experience hardship and natural disasters. Economic depression will continue, politics will see more turmoil in 2015. The tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 happened when the 5 Yellow Misfortune star was in the East.
• Avoid too much activity in this area/sector of home at all costs. Don't do any major renovation, ground breaking, or place your home office/studio here. Don't put a television, telephone or any gadgets that emit light or loud sounds.
• Cure: Metal is the element of the West. Place 5 stones inside a metal jar, metal objects made of copper, brass, iron. 5 element pagoda.

• Favourable Heaven White Star #6, the source of indirect wealth, flies in this sector.
• Activating the NE area brings in recognition, salary increase, promotion. It can also bring sources of unexpected money, such as lottery and other games of chance.
• If your main door is located in this sector, use it frequently. Because this is also the Knowledge corner, activating the NE energy will enhance your social skills.
• Enhance the Earth element by placing 6 crystal/stones, wealth buddha, auspicious symbols, or images of saints. Avoid placing metal objects here because Metal destroys Earth.

• The most fortunate Auspicious Wealth Star #8 makes it appearance in the North. Positive energy and prosperity luck is strongest here. It is the No. 1 wealth sector of home.
• If your main door is located in the North, then 2015 will be highly auspicious for you and your home/office. Use the front door frequently to activate prosperity, success, strong financial return, fame and recognition.
• Make sure there are no blockages or clutter to your front door. Make sure this area is brightly-lit.
• If your North sector is a living room, den or any other function area, activate by placing fans, clock, tv, phone, water fountain, 8 rod metal wind chime. Metal supports water so metallic objects will also be good here. Do not put potted plants or large earthenware objects in this area, because Earth exhausts Water.

• Romance Love and Study Scholastic Star #4 flies into this sector. It influences relationship luck and benefits intellectual endeavours.
• Singles looking for a partner/marriage will do well to energize NW sector. Couples can enhance their relationship if their bedroom is located here.
• This is the sector of the Father or Patriarch. Husband should not try to activate this area, however, as he may find himself involved in extramarital affairs.
• Students preparing to taking exams should study on NW part of the home. No. 4 star enhances wisdom luck as well as luck for travel.

• Enhancers: Place Rose Quarts, or an image of Double Happiness symbol to enhance romance energy. An Abacus or globe/world map will activate scholastic and travel luck.

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