Huwebes, Marso 21, 2019

Microsoft Launches AI Business School - New platform to educate business leaders on AI strategy, culture and responsibility.

REDMOND, WASHINGTON - Microsoft has introduced a new platform on AI education called the AI Business School, a free, on-demand, online course borne out of three years of conversations with leading AI adopters and customers across the globe.

The launch follows the release of the results of a survey conducted among business leaders in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific, which measured AI's impact on markets, organizations, and jobs.

" The AI Business School is a step towards helping more organizations understand AI, whilr also preparing or accelerating them towards adoption. We envision this platform to equip business leaders with knowledge gained from AI adopters in different industries across the globe, each with their own challenges which we hope others can identify with," said Microsoft Philippines Chief Operations Officer Christian Lim.

Microsoft focused on four core areas for the school: strategy, culture, technology basics, and responsible AI. These are imparted through a master class series of case studies and instructional videos, with additional tools evaluating a business's maturity for AI
adoption. According to Lim, the AI Business School ultimately wants to communicate  AI's business value, guide business leaders on defining their AI strategy, and help executives create AI governance models to ensure positive impact.

In Microsoft and International Data Corporation's ( IDC ) recent study, Future Ready Business: Assessing Asia Pacific's Growth Potential Through AI, it was found that Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) will allow the rate of innovation of Filipino companies to increase by 1.7 times, and nearly double employee productivity gains. The study also established that 74% of Filipino business leaders and workers view AI's impact on jobs positively, with majority acknowledging how it can help them do their jobs better or improve business processes especially on repetitive tasks.

" Of the 109 Filipino business leaders involved in the study, only 45% have embarked on AI journeys. This reinforces the need to increase awareness and understanding of AI especially for Filipino business leaders and companies. We are positive that the AI Business School will help with that objective, " Lim concluded.

The AI Business School may be accessed through:

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