Huwebes, Enero 16, 2020

Skin Magical: The most affordable and quality Rejuvenating Set in the market

The most sought after rejuvenating set in the Philippines right now with different variations is under Skin Magical headed by CEO Ghie Pangilinan and her husband Jerry Pangilinan from Morong, Rizal.

For 7 years in a beauty industry, now an award winning entrepreneur, Ghie Pangilinan is making sure that her more than 100 product lines right now is still with quality and yet affordable so that everyone has a chance to be confident by using her products.

From their website, “A Licensed Cosmetic and Food Distributor by Food and Drug Administration, Skin Magical Beauty Products Trading is founded to provide excellent skin care products by using top of the line materials and innovation which also  aim to change the client’s perspective of beauty by using the products. Through the effective yet affordable products to help the clients to grow and expand their networks as well. The clients’ satisfaction and success is the top priority.”

For more information of the complete list of products and activities:

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