Sabado, Oktubre 17, 2020

Let's patronize our Own Filipino OWTO APP!

 In this unexpected time we commuters would like to have an affordable, safe and accessible means of transportation that we can relay on, It's very timely for the OWTO APP to cater to our Filipino commuting public.

Indeed we have brilliant Filipino developers that are apt with their counterpart in the world. Hooray to this thinktank for keeping in mind their countrymen.

Visit www.owtoph,com for more details about their services.

OwtoPhl is also on Facebook but was recently pulled down. This page is a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of Pandemic. It is a venue wherein we give jobs through announcements and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders. Hope this gets restored by Facebook soon for this is a big help to the riding public.

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