Lunes, Enero 18, 2021

JC shines as MLM Company of the Year in Asia Leaders Awards

The Asia Leaders Awards, a prestigious annual award-giving body that recognizes different individual leaders in their respective fields with emphasis on giving importance to the country as an emerging business hub, has recognized JC as the Multi-Level Marketing Company of the Year.

Since its establishment six years ago, JC’s commitment remains steadfast as the MLM Company solely dedicated to the improvement of one’s health and providing a decent means of earning an alternative source of income through its comprehensive compensation program.

The company takes pride in its consumer line, ranging from health, beauty, skincare, and wellness, to its personal care product line, as most of its ingredients were sourced from the highest and purest quality.

Few of JC’s quality and innovative health care products include the famed CopperMask and Ninja Ion which are considered as fashionable protection wearable and the non-acidic vitamin C known as CalVit-C which gained positive attention among the community as it helps protect one’s health by boosting the body’s immune system against the virus.

Other health and wellness products of JC that gained praises over time were the healthy and tasty Good Leaf Ashitaba Coffee, the monthly friendly K-pads Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin, and the nutrition-rich Organic Barley Juice drink from New Zealand that provides the nutritional supplement requirement to help complete an active day.

Aside from the numerous high quality and effective products that JC has lined up, it also has the most dynamic compensation program in the industry.

JC was considered in the MLM industry as a “Game Changer” when it made its incentive program realistically workable compared to most incentive programs existing in the MLM Industry. Moreover, during the months where the pandemic struck the hardest, JC’s innovative compensation program and its timely transition to the online business platform enabled the company to help thousands of its distributors to do business and continue to earn under the new normal conditions as the company continues to invest not only on product development but also in the company’s technological infrastructure as well.

With the recognition of being the MLM Company of the year by the Asia Leaders Award, JC remains committed more than ever with its goal of providing the Good Life that everyone deserves.









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