Sabado, Marso 27, 2021

AM-Additive Manufacturing

 DOST-ITDI Department of Science and Technology - Industrial Technology Development Institute on March 25, 2021 held the MATDEV - Materials Development forum with stakeholders. It tackled MATDEV Laboratory's on Additive Manufacturing (AM), which is a process of adding successive super thin layers of materials to produce models or prototypes which is often referred to as 3D printing.

AM ensures continual availability of spare parts, which is particularly useful in asset-heavy industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical. In some countries, the use of AM is widespread in machineries like turbines, handling and robotics, lifestyle and sports like jewelry and biking, and custom parts of classic cars. 

DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Pena spearheaded the shareholders forum and  advocating AM to the manufacturing  industry to make use of the 3D printers. Avail the services and facilities of its Industrial Technology and Development Institute (ITDI)

Dr. Annabelle V. Briones ITDI Director also mentioned "AM has been steadily growing a following, primarily because of its big market.

Giving face shields to different hospitals in the metropolis is part of ITDI in this trying time. 

The virtual forum  informed the  concerned industries and stakeholders their full support and readiness to cater to their needs.

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