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Godel Chocolate: A Philippine Brand


Godel is a trademark of JCG Marketing Group, Inc. which is  located at KM 19 East Service Road, Brgy. San Martin de Porres Paranaque City,Philippines. I and fellow on line media had an invitation to tour in July 6, 2021 Godel Chocolate Factory thru Dr Ver Garcia (Phd) as members of Bloggers Association of the Philippines. Ms. Marie of Godel Chocolate and their staff welcomed us warmly upon arrival at the site. A brief orientation about safety and health protocol was conducted.

Head and shoe covers were handed out before ushering us to the main factory. Ascending the staircase the chocolate fragrance filled the air triggering a sweet feeling in me. Traditional Tsokolate made of Tablea was offered before beginning the proper tour. The tablea drink perks up the start of the viewing of the entire process of production of cacao bean to the finished choco bar.

South Cotabato Organic fermented cacao beans are manually sorted out to separate the good cacao that is to be used, then it passes through different equipment and technology such as roasting, cracking, winnowing in the feeding machine, refining, conching, colloid mill, nut butter grinder, refiner, ball mill melanger, tempering, dosing moulding, cooling in the chiller, retarder proofer, cooling tunnel, demoulding then finally to packing. Which by the way, all these line of equipment for chocolate makers from sorting to packaging are all available for sale at Godel Solutions.

After the very infomative, interesting and enjoyable viewing of  bean-to-Bar Chocolate production, comes the much awaited part of all, unboxing and tasting of the finished products of Godel Chocolate: 

Hot Chocolate Bomb with Marshmallows- pouring the hot water in the egg shaped choco emerges a handful of white marshmallows.

70% Chocolate Bar

50% Chocolate Bar

50% Chocolate Bar

Cacao Tea 

Salted Caramel Chocolate

Chocolate with whole almonds

Chocolate with coco jam filling-which to me is the "star" of the buffet choco tasting, it really pleasured my taste buds and healthy eating diet.

A Happy Chocolatey Day Everyone!

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Godel Chocolate:
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