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BSP Talks Episode 2 highlights Balik Scientist and Host Institution Matching


The DOST’s Balik Scientist Program, in collaboration with Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea (PIKO), released the second episode of the BSP Talks titled “Match Tayo!” on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 11 AM via Facebook Live.

BSP Talks Episode 2 highlighted the different ways a Balik Scientist can match with a Host Institution. To demonstrate these, prospective applicants to the Program were shown as they interacted with select reputable R&D institutions.

In its first segment, an aspiring Balik Scientist identified a potential Host Institution they can partner with in pursuing R&D activities that matched their expertise. It shows how an expert can discover the appropriate Host Institution for them by looking at the potential host’s R&D priority areas and aligning this with their research interest.

The UP Marine Science Institute (MSI) was featured as an established research institute for the advancement of its four thematic areas for R&D: marine biodiversity and ecosystems, archipelagic oceanography, marine biotechnology, and coastal and marine climate change. The Institute takes pride in research spanning from the molecular level to ecosystem scale, which has brought on opportunities for more research endeavors.

In fact, MSI hosted 8 Balik Scientists from 2016 to 2019 alone and had several researches funded by the DOST. It has been home to Balik Puso experts such as Dr. Michael Roleda, Dr. Zenith Gaye Orozco, Dr. Deo Florence Onda, Dr. Charissa Ferrera, Dr. Janelli Lea Soria, Dr. Wilfred John SantiaƱez, Dr. Irene Rodriguez, and Dr. Charina Lyn Repollo.

Showcased in the second segment is Caraga State University (CSU), which demonstrated how a Host Institution can also reach out and tap a prospective Balik Scientist depending on their needs.

“In reaching the University’s vision and goals, we need more Balik Scientists,” Dr. Mark Anthony Lavapiez stressed, after acknowledging that Balik Scientist engagements in CSU empowered their capacity and capability to implement research.

With its 12 Research Centers, CSU is a Higher Education Institute (HEI) partner of the DOST in strengthening R&D in the region. It has recently hosted 4 Balik Scientists, namely, Dr. Anthony Halog, Dr. Julian Cacho, Dr. Engielle Mae Paguican, and Dr. Christian Mark Salvador.

The last segment showed how in some cases, the Program’s Secretariat may also assist in matching a prospective Balik Scientist with a potential Host Institution. This was illustrated with the matching of the BSP applicant with the DOST- Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI).

As one of DOST’s R&D institutes, ITDI has been developing relevant technologies and is continuously contributing its R&D innovations to DOST’s efforts, most especially in the establishment of the Virology and Vaccine Institute of the Philippines (VIP).

The VIP has been gaining ground with the support and expertise of Balik Scientists namely, Dr. Teodoro Fajardo, Dr. Myra Hosmillo, Dr. Elpidio Cesar Nadala, Dr. Lourdes Nadala, Dr. Christina Leyson, Dr. Leodevico Ilag and Dr. Homer Pantua.

ITDI also hosted and collaborated with Dr. Eufemio Barcelon, Dr. Mario Castillo, Dr. Arnold Lubguban, Dr. Dexter Rasonabe and Dr. Cynthia Goh under its major research areas.

Indeed, more and more S&T experts are taking interest in the Balik Scientist Program. Along with this, we also recognize the important part that Host Institutions play and why Balik Scientist and Host Institution matching is needed.

The Balik Scientist Act determines that Host Institutions may be public or private academic institutions, government agencies or locally registered industries who are undertaking research and development initiatives. More importantly, Host Institutions must be committed to ensure that Balik Scientists could accomplish their R&D activities for greater advancement of science, technology, and innovation.

Upon matching of the Balik Scientist and the Host Institution, viewers were left with a teaser for the third episode which focuses on the next step of the application process—how to accomplish the BSP Terms of Reference.

Visit: https://bsp.dost.gov.ph/ for furher information about the program

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