Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2022

Asia Digital Marketing Awards to highlight the best campaigns and the CEOs behind the best brands

The most effective campaign right now because of the reach not just in the Philippines but globally is through digital. In the Philippines, almost 75% in the population is using social media. Our organization launched in 2012 the Laguna Blogging Summit for 4 years and eventually transformed into Asia Leaders Forum series, Asia Digital Marketing Expo and Asia HR Expo. 

From the organisers who brought Twitter and Facebook speakers for the first time in the Philippines in 2016, here comes Asia Digital Marketing Awards 2022. 

We invited the best in media also to be part of the awards committee to check the nominations and endorsed  to be part of this FIRST prestigious awards ONLY about the people behind these successful brands and effective campaigns. 

•Edwin Sallan- Business Mirror 

•Blanca Mercado- The Manila Times 

•Jojo Silvestre- The Daily Tribune 

•Andrew Nicolas- Rising Tigers Magazine 

•Janette Toral- I Metrics Asia (The mother of E Commerce) 

•Robert Laurel Yupangco- Yupangco Group

•Tanyu III- E Hotels & Resorts 

•Dr. Elton See Tan- Asiaworld Internationale 





Best Digital Campaign

Best in Content 

Brand of the year 

CEO of the year 

Young CEO of the year 

Brand Manager of the year 

Poster of the year 

Brand Ambassador/Endorser of the year  

Best Advertising or Marketing on Mobile

Best Display Campaign

Best Search Marketing Campaign

Best Viral Marketing Campaign

Best Email Marketing Campaign

Best Social Media Marketing Campaign 

Best Mobile Marketing Campaign

Nominate by sending the following to 

1. Company profile 

2. Category 

3. Campaign 

4. CEO, Company or profile of the nominated in the category 

Gala night will be on September 22, 2022 at Hilton Manila and will be well attended by the credible media in the industry. By invite only.

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