Huwebes, Setyembre 8, 2022

One for All, All for One Family Sitcom is Coming this 2022!


Family is the basic unit of a society, thus a strong family can make a great nation.

Just like our  body, which comprises of parts that's working together for its wellness, happiness etc, is how family should be, too, one for all, all for one. 

Having attended INCTV One for All, All for One Family Sitcom launch/ prescon made me think how important a family needs to be one not just physically, but as a whole, emotionally mentally spiritually, that way they can face and overcome any hardships or challenges that may come their way. when together can make the tasks easier, if one is in harmony just like a healthy body, that can accomplished tasks and triumphant any trials and tests 

On the Q/A part, Mrs Gladys stated that the important learnings they had as family, on the 2 years of pandemic has given them more time for each other to bond, that the joy in simple things is priceless unlike when they were so busy with works before. The lock downs gave us time to stop and reflect. 

Life can be very challenging and hard but we have our back as family.

The first ever Family Sitcom of INCTV, starring celebrity couple Gladys Reyes Sommereux and Christopher Roxas is coming soon! 

For the Dimaguiba family, fun and laughter are their shields to life struggles. Their encounters with others shed light on their firm resolve to keep the family uplifted. Witness the Dimaguibas' life-changing journey as they unite to overcome obstacles, while rediscovering each other's aspirations and remaining anchored to the true faith.

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