Biyernes, Pebrero 10, 2023

Health is Wealth: A visit to RichCorp Farm and Processing Plant

An Escapade to the saying "Health is Wealth" unfolds to our visit to the Farm and processing plant of RICHCorp maker of traditional and  alternative medicinal plant.  Sir Patrick Roquel and Dra Elinor Tee Roquel, the gracious owners afforded the invited visitors, a warm welcome as well as full knowledge of the benefits and healing effect of their FDA and DOH line up of products.

Presentation of the mission and vision of the  company and what it offers that was inspired by  former Secretary of Health and Senator Dr. Juan M.Flavier also known as "Doctor to the Barrios" who sponsored and authored Traditional Medicine Law gave me a nostalgic reminisce of my mother, who was an advocate of medicinal plant which has rub into me in maintaining good health.

During the onset of the so called pandemic the company's CSR distributed more than a handful of Lagundi powder to Local Government Units to take care of our "kababayans".

Strolling in the vast plantation of the organic  medicinal plant and getting oriented with the scent form, what month it should be planted, harvested, producing quality plants and interacting with the farmers was such a fascinating afternoon.

Below are the products available to the market:


IMMUNE ADVANCE- A food supplement " pampalakas ng resistensya ng katawan "

Happy Cha - 100% powdered dried lagundi TEA BEVERAGE

Flavon Pro- Antioxidant - Yerba Buena

Andas Spray-Moisturizer for Skin


LOCO MOSQUIN LOTION-Hand and Body Moisturizer with Natural Citronella oil


ANDAS DEFENSE HAND SANITIZER with Aloe Vera to moisturize skin - Antibacterial, Antiviral


Find Them@


09190001738 hotline







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