Linggo, Hunyo 4, 2023

A Celebration Of Life With The Needy


While it’s a custom for many to celebrate ones birthdays with family and friends to thank for their existence and for being grateful, Atty. Joe Redoblado opted to celebrate his 75th birthday with and for the indigent children. 

“Instead of treating my relatives, old officemate, and old friends to lunch on my 75th bday, I opted to treat poor young children to lunch. First Part was the cathechism conducted by the sisters of visitation, the second part was the lunch consisting of spaghetti, fried  chicken and drinks, the third part was the magician which was liked by the children and adult. The laughter and joy experienced by the children was one of the memories I'll treasure. I noticed the poor children do not finish their food, but instead they bring it  home.”- Atty. Joe Redoblado 

Atty. Joe Redoblado belongs to Kiwanis International, Philippine Luzon District as its former Governor of the District and part of Division 3A, Pasay Club. His birthday celebration with the needy is just a testament that in heart and mind, helping the children is part of his personality. 

Kiwanis Club of Pasay is also celebrating their 53rd year anniversary. They participated and supported the 1000 Days Alliance that was recently launched at The Manila Hotel in solidarity with different civic and government organizations that help implement the RA 11148. They participated in the booth and sent many attendees.

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