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Fly High with Philippine Airlines Business Class by Grace Bondad Nicolas

It’s human nature to seek a comfortable life and one way to experience that is to work hard for our goals. Whether you’re successful employed or a hard working entrepreneur, everyone deserves an indulgence. 

For 82 years, Philippine Airlines is making sure that all those handwork deserves an indulgence.  For those who are looking for comfort and luxury at a competitive price, PALs Business Class is what you are looking for.

The Business Class cabin has a number of complimentary services and amenities, such as high-quality food and restaurant level cocktail drinks, larger and more comfortable seating, a personal workspace, travel kits and an overwhelming service from the flight attendants. What's included with a Business Class ticket differs from airline to airline, with some, more extravagant than others.


The passengers at Business Class have their own lane at the check in counters, that means lesser queuing since most aircraft especially those traveling in Asia have only 12-18 seats per flight,  and your luggage’s will have a “priority” stickers too,  it means your luggage gets the VIP treatment.

For Philippine Airlines, according to the President and Chief Operations Officer, Captain Stanley K. Ng, Business Class available seats differ on their travel destinations; 

West Coast US - 42 seats

East Coast  US - 30 seats

Middle East and Australia - 18 seats

Asia - 12-18 seats

Usually are the first to enter too in the aircraft which means less waiting time.


If you haven’t tried yet the comfort in Business Class, if you have the ticket, you will receive a complimentary access in their lounges. Philippine Airlines have “Mabuhay Lounge” in their domestic and international flights in the Philippines and you’ll enjoy the unlimited food inside. There are USB ports also, which means additional battery life for your gadgets. 

After your unlimited meals which includes cocktails at Mabuhay Lounge, once you’re inside the aircraft, the flight attendants will serve their welcome drinks (Sodas, Tea, Juiced) and combined with the offerings of Cashew or Almond nuts as snacks, unlike at Economy which usually serves with peanuts and water. Did I mentioned about the hot towels? 

While you’re enjoying the comfortability, the flight attendant will distribute your complimentary slippers and the travel pouch with a toothbrush, face towel and eye mask. A pillow and blanket must be in your seat when you arrive to make you more feel at home. 

Since you visited the Mabuhay Lounge or any partner lounge of Philippine Airlines, chances are you’re still full from indulging with the buffet spread, the flight attendant will hand over the menu for your meal. It’s not a choice between the pork or fish but there’s 3 options instead, can be fish, pork or beef. Oh the array of the drinks from sodas, juices, liquors or cocktails and you can order all. 

The meal

In Business Class, you have an appetizer which looks like better than the main meal in Economy Class. The flight attendant can serve also a Russian style offering of bread selections. 

The Seats 

When you can recline and make the comfy seat in horizontal position, it’s the dream of anyone in the plane. The availability of USB port and universal outlet are heaven, that means no more low battery as long as you’re in Business Class. 


On traveling when booking for a flight, the first that we check is the cost of the seats if you’re in a budget restriction but is it worth it flying Business Class or First Class? the answer would be yes especially if you’re on a long haul international flight for that extra service and comfortability. 

A comfort flight is a necessity when traveling. Being able to relax and have a good rest on the flight definitely helps to set the travel journey in that relaxing direction. For that Business Class dream, here are the summary of the perks; Priority Check-In, Check-in procedure is much easier and more convenient, Additional Baggage Allowance, Business Class Lounge, Priority Boarding, Gourmet food in the aircraft with cocktails, Bigger and Better Seats, Travel Kits and First to leave the aircraft. 

Enjoy Philippine Airlines, The Heart of the Filipino.

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