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Profiles of Excellence Second Coffee Table Book of Par Excellence Entrepreneur Grace Bondad Nicholas


Founder & Publisher of  Rising Tigers Magazine & Asia Leaders Awards Grace Bondad Nicolas will launch her second Coffee Table Book "Profiles of Excellence" in National Bookstore Megamall at 2PM on February 10, 2024 her natal day.


These leaders believe in the saying that "Time is Gold" and can't be retrieved with such a perspective that’s why they are making an impact in this generation selflessly, coming from different industries and making sure that they are working tirelessly not just only for the organizations they belong too but also for nation building and having in mind social responsibility.

The legacy is imperative. These leaders must not be forgotten. Same as the leaders that we are looking up these days, local or international, whether we like it or not, they are shaping the future. 

In this coffee table book, award-winning serial entrepreneur Grace Bondad Nicolas  interviews  Asia’s emerging leaders, high profile entrepreneurs, and captains from different industries in her Rising Tigers Magazine and Asia Leaders Awards to inspire the readers, learn valuable insights and to emulate the featured icons. Sharing it also and compiled in this book to reach more audience and to inspire more. 

What Grace learns is that these great leaders  are no different from the rest of us. They are hustling, they shared same challenges but they arrived triumphantly. Billionaires or not, they are successful on what they are doing. Well, success sometimes is mindset but we have measurements of success. 

They, too, come from all walks of life. They have bad ideas. They doubt themselves but they surrounded themselves with equally great leaders to support them. They fail mostly but still keeps on fighting for the goal they want to achieve. At the end, more successful than they ever imagine. That’s how these leaders inspire the nation. Whether from business or public service, all of them are the icons of this generation. 

Profiles of Excellence offers a rare glimpse into the mindset, habits, and methods that have helped these individuals find success in their professional or personal lives. Through interview and the vantage points of the author, in her own imagination, she compiled the stories and made it into the 2nd coffee table book under her visionary mind.

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