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Manila International Auto Show 2015 At World Trade Center And PhillTrade

There’s no denying that summer has officially arrived in our side of the planet. And turning the heat up several degrees higher is no less than the annual Manila International Auto Show or MIAS 2015, which officially opened its doors, last April 9. Running until April 12, this year’s auto madness occupies the entirety of the World Trade Center Manila complex with a total exhibition area of 30,000 m2 – including the WTC and Philippine Trade Training Center and Annex Tents A and B, the country’s biggest auto show also spreads throughout the outdoor area to give way for the stunt area and outdoor test driving area.

    Living up to its reputation as the most-anticipated auto show in the country, MIAS is bent on upping its A-game each year as it seeks to break previous records as a fiery evidence of its gamechanging flair. Last year, as it celebrates its first decade in the industry, over a hundred thousand visitors gathered to witness over 500 cars and trucks on display along with over 90 units of motorbike displays from 30 different brands and a collective total of 139 exhibitors and participating companies to showcase the latest and greatest innovations and trends from the automotive scene.           

     Most definitely, this year is no different, if not only bigger and bolder as MIAS rolls out another groundbreaking gathering of the toughest and fiercest parts and rides for all car lovers, industry players, and automotive enthusiasts to witness and marvel at.
   In time for summer, MIAS 2015 explores an aspect of automobiles that is easily taken for granted as car lovers get caught up in the technicalities – which is the essential ability of automobiles to bring us to both familiar places and unchartered territories that are merely waiting to be explored. As such, MIAS banners the theme of the Great Outdoors as it pays homage to vehicles that will make the journey just as captivating as the destination.

   Amid the countless exciting activities and pocket events that await visitors, auto freaks and trade players of the field are bound for a jaw-dropping experience as a handful of the most sought-after car models, ideal for going on the road or off of it, take center stage.

    Starting off with the Mazda2, which promises a high quality, sporty interior, and excellent driving performance. Following the CX-5, Mazda6, and Mazda3, this one likewise carries the company’s Skyactiv fuel-efficiency technology that includes high-compression gasoline engines, and the Kodo-Soul of Motion design theme. Thus, bagging the honor of being Japan’s Car of the Year last October.
Next in the line-up is the Ford Mustang. Now running on its 50th year, Ford breathes new life into the classic sportscar nameplate by shifting to a more modern aesthetic. Cues like the three-bar taillights, galloping horse badges and the unmistakable profile still identify this as fire-breathing Mustang.

    Getting  a luxurious upgrade is the Subaru Outback, which now comes with a powerful 3.6-liter flat six now mated to a CVT for better fuel economy. Despite the plush leather-decked interior, the Outback is a full-fledged SUV, now made more capable with Subaru’s electronic off-road mode taking charge of the full-time all-wheel drive system.

    The appeal of Britain’s favorite automotive icon has definitely expanded as it introduces a crossover vehicle with more space than ever for passengers and cargos. With its iconic flair and excellent driving feel, the Mini Countryman can suitably represent the Mini badge.
Mashing up automotive categories is no easy feat, but it comes as no surprise that leading premium brand BMW makes it look so easy once again with the X4. The four-door SUV with the styling of a sport coupe packs BMW’s latest technology, from the twin-turbo gasoline and diesel engines to 8-speed transmissions and the adaptive four-wheel drive system.
If your summer itinerary includes heading up twisty roads, then the new Volkswagen Golf GTI is more than ready to play with its turbocharged gasoline engine which delivers massive torque. From overtaking and acceleration to turning in tight corners, the electronic differential will make the trip a delight.

    Going where no pickup has even gone before, the Foton 4x4 Thunder Ironman includes standard offroad equipment such as raised suspension and chunky all-terrain tires. With its 225-mm ground clearance, Black Rhino alloys, and 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine, the Ironman can cross rivers, traverse mountains all the while you enjoy its full-featured interior.

   Taking after its name, the Chevrolet Trailblazer will keep the ride pleasant on any road surface with its 500-Nm diesel engine and six-speed manual or automatic. Meanwhile, its electronic four-wheel drive system and ladder chassis will take one wherever without having to break a sweat.
If heading outdoors is more work than play, the Xenon pickup is up for the job. With the 1,430 millimeters x 1,410 mm load bed able to withstand up to 260 kg, the Tata Xenon is also capable of towing 1,800kg fo the 4x2 or 2,200kg for the 4x4 model.

   When the family’s needs come in first, one can rest assured that Mitsubishi can deliver a lifestyle pick-up that is equpped to cater to the needs of every member. The next generation Strada features an all-new exterior and interior and a 2.5-liter diesel with variable geometry turbo.
Compact but ever-ready, the KIA Sportage comes with a 2.4-liter gasoline or 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine, an all-wheel drive and a decent ground clearance which allows it to easily switch mode whether as a city vehicle or a countryside companion.

    For those who wish to go everywhere without leaving trails, the Qin is a plug-in hybrid compact sedan developed by BYD Auto with an all-electric range of 70 km and a hybrid electric power train that can extend the car’s total range to a distance similar to a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.
    From brand new cars, hybrid cars, to concept car launches, MIAS is indeed the biggest one-stop car exposition which gathers the biggest automotive brands under one roof. Moreover, it makes the experience a multifaceted one as it not only showcases the latest auto parts but also offer up a range of worthwhile events such as the electronic gadgets exhibits, motorsports clinic, demos, and on-road and off-road test drives.

   Also among the anticipated events at MIAS is the Custom and Classic Car Competition as presented by Petron, the country’s leading fuel brand along with other car contests which seeks to recongize the groundbreaking efforts of car owners and exhibitors such as the Car of the Year Awards. On top of everything else, MIAS 2015 also teams up with one of the country’s biggest auto loan provider, BPI Family Savings Back to offer car lovers an smoother transaction experience when applying for auto loans.

   This summer, head out and explore the world beyond your own. But before you do so, you better be well equipped with a ride that’s up for the adventure you’re taking! To make sure that you do, hurry fast and make a stop at the 11th Manila International Auto Show or MIAS 2015 until April 12 at the World Trade Center Manila complex, from 10am to 10pm.
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