Sabado, Disyembre 16, 2017

PRRC Chief Goitia bares PRRC accomplishments and 2022 Plans

Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia delivered his State of the Pasig River Address at the Asia Leaders Forum in Makati Shangrila Hotel that happened last December 14, 2017.
Exec. Dir. Goitia, who took oath before President Rodrigo R. Duterte last June 29, 2017, and had 25 years of public service experience under his belt in addition to his proven track record in business industry, highlighted the commission’s unprecedented achievements.
Few days before the forum, only in Duterte’s term that the BASECO and Napindan pig pens polluting the Pasig River with untreated animal wastes were raided and dismantled, a problem neglected for the past 19 years.
Almost 20,000 informal settler families living along the banks of the Pasig River and its tributaries were likewise relocated.
Private properties were also not exempted. To date, over 300 privately-owned structures encroaching the legal easements were dismantled at no expropriation cost to the Philippine Government.
In addition, PRRC transformed 14 polluted tributaries into environmental preservation areas with walkways, vegetable and herbal gardens, and solar lamps.
“Through strong implementation of projects and efforts that will help revive the Pasig River into a condition conducive for transport, recreation, and tourism,” he said.
“Together with PRRC and the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, we are able to bring together the country leaders and experts from both the private and government sectors to discuss what could be the future landscape of real estate based on statistics, research, and master plans,” said Tag Media’s Chief Operations Officer Grace B. Nicolas.
“Real estate is not just about buildings but also about technology, innovation, and environment like the Pasig River- the lifeline of our nation,” she further added.
“By 2022 and beyond, we expect that the properties near the Pasig River will rise in value, and that the people will enjoy hassle-free commute to the South with our dream Pasig River-Laguna de Bai multimodal express transportation,” concluded the PRRC chief.

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