Linggo, Enero 21, 2018

Pasig River to Cavite Superferry service to ease worsening MM traffic

A superferry service connecting the Pasig River to Cavite will soon ease the worsening traffic condition in Metro Manila and provide ease in transportation among commuters. This is after the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission ( PRRC ) and the Intramuros Administration ( IA ) have entered into agreement with a private operator for the Cavite-Pasig River Ferry system on January 19, 2018.

In its concern to facilitate and provide ease in transportation among its constituents through the construction, maintenance and operation of a ferry terminal along the Pasig River banks in Intramuros, PRRC has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Cavite Super Ferry transport Inc., ( SFTI ) for the said project. For its part, IA has agreed to cooperate with the operation and purpose of the said project in line with its function to preserve, develop and administer major cultural landmarks for the perpetuation of Filipino Heritage and enhancement of our national identity.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goita said the establishment of a reliable, affordable, and efficient Pasig River Ferry System is crucial for commuter transport and disaster response and will contribute to a more sustainable Metro Manila. To kick off the project, PRRC, IA and SFTI signed a Memorandum of Agreement ( MOA ) at Plaza Mexico, Intramuros.

Under the agreement, PRRC shall extend to SFTI pertinent assistance in securing the necessary authorizations, apprivals, licenses and permits from cencerned government agencies for the early and expeditious completion of the project. In addition, PRRC shall assist the SFTI in availing of any incentives or privileges or the like provided under the law such as the Philippine Omnibus Investments Code. SFTI, for its part, shall fund the construction of the ferry terminal in accordance with the ferry station design requirements that will be provided by IA. It is also in charge for the maintenance, insurance, overhead, miscellaneous, permits and taxes. In addition, SFTI shall operate and maintain the ferry terminal in accordance with, and under the supervisory control of the IA. It shall also construct, retain, control, and own the Ferry pontoons in the ferry terminal in accordance with, and under the supervisory of the PRRC. As its investment protection, SFTI will have its " Pioneering Status " for the ferry route and ferry docking area. The SFTI will also support the advocacy of PRRC's " Puso para sa Ilog Pasig " to help clean up and rehabilitate the Pasig River: While IA shall provide SFTI land by way of lease, and the exact location where the terminals will be constructed. The IA shall also secure and encourage operators of Elec tric Tricycle ( ETrike ) to place ETrikes within the vicinity of the ferry terminal for the easy access and convenience of the passengers. In cooperation with the operator, IA shall be responsible in bringing in tourists to try and experience the ferries. In the same vein, IA shall assist to further the efforts of the Department of Tourism ( DOT ) by promoting the Cavite - Pasig River Ferry Station.

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