Lunes, Enero 8, 2018

UBP : " WHATTA " Lovely Party

We Have A Treasured Time Attendance of a full of fun and enjoyable thanksgiving party held at Romulo Cafe of UBP. An afternoon where in the party goers took the effort in dressing up to the theme of " The Great Gatsby " . It formally started with a heartfelt invocation led by the lovely Eunnie Medina.

The Ang family had their hands full in making sure that everyone had a memorable moment on Jan 7, 2018. The lovely couple including their lovely unica hija did a warm welcomed to all of us.

Their was a line up of games, raffles, exchanges of gifts where in the lovely attendees had a lovely afternoon of laughters and bonding.

Thank you lovely personas and sponsors who made the day moments to treasure. May God Almighty bless us all even more so.

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