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Celebrate Everything Furry at FurryPinas 2018

Do you know what a Furry is?  Well, if you have seen movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zootopia, The Lion King, shows such as My Little Pony, or anime such as Pokemon then you might have an idea. FurryPinas 2018, happening on May 19-20 at the SMX Convention Center, is a celebration of everything furry. The convention’s vision is to serve as the annual hub for furry or anthropomorphic media.

FurryPinas 2018 will be the first ever furry convention open to the public, after its first event in 2014. Holding the record as being the first furry convention in Southeast Asia, FurryPinas is the official and only furry convention in the Philippines. 

What is the Furry Hobby?

Furry is not only a fandom, but also a hobby.  If you enjoy looking at personified animals in different forms of media be it movies, TV shows, anime, comics, etc., then you are part of the Furry hobby. Some examples of animal characters would include famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, and many more.

Most of the communities involved in the Furry Hobby had been established long ago.  Take for example Sylvanian Families, one of the most popular toys in the market which has existed since 1985. Made by the Japanese gaming company Epoch in 1985, Sylvanian Families is a collection of anthropomorphic animal figurines and model sets. Distributed around the world, they have become so popular that there is a growing community here in the Philippines, one that remains strong to this day.

Other communities such as a fanbase for Pokemon have been very lively since the countless adorable critters have been popping out not only in our gaming consoles, but also in our phones, in the form of Pokemon Go. It is not uncommon to see someone throwing virtual Pokeballs at a virtual Pokemon while walking.
Why would you attend FurryPinas 2018?

It is one of the most unique conventions happening this 2018. If you will be attending, then you are among the first to experience this one of a kind event.  Despite being such a unique event, the tickets are also affordable with the basic entry level ticket costing at Php 115 inclusive of a lanyard and a con ID badge (early bird).

That’s not all! Anyone who purchases a ticket will surely get freebies during the event.  FurryPinas 2018 recognizes everyone who supports the event, no matter the type of ticket they buy, but do remember that greater freebies are in store for those who want more.

If you are an artist, designer, cosplayer, a fan of movies, shows, toys, and other content featuring anthro or humanized animals then you would not want to miss this.  This event will bring you various activities and features which you will surely love!

What happens at FurryPinas 2018?

FurryPinas 2018 brings two huge guests in the Furry Hobby.  First is Pocari Roo, an Australian furry fan and full-time YouTuber with over 100 videos on her channel and over 50,000 subscribers. She is primarily known for her Youtube channel where she does vlogs, music videos, how-tos, Q&As, and more, with a family friendly rating and a primary focus on being positive, entertaining, and helpful.

Bapogichi is also guesting at FurryPinas 2018.  A fan of the furry hobby with over 40,000 followers, Bapogichi is a popular illustrator known for his various fanart of anime, webcomics, cartoons, and video games. Bapogichi is one of the moderators of the popular Buhay Kolehiyo that features personified versions of different universities in the Philippines.

Of course, the event reserves tons of interactive activities for all attendees, including talks and seminars relating to the Furry Hobby, an area to play different video games from retro to modern games and tabletop games, various contests on and off the stage, and dances and performances, among others.

One highlight of FurryPinas 2018 includes the Furry Rave Party, happening at the very end of the con, which is a celebration for all Furry Hobbyist to enjoy. Also, don’t forget the dealers den, tavern area, carnival area, and many more!

So mark your calendars on May 19-20, and let’s all go to FurryPinas 2018!

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