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JCI Makati-The Way To Go


It is never about winning nor the accolade. JCI Makati completed their projects to better themselves and to rise as one with the filipino people whom lives they have touched during this pandemic. --- 2021 JCI Makati President Lawrence Li Tan. 

14 Golden Titan Awards and 10 Merit Awards were vested upon JCI Makati in the recently 

concluded Area Conference of JCI Metro South Area last September 18, 2021. 

Joined by local organizations of the JCI Metro South Area, with 24 awards to contend on and more than 100 entries received. JCI Makati experienced a very humbling experience to be honored on the  programs and projects that they accomplished for the year 2021.

Headed by its President Lawrence Li Tan, the local organizations have seen the value of collaboration,  mentorship, cooperation with different other non- government organizations, companies and government agencies. Their projects proved that best outcomes are achievable if its mission were shared by more people in achieving a common good.

JCI Makati’s RISE AS ONE platinum agenda for the year composed of more than 500 projects that were anchored on helping gear the economy to be resilient in times of pandemic.

Programs were created that were focused on different society sectors, but activities were meant to mentor and coach Filipinos to be business minded and utilize their unique talents, creativity and skills to their advantage.

Oversees Filipino Workers were not helped to go find their own horizon outside the country, but rather displaced OFWs because of the pandemic were taught to be new entrepreneurs.

This was done with the premise that less Filipinos will find beauty of leaving the country to seek for better employment abroad in the future. Projects of JCI Makati were created to help Filipinos from different parts of the country to be resilient and to see opportunities, even in the most challenging time of the pandemic.

The local organization was able to push for its projects and programs with the help of its corporate sponsors and partnerships with different organization who share the same advocacies. 

Much were accomplished with collaborations and the unreachable Filipino Indigenous People (IP) were also reached with the help of JCI Makati’s partner organizations and donors. 

List of Golden Titan Awards:

1. Most Outstanding JCI Member: KURTain Call: 17 Years of Kurt Soliman as a Member Servant Leader

2. Most Outstanding Project Chair: He Rose for the Heroes Project Chair: Mark Dennis Uyaco

3. Most Outstanding JCI Trainer: Nic Satur Jr.

4. Best JCI RISE Program: HEROES Program Project Chair: Mark Dennis Uyaco

5. Best Individual Development Program: UPLIFT Project Chair: Nic Satur Jr.

6. Best Local Global Goals Project: UNSDG World Congress Project Chair: Kurt Soliman

7. Best Local Community Impact Program: Mold to Success Project Chair: Marc Queaño

8. Best Digital Marketing Campaign: Go Digital

Project Chair: Marc Queaño

9. Best JCI Week: JCI Fiesta

Project Chair: Marc Queaño

10. Best Peace Advocacy Program: One withRamadan

Project Chair: Tani Basman

11. Best Sports and Wellness Development Program: PLAY IT FORWARD Project Chair: Sidney Cuesta

12. Best Fund Raising Program: BARYANIHAN Project Chair: Ken Okuya

13. Best Long Term Local Community Program: Ten Outstanding Students of JCI Makati (TOSM) Project Chair: Elmar Nabisa

14. Best Education Program: Sinag Aralan Project Chair: Elmar Nabisa

Merit Awards:

1. Most Outstanding President for Category 1: A gLANCE of Leadership : Lawrence Li Tan

2. Most Outstanding JCI Senator: 

3. Most Outstanding Local Organization: We Rise As One

4. Best Website: Click Green

Project Chair: Andrew Mañacop

5. Best Local Organization Publication: CORE Project Chair: Marc Queaño

6. Best Cultural Affairs Program: IPs on the Rise

Project Chair: Marc Queaño

7. Best Public Relations Program: Moving On Business

Project Chair: Herbert Joey Garcia

8. Best youth development Program: P.I.N.C. Youth Congress 2021 Project Chair: Lawrence Li Tan

9. Best Civic Involvement Program: Mushroom to Classroom Project Chair: Jhopet Fines

10. Best Animal Welfare: Tamaraw Guardians Project Chair: Marc Queaño

True to JCI Creed, service to humanity is the best work of life” JCI Makati exceeded what they thought were impossible. Thus above all the challenges that they met along the way while helping the Filipinos, our environment and animals, JCI Makati brothers also helped themselves by finding comfort within the organization. Realizing that there is more to life other than being self-centered and self-pitying, and that their life can be so much more if it is shared by many by being of service to others and this planet.

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