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Achieving Sustainable Development Goals with Corporate Technology Framework Adoption


The 2020s present a global challenge for us all as problems were paramount from the pandemic, the extreme effects of climate change and the still growing global population that raises concerns on the sustainability of this planet’s co-habitation.

We as citizens, businesses and corporations are called upon to think of ways to help the future be more sustainable, habitable and inclusive for all. This mindset began with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outreach programs and it pave the way for a more passionate and creative mindset on how we can do more --- able to utilize our talents, programs and specializations in forming ground-breaking sustainability solutions that spin out from the usual business and technology solutions.

One of the biggest promising solutions in creating life-changing and game-changing solutions on sustainability is the utilization of solutions framework --- retrofitted out of business use cases into social use cases that aim to benefit communities, ecological diversity and help solve sustainability challenges.

Frontier Technology for Frontier Sustainability

Sustainability is at the frontier of our future and with every considerable solutions being thought about to ensure the co-habitation and preserving the world’s endangered bio-diversity. With technology changing industries to pivot to automation, the said emerging technologies for frontier technology could equally serve for a greater pivot to cleaner, greener, net-zero and a more sustainable portfolio for the environment. These frontier technologies are: 3D Printing, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Quantnum Computing among others. Their high impact utilization business and industries have proven to gain new grounds on efficiency and seamlessness in processes. With the same use case pivot, these frontier technologies can be utilized to contribute immensely to the world’s sustainable development challenges.

• Achieving net-zero emissions

• Measure performance and grading of sustainability and environmental impact

• Enforce greater responsibility and transparency on business & industrial impact on the

environment and contribution to climate change

• Enact a consortium of sustainable and environment-friendly framework for mass


• Helping developing nations to fast track their economic growth without compromising

environment and social sustainability

• Collaborate on the most immense and intensive environmental problems with a co-opted

solutions framework

Development and Sustainability Framework Mindset

In retro-fitting business and industry solutions to be made applicable to help boost sustainability efforts globally, the solutions cycle of R&D, immersive analytics, gauging performance indicators, engaging stakeholders and utilization of key technologies will help fast track the development of tech-aided sustainability solutions geared towards societal inclusivity and sustainable development:

• R&D for greener and more ecological businesses

• Renewability and Circular economy for households, communities and regions

• Mitigating the impact of climate change to lessen weather extremities

• Giving a blueprint for sustainable development goals to developing countries so they

don’t fall into the loop of pollutants that were achieved by the G7 in their development


• Incentivising cleaner and greener net-zero energy production

• Investing in sustainable and green bonds

In history, technology has alleviated society from diseases, unsafe drinking water, sanitation in living and overall a better quality of life. As the world races to ensure that the future is deemed more sustainable and co-habitable with our endangered natural diversity, technology will play a major part in reinventing how we do business, how we impact the environment and how we can be agents in preserving and co-existing with nature.

About DynaQuest

DynaQuest is an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider with the focus on developing high level solutions design for a more sustainable and efficient economical industries. From sustainable frameworks with Blockchain and a more inclusive society through digital identity management and fintech integration, DynaQuest is working with private sustainability groups in creating solutions for frontier markets.

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