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Partnering with Airspeed and Making it Happen


One of the most vital industries that were allowed to operate in the midst of the pandemic is the logistics industry. In order to ensure the country’s subsistence, the importance of the logistics industry to each individual and sector of the  society, and even the economy became evident and more prominent. 

Businesses, however large or small, need logistics support in some way or another in order to function and carry out their objectives. It is necessary for an enterprise’s well-being and success to partner with and a trustworthy and dependable logistics service provider like Airspeed. 

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Established in 1985, Airspeed has stayed true to its mission of providing the highest quality of logistics services and innovative end-to-end solutions that bring forth rewarding and growth-oriented opportunities to its clients and stakeholders.

Fabriquem Integrated Resources, Inc., a one-stop-shop telecom contractor and equipment maintenance system company, started working with Airspeed. Yosh Yoshida, President and CEO of Fabriquem Integrated Resources, Inc. said

“This pandemic has caused disruption in our business-as-usual processes. Last year, we were going through a rough time mobilizing our materials and equipment from Manila to Cebu. Through the help of Ms. Maan Camille Lumbang (Business Development Manager, Airspeed) and her team, we were able to effectively navigate through the challenges of the pandemic.

Since partnering with Airspeed, we have experienced and improved the process of shipment around the country. Airspeed’s reliability contributed greatly in our pursuit to keep the quality of our service intact. Airspeed offers efficient and reliable service while maintaining price sensitivity!”

Another Airspeed client/partner, Axelum Resources Corp., is a manufacturer of various coconut- based products that devotes a large portion of its production for export to the world’s major continents.  Henry J. Raperoga, President and Chief Operating Officer of Axelum Resources Corp. explained that the 

the main reason why they decided to partner with Airspeed is because they were having a lot of problems on importation, brokers, and even their own people.  “Our importation was subjected to many requirements, delay of release of cargoes, and paper requirements.

Airspeed handled everything without a hitch since then. They professionally and efficiently handle everything, making sure not to add up more cost, etc. Now, warehousing and importation of Axelum are exclusively handled by Airspeed.”. 

When asked how Airspeed has helped in sustaining Axelum during the pandemic, Raperoga said: “During COVID-19, most of the businesses were paralyzed in action and stopped due to uncertainty. But not Airspeed, they were dedicated to delivering our raw materials, ensuring that we could run our production needs.

Who would’ve imagined they could make it possible to have their own charter flight while the country was facing limited flights? Unknown to many, Airspeed also encouraged their partners and friends to feed frontliners. Where can you find a company doing business on the side and doing CSR programs to help people?

They are not just a core business but truly a partner with heart. A model company worth supporting. They always make things happen”. He also praised the Airspeed team led by Chairman and CEO Rosemarie Rafael and her team.

He enthused: “They are full of energy and enthusiasm, making sure that jobs are always efficiently and effectively implemented. In addition, it is truly amazing that the Airspeed team are dominated by women”.

When a company partners with a logistics service provider, it basically puts its own fate into the latter’s hands. For 35 years, Airspeed has always endeavored, innovated, and evolved to provide the best in end-to-end logistics so that clients like Fabriquem Integrated Resources, Inc. and Axelum Resources Corporation are able to meet their business goals that ultimately help in improving the lives of their stakeholders and contribute in the most important task of nation-building.

Airspeed is a corporate logistics company focused in Freight Forwarding Solutions, Customs Clearance, Customized Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, and Dedicated Demand. With its growing network, Airspeed aims to make it happen to all of its stakeholders, as it has for over 35 years.

Founded in 1985 as an International Air Freight Forwarder, Airspeed is now one of the country’s most trusted and fastest growing logistics brand serving the B2B and B2C market.

Airspeed can make it happen for you: Visit, or call (632) 854 – 1284, 852- 7359, 852-7376 or 854- 1291; Email at, and follow Airspeed (Facebook) and airspeedgroupph (Instagram).

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