Martes, Enero 9, 2024

JC Founders Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang recognized as Captains of Industry and Asia Leaders.

On January 7, 2024, Asia Leaders Awards and Rising Tigers Magazine honored the founders of JC with more than 3,000 members are present. The event 'JC Go Global Kick-Off 2024' was held at the Metrotent. 

Asia Leaders Awards board that were present are H.E  Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Bin Castelino, Tag Media Group CEO Andrew Troy Nicolas, and Tag Media Group COO Grace Bondad Nicolas. Rising Tigers Top Management, CMO Andria Terese Nicolas, Rising Tigers Co-Owners Atty. Arnel Mateo, and Sarah Mateo. 

JC was awarded 'Best Natural Supplement' and 'Franchising Hall of Famer of the Year' by Asia Leaders Awards. 

H.E Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Bin Castelino Ambassador of Malaysia emphasized that leaders with strong influence are the Nation Builders.

"The organization of Asia Leaders Awards meticulously approved all the honorees based on their grit, sustainability, impact in the society and success. These are the men and women who has a big influence in their peers and reaching out big time for the welfare of the nation. These are the real nation builders." 

"Today, we will honor them again, on this stage for the exemplary contribution in helping the nation not just here in the Philippines but also worldwide. Congratulations Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, you both deserve the Asia Leaders Awards with Hall of Famer under Siomai King and JC for Best Natural Supplement of the Year." The Ambassador added.

The Country's leading Business and Lifestyle Magazine, Rising Tigers recognised Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang as Captains of Industry.

Rising Tigers CMO Andria Terese Nicolas emphasized the contribution of JC to Nation Building.

"A leader must have a winning standard of performance which makes it inevitable for them to achieve success. Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang established an empire that changed the business industry because of the impact they have made in the lives of the people.We, the Rising tigers Magazine believes that Leadership is an endless and noble pursuit in many ways. To become a triumph, you must think, work and live like a triumph."

Nicolas also highlight the vision of Rising Tigers is aligned to the contribution of JC to the Filipinos.

"Aligned with the vision of Rising Tigers we know that JC is contributing to Nation Building and we are proud to announce that JC is one of our Captains of Industries, sharing to all the path to greatness."

Rising Tigers Magazine is the most distributed Business and Lifestyle Magazine in the Philippines. The Magazine is available in National bookstore branches and all Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge. This year, Rising Tigers will now be publishing bi-monthly and will be having multiple forums and expos.

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