Huwebes, Enero 25, 2024

Quintessential Leaders receive Trailblazer Award from Net 25

 The First Net25 Awards will honor trailblazers from different industries that includes Ramon S. Ang and it's San Miguel Corporation for their exemplary contribution in nation building. 

Some of the companies and organisations that will be honored includes Puregold, Shawarama Shack, SPD Jobs, Mister Donut, Comelec, Philippine Airlines and Brilliant Skin Essentials among others. 

Lauded as a prodigious leader and a trailblazer in the realm of entrepreneurship especially in beauty industry, Ms. Glenda Dela Cruz stands as a shining testament to visionary leadership and remarkable achievements. At the remarkable age of 22, Ms. Dela Cruz assumed the helm as CEO, heralding her as one of the youngest and most formidable leaders in her generation.

The event will be held at EVM Convention Center just beside Net25 building in Quezon City and expected to have 150 invited guests.

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