Miyerkules, Marso 1, 2017

Herbalife Triathletes begins with a bang at Tri-United Series

Below are the top finishers of the first race for the Tri-United Series held in Subic Bay Philippines, where Herbalife triathletes LezetteAlbarote, LaarniParedes, MadelArgosino, Ronald Molit and Hiroshi Takei proved that they remain a strong contender for this year.

The Herbalifetriathlon team

Race results:

LezetteAlbarote (1st Place = 40-44AG and 3rd Fast Bike Split)

LaarniParedes (2nd Place = 35-39AG)

MadelArgosino (2nd Place = 18-24AG)

Ronald Molit (2nd Place = 30-34AG)

Hiroshi Takei (3rd Place = 45-49AG)

LezetteAlbarote, 1st place in 40-44 age group and 3rd in fast bike split

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