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HICC - with NUTRIMENT Goes Plant Base Diet

A visit to Holistic Integrative Care Center widens one's outlook on the integration of conventional medicine and ancient healing capabilities of natural medicine. It adheres to Hippocrates " Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

HICC is " Healing that Cares " The 8 greatest doctors are: NUTRITION - which should be practice everyday. EXERCISE. WATER since our body is compose of 70% of it. SUNLIGHT- which sustain the cycle of living things. TEMPERANCE - using good things in moderation. AIR - proper breathing and fresh air. REST - it allows the regeneration of body cells and trust in DIVINE POWER that is connected to wellness.

HICC offers different care such as: Chelation Therapy in medicine is the removal of toxic metals. Glutathione IV Injection with Vitamin C. Gluta 2,000mg Triple Dose with Collagen. Gluta drip + Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid + Caviar Stem Cell. Infrared Hyperthermia. Body Scan. Inner Dance Session. Integrative Medicine Consultation among others.

NUTRIMENT is the department of HICC that promotes healing through food nutrition. A journey with Chef Arlene A. Clemente a holistic chef in a workshop of food preparation of plant based diet.

Green Smoothie was prepared for the attendees it is a concoction of kangkong, pechay, saba, ginger, turmeric, water snd sweet pineapple blended together. Such an energizing full pack meal drink should be taken right away to avoid oxidation.

Different dishes was prepared with organic vegetables and fruits. Soaking the vegetables in water with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar or salt for 10-15 minutes then rinse and drain is also recommended.

Asian Seaweed Salad was my favorite the mixture of fresh bell pepper, onion leeks, carrot, purple cabbage, pumpkin seeds, seaweeds and vinegrette burst your taste buds to the nutitious and delicious servings.

The miso soup was just right to the taking since it is not salty at all, with the ready to eat tofu added with seaweeds.

Our last dish was Futo Maki wherein Chef
emphasized how to roll the maki, so it will be firm when you cut it up, and not to tight so as not to squeeched the soft mango.

After her demo of the Futo Maki, it was our turn to do the Futo Maki. We were given each our own working place , knife and all. Chef's tip is to use whatever ingredients that is available and which is to our liking, and of course to be careful not to cut our fingers.

I created my Maki Futo with mango, zucchini, bell pepper, carrot, purple cabbage and dipping it in wasabi sauce with calamansi and bragg liquid aminos was superb.

It was indeed a day full of new ideas for the preparation of healthier and tastier plant based diet for our everyday meal.

So let's Go for raw and plant based diet.

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