Sabado, Hunyo 24, 2017

ROMA WELLNESS CENTER: Your Complete line of Beauty Experts

ROMA   WELLNESS   CENTER  is  offering the most up to date  facial care, anti- aging, skin whitening, hair removal,face contouring, skin rejuvenation, body slimming & re - shaping, pampering treatment and other services like  sclerotheraphy, keloid treatment, wart removal and acne injection. 

ROMA WELLNESS CENTER had a soft launched last May 26 at the ground floor of Sea Residences Pasay  City  and was attended by several media practitioners. The  center   is  expert  on  aesthetic services  and  has  several  skin care experts  changing the lives of thousands of people who have been reborn with their new you. The center offers a complete line up of  non-surgical services, slimming and weight management  &  health spa  — truly your one-stop-shop aesthetic choice.  It  is committed to be the trusted choice in non surgical aesthetic enhancements. With a proven track record and a complete line of beauty experts,  ROMA WELLNESS CENTER espouses beauty with credibility. their tenet is for their clients to reach the goal of physical perfection.  The center is manage by Miss   Rochelle  Anne  Pulig  - General Manager of  ROMA  WELLNESS CENTER.

For appointment, please contact our Customer Hotline numbers:
FB Account  :
landline: (632) 771-2730
Mobile:  (63) 0926-0276225

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