Biyernes, Setyembre 8, 2017

Battle The Five Signs of Eye Irritation With Eye Mo specially when you are travelling

Eye Mo, a leading eye drop brand that relieves minor eye irritations, has launched their new campaign entitled " Eyeritation " which aims to educate Filipinos on the five signs of minor eye irritations: red eyes, watery eyes, sore eyes, itchy eyes, and dry eyes.

The campaign proves to be very apt for Filipinos, as many of us wants to travel and explore the world. What seems to be a harmless commute can actually affect one's eyes with things that Filipinos don't always see, such as smog, dust, pollution or smoke.

" Eye Mo can be used to combat uncomfortable eye irritations. It comes in two variants, Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula and Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula. EyeMo Red Eyes Formula contains  Tetrahydrozoline HCU for quick relief of redness and minor discomforts caused by irritants. On the other hand, Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula contains Hypromellose which lubricates and soothes the eyes, easing it from eye strain and dryness. " - Earl Jayona, Marketing Manager; LF Asia Philippines, Inc., Healthcare Division.

More and more Filipinos now consider themselves as travellers, whether they be called a tourist, or a back packer, every travelling Filipino must have the single most important travel essential in their emergency kits or even kikay kits which is Eye Mo. Eye Mo the first aid for minor Eyeritations.

To distribute Eye Mo in the Philippines, Combiphar has partnered with LF Asia Philippines, lnc., who has more than 40 years worth of success as a leading healthcare distributor.

" Combiphar produces and distributes nearly 200 high quality and affordable prescription and over the counter drugs to its consumers, including Eye Mo. Eye Mo is a trademark owned by Pharma Health Care Singapore - part of Combiphar Group of Companies. Having Eye Mo in our products portfolio as a well recognized and long trusted eye care brand in the Philippines can strengthen our mission, which is to strive for a better consumers' well being through affordable-quality products or services that promote healthy lifestyles for life to its fullness." - Weitarsa Hendarto, VP Consumer Healthcare & Wellness of Combiphar-

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