Martes, Abril 10, 2018

" The Lease "

Romano ( 45 ) is a half Filipino and half Italian engineer and his wife Clara a Filipina
( 43 ) a loving and supporting housewife who take care of the family.They have 2 kids Anton( 11 ) and Althea ( 7 ). Romano was chosen to handle a big project in the Philippines his motherland. The project will last for 3 years and he don't want his family to live far from him. He accepts the project by taking his family with him. While searching a house for lease in the internet, the Villa Nonita in Tagaytay caught their attention. And it is like the house was really meant for them.

Before they arrived they encounter a minor accident on the road. But when they got to the house, the beauty in it captured the hearts of the couple. The ambiance and structure is perfect for a family. But it seems like the house has a secret, they encounter such creepy and weird things day by day. They asked for help from the priest and psychic healer until someone advises them to look for the first owner of the house to find the answer.

When they discover the secrets and revealed the untold truth. It frightened them more when they find " the Lease " of the house and then to finally met the first owner.

This family drama with psycho - horror plot movie will surely brings you a fear and will jump off from your seat in the theater, but will make you smile in the end.

Director: Paolo Bertola
Story: Mario Alaman
Utmost Creatives
Villa Nonita

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