Sabado, Hunyo 2, 2018

Yupangco Group of Companies celebrates its Golden Years Anniversary

One of the most significant milestones in any organisation is its 50th year. Spending half a century with employees and clients definitely calls for a major celebration. Known as the Golden Anniversary, the 50th year milestone is traditionally associated with gold. Like what the gold colour symbolises, the 50th year mines a wealth of the company, and with the refining, carries an optimism of the 51st year and beyond.

Considering the importance of this occasion, it would be especially meaningful  to celebrate the 50th anniversary with the employees and partners. Yupangco Group of Companies is all about the employees, the backbone of any organisations. Leading the celebration which was held at Bel- Air Covered court is the chairman of the board, or should I say, the chairwoman of the Board, the matriarch of the Laurel- Yupangco family and the only daughter of the Philippines former President, Jose P. Laurel is Nita Laurel Yupangco who was so adorable and always smiling all throughout the event at the age of 91 Years Old. A remarkable woman indeed and with her was the 6 children. The children, all the President or CEO of the different companies under Yupangco Group were in attendance and in full support and they are Robert Laurel Yupangco, Gary Yupangco, Regina Yupangco De Ocampo, Philip Yupangco, Jose Marie Yupangco and Rene Mari Yupangco. Top Management of the different companies under Yupangco Group attended, all 300 of them.

Some of the companies under Yupangco Group are as follows;

Yupangco Holdings
Yupangco Electronics Corporations
Regines Forex
Yupangco Music Academy (Yamaha Music)
YL Finance
Manila Express
Zoomanity Group (Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Zoolit at Residence Inn, Zoocolate Thrills, Paradizoo, Samgyupsalamat, Jinsei, Midori)

In full force also and the one who hosted the event was Zoomanity Group which bagged the best performance award and best in costume.

To know more about the event and to contact them; / 09778978877

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