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Skin Rejuve a medical spa clinic located at the second floor Northeast Square, Connecticut St. San Juan. Cherished  Mother's Day on May 12, 2019 by offering promo packages to clients and enjoy a free rejuvinating facial.

I was treated with an intensive rejuvenating facial with diamond peel. It started by letting me inhale a peppermint scent to help me relax. Then soft scrub follows to cleanse my face with the gentle finger of the attending staff. All throughout the procedure one can feel the pampering of the well trained attendant.

Skin Rejuve with expertise in handling both non invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. It is composed of medical doctors experts in the field of aesthetic intervention and board certified nurse. The clinic offers:

Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial Treatment:

Oxygen Acne Treatment          P 2,000
Oxygen Face Firming                P 2,000
Oxygen Hyper Pigmentation    P 2,000
Oxygen Anti Oxidant                 P 2,000

Other Rejuvenating Facial Services:

Aqua Glo Abrasion Free Liquid Facial  P 3,000 Miracle Facial                                        P 3,000
Supreme Alginate Facial                      P 3,000
Intensive Rejuvenating Facial              P 500
Diamond Peel                                        P 500
Intensive Rejuvenating Facial with
Diamond Peel                                         P 1,000
Hydra Facial                                            P 1,500
Acne Facial                                             P 1,500 Super Lifting Facial Treatment             P 1,500

Anti-Oxidant/ Anti-Aging/ Whitening/ Slimming Treatments ( Injectable )

Rejuvenating Scrub

Hand and Foot Care Services

IPL Hair Reduction

Elight Hair Reduction

Diode Laser Hair Reduction

CO2 Fraxel/ Fractional

Electro-Cautery Treatment

Slimming Services

Dermatologic Care

And other Services in the category of beauty enhancement and wellness improvement which utilizes world class technology thus becoming a new destination in Asia in medical tourism.

It is client oriented thus committed to client  satisfaction in providing comprehensive dermatologic care and wellness service that would meet client's needs.

It also adheres to continuous acquisition of world-class technologies that are safe tested and effective.

Call them: Telephone number 6379053 or
Visit Skin Rejuve for Free Assessment!

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