Lunes, Mayo 20, 2019

DOST-PH marks 2019 World Metrology Day

The National Metrology Laboratory of the Industrial Technology Development Institute (NML-ITDI ) of the Philippines reopened its newly-renovated Mass Standards Laboratory (MSL) on May 20, 2019 coinciding with 2019 World Metrology Day.

Purchasing of new equipment and renovations were made in the laboratory to provide a higher level in scope of its services. MSL can now provide calibration of OIML Class E2 weights-- increasing its spread from a range of 1 mg-1 kg to 1 mg-50 kg. Meanwhile, for calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments, the addition of new equipment allowed its scope of services to increase from 60 kg up to 300 kg.

Numerous public and private calibration laboratories in the country are availing themselves of these new calibration offerings.  Now, they do not have to ship their equipment to foreign laboratories for calibration--making NML’s services more cost-effective, and yet with the same level of accuracy as those offered by laboratories abroad.


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