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#WBFex- The 8th Stop of #WBFex Global 30 Cities Tour-MANILA

WBF Digital Asset Exchange (WBF Exchange) originates the concept of " The Third Generation Digital Asset Exchange " and is the world's leading integrated digital financial services platform. It was founded in February 2018 in Wall Street, New York, and the executive team consists of seniors of the fields of financial technology in New York, Singapore and China.

The following the first generation of   "centralized cryptocurrency exchanges" and the second generation of " platform-based digital asset exchanges" , WBF Exchange will use multiple security protection technologies to create a global digital financial integrated service platform, aiming to become the leader of " The Third Generation Digital Asset Exchange."

#WEBFex Advantages:

* Advanced and Stable Component Structure
* Multi-Asset Category Management   Integrated Platform
* Multi-Dimensional Real-time Risk Management
* Efficient Matching Engine Performance
* Flexible Function, Strong Expansibility
* Intensive Performances, Large Capacity

Introduction to WT- English name: WBFex Token (WT) was launched last June 10, 2019. Total Issuance: 3 hundred million (Max Capacity) with total circulation of One hundred Million.

Eight Function of WT:

* Airdrop
* Fee Reduction
* Margin Lockups
* WT Trading
* Lockups asMining
* Insurance Funds
* Referral Compensation
* Regular Repurchase and Coin Burn

Note: Since the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2019, 20% of the fee will be used to repurchase the WT in the circulation market, and coin burn will be performed until the total supply of WT decreases to 150 million.

The Future Use-case of WT

* Initial Margin of Super Partner
* Initial Margin of Listed Coins/Projects
* Initial Margin of Block Trading
* WT Ecosystem Fund
* Initial Margin of OTC Merchants
* WBF Fund Management
* WT Voting
* Deduction of Service, Charge of Currency,
  and Stock Trading


Recruiting Super Partner:

● Cooperation Interests of Sponsors
    * Recommendations of High Quality
    * Abundant Reward for High Quality
       Project Recommendation
    * Priority for Super Partner
    * Ecology Co-construction Right
    * Priority Investment Right for Starting 

● Cooperation Interest for Community Partners
     * Airdrop Priority
     * Reward and High Rebate
     * Exclusive Customization for Partner
        Medals and Packaged Gifts
     * Joint Launch of Related Activities
     * Project Resource Networking

Building the world's leading integrated digital financial services platform.


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