Lunes, Hulyo 15, 2019

Who is Deniece Cornejo?

She is a woman of intellect, passion, courage & integrity. She was hailed the 2019 Miss Earth Saver Philippines Ambassadress. This honorable title was bestowed upon her due to her dedicated activities that manifest how she is a champion for the environment. Deniece felt very happy and overwhelmed with  the announcement whilst explaining that she will fulfill her duties and responsibilities to the best of her abilities. Earth Saver organisation is incredibly positive that she can turn over a new leaf by being a role model to our society and an inspiration to the youth.  She considers her appointment as the new ambassadress for Miss Earth Saver Philippines as a gift for her to conquer a new Mission. She will work for the organization and with the partner local government agencies. the  whole year round  of 2019.
The  organization of Miss Earth Saver Philippines believes that Deniece can empower the whole nation especially the youth through her advocacies and influence. She can help the organization in raising awareness on how to love, innovate and save our mother earth by educating people on various means. A few of which may include but are not limited to waste management, proper garbage disposal and usage or recyleable beverage containers. She will also use the power to inform on how we should best conserve our natural resources in order to create a surrounding that is more environment friendly. 
Deniece Cornejo is an entrepreneur, model, an award winning youth leader, advocate and a very well known public figure  in the Philippines.  She has been actively participating in several non-profit organizations across the country. She has spread her causes to the farthest reach possible. As a celebrity, her impact to the nation especially the youth  is significant because she can utilize her resources to make a significant influence to effect change and inspire our people

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