Linggo, Oktubre 6, 2019

5th " World Pandesal Day "

The public is invited to two unique free medical missions on October 6 Sunday starting at 8:30 a.m. up to lunchtime and October 27 Sunday starting at 8:30 a.m. up to lunchtime in 80-year-old Kamuning Bakery Cafe at No. 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street, Barangay Kamuning Quezon City for free medical, dental and also optical missions to benefit urban poor families as part of the month-long celebration of 5th "World Pandesal Day". On the exact day of #WorldPandesalDay on October 16 Wednesday starting 8:30 a.m., Kamuning Bakery Cafe in Quezon City and its Caloocan branch below LRT 5th Avenue Station shall be giving free 70,000 pandesal breads, free Eden cheese, free Mega sardines, free Hobe and Fly Ace noodles, etc.

 Despite suffering a destructive fire last year caused by a neighboring resto bar and still recovering, Kamuning Bakery Cafe continues its unique civic and cultural projects like this annual "World Pandesal Day", the non-partisan "Pandesal Forum", the annual “World Poetry Day” celebration every March 21 and others. Ever since realty entrepreneur and writer Wilson Lee Flores bought and revived it in January 2015, Kamuning Bakery Cafe has also donated four public schoolbuildings in rural areas such as in Balangiga town in Eastern Samar and Tarlac province.

Why the World Pandesal Day project? Apart from honoring the popular bread of the Philippines and a reminder on the need to help alleviate hunger in society, this civic and cultural project expresses Kamuning Bakery CafĂ©’s thanksgiving to the public and to God. It is inspired by the miracle in the Bible of a humble boy sharing his five loaves of bread and two fishes, which Jesus Christ multiplied to feed over 5,000 men, not yet counting women and children. This story is recorded in the Bible’s book of Matthew in chapter 14, verses 13 to 21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17; and John 6:1-14.

Here are excerpts from the message of support by President Rodrigo R. Duterte, he said: "My warmest greetings to the Kamuning Bakery Cafe as it celebrates World Pandesal Day... As you honor our history and heritage by showcasing the remarkable skills of Filipino bakers, I encourage you to create more job opportunities for our people. I also call on you to engage in corporate social responsibility and pursue initiatives that will improve the lives of your workers and our localities... I wish you a successful and joyous event."

The partners of Kamuning Bakery Cafe in these free medical, dental and optical missions are the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center led by President Dr. James G. Dy on Oct. 6 and Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) led by President Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong, VP William Yap Castro and Social Responsibility Committee Chairman Antonio Cosing, Co-Chairman Alberto Aquilino, etc. on Oct. 27.  For Inquiries, pls. text or Viber 09178481828 or 09188077777.

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