Biyernes, Hunyo 4, 2021

Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino: A Day Tour


The sunrise beakon to a lovely day for us tag media group enroute to Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino. Taking a break from the  summer heat of the metro.

 On our way to the South and with the weather forecast of a rainy day, we were weary on how can the farm tour be enjoyable. Since rain came pouring in while approaching the place.

 Upon reaching our destination Eng Grace Bondad Nicolas warmly greeted us with a gift of pink shirt for us to wear in touring the farm. Then we proceeded to the farm, where a sumptuous lunch was being prepared for the group. After a hearty meal the rain stopped, signaling us to view the different fruit bearing trees.

 We got to taste the ripe casoy, the juiciness of the yellow ripen fruit and it's sweetness.

 There was the golden star apple that is also ready for picking. When the color turns golden or yellowish it is ready to be eaten. And the leaves are also saleable since it helps those with cancer.

 The Lipote fruit a variety of duhat is also abundant. It is eaten with salt, shaken in a container and ready to serve. It has medicinal value for those who has diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension.

 All the plants and fruits in the farm are organic. Several fruit bearing trees abound in the place. 

The fresh air with the view of Mount Makiling and being surrounded by delicious and nutritious bounty harvest was indeed a day you'll reckon and wish to live in a piece of Shangrila. When September comes the Lanzones trees are ready for fruit picking. Looking forward  to this harvest time.

Grateful to the hospitality of the entire family of Hidden Hills Farm Of Josefino even "Mommy Bear" the mother of Eng Grace gave us fruits inside a vase perhaps reminding us to plant a tree and be able to contribute to a greener world. It was indeed an enjoyable and educational tour.

 Come and experience the beauty of nature located at 1 Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna via Barangay Mabacan. Boundary of Balay hangin and Mabacan. 

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