Martes, Hunyo 22, 2021

RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa Frontrow Owners: Honourees at American Association of the Philippines


Frontrow Cares, The CSR arm of Frontrow Enterprise headed by RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa are touring all around the Philippines not for their Gems Concerts or talks but for giving out donations with more than Php 200M in  support. The biggest celebrity donation as of now.


The owners will be honoured under American Association of the Philippines for their unconditional deeds to help the Filipinos not just nationwide but globally.


According to Sam Verzosa, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, “We are giving our donations, rice, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), canned goods, noodles and anything that we can contribute, not just for our hospital frontliners but also to our brothers and sisters in depressed area all around the Philippines.”


AAP is composed of Americans, Filipino Americans, Filipinos and other nationalities and celebrates the partnership of its members--the American community, the US Embassy, and the American corporations--which in 1949, helped the struggling local Americans displaced by World War II in the Philippines.  AAP is also the owner-in-trust of the American Historical Collection, with approximately 60,000 volumes about the American colonial period and post-war events that were once housed in the U.S. Embassy. With the support of its different partnerships and members, AAP is able to conduct its social welfare projects.


To know more and to be the member of AAP, please call 09778978877.

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