Huwebes, Hunyo 3, 2021

The Yellow Man with a heart of gold for the indigents

The Yellow Man under the 2021 JCI Makati President, and award winning entrepreneur, Lawrence Li Tan who just want to put smile on the faces of the people on the streets and instill hope in their hearts when the act of kindness reaches them.  Yellow Man’s main purpose is to let these people know that they are never forgotten even if they are in a society that is bombarded by the problems brought by COVID-19 pandemic.

The front liners especially those who are involved in deliveries of food, courier, security guards, policemen were also part of Yellow Man’s daily act of kindness.  They also stop to give them food packs or burger meals whenever they see these front liners along the way.

Yellow Man also visited the children in Sisters of Mary School in Silang Cavite to give sports equipment that the in-house 2,000 boys can use during their idle time.  This act of Yellow Man helped these young boys to develop their social and psychomotor skills that gears them to be balanced young men of this society.

Yellow Man is a symbolic project of JCI Makati representing compassion on humanity amidst the danger of this pandemic.  Yellow Man roam the streets of Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna for more than a month to provide hot meals and food packs to street dwellers.  It was then that JCI Makati brothers learned the plight of these people, which encouraged them more to do better in doing projects that will have long-term impact on the community that they serve as well as help the country lift itself to economic recovery.


Yellow Men of JCI Makati  traverse the streets clad in citrus yellow PPE, has been the uniform of kindness for JCI Makati brothers.  Each go out on their own individual capacity to help hidden in the happy yellow suit, not wanting to be identified, because they believe that kindness should be freely given and no expectation must be attached to it.


This project brought so much appreciation from the other chapters of JCI Philippines, that others did their own version of yellow man, blue man from Luzon as far as


This June as rainy season starts, Yellow Man will continue its purpose in giving hot meals and clothes fit for rainy days to the street dwellers.  Small as it may be, but little act of kindness like what Yellow Man is doing makes a big difference in the life of the people who are on the streets.


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